30 November, 2011

So today's the 30th....

This is the end of the daily blogging. I admit I wasn't the most exciting nor the most erudite but I did my best. That's what I do in life, do my best and hope that it is enough.

I'm sitting here listening to Pandora and after I am done with this I'm going to pick up my book and go into the living room, sit in the comfy chair and read. I have no idea about any kind of dinner. My kids are adults and can make their own or get some.

November has been bitter sweet. December has a lot of things coming up.


29 November, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 33

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 33

By Amulbunny   
November 29, 2011

Outside my window… 75 at twilight and hazy

I am thinking… someone could have told me my shirt was on inside out. Sheesh

I am thankful for meds for the sick girl

From the learning rooms… Catherine the Great

I can't believe . . . how time flies

From the kitchen. . . make your own dinner tonight

I am wearing  sweat pants that are loose and a big shirt

I am creating… nothing exciting today.

I am going   to thank God for my family

I am reading . . Catherine the Great, The Crows sucked

I am hoping… we get a windfall for Christmas shopping

I am hearing… Law and Order, an old rerun

Around the house. . . Sick kid on the couch

One of my favorite things… hot tea with lemon and raw sugar

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  See the doctor
2.  Take down the November decorations
3.  Start Christmas decorations

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

28 November, 2011

Game of Thrones

So I've read 3.5 of the books of Game of Thrones. I thoroughly enjoyed Books 1-3 but the 4th one has put me off the series. I've heard the 5th one is as bad as the 4th. I invested a lot of time reading them but I'm leaving the universe for a while. 
So now I'm reading about Catherine the Great. I love Russian History. It's so varied and there is so much that isn't written. I wish I could take about 4 years of classes and really get into it. I took 2 upper division classes on Russian History in college and just touched on the greatness of the Empire. When I am done with this book, I am going to buy this author's book on the Romanov's. 
Advent is here. 
Rejoice, rejoice Immanuel. 

27 November, 2011

My kids went here....

I have to say that my daughter has a good eye for shots. She should take some classes but the college has cut back courses and the classes aren't at a good time for her. She said it was magical with the snow on the ground and how quiet it was.

Back to reality tomorrow. Life goes on.

26 November, 2011

So we shuffle a little late.....here we gooooooooo

I was kind of out of it Friday, food coma, dealing with my MIL's passing, and a few other things. So here's the shuffle and let's see what goodies come out of it.....

  1. Everyday I Love You                                  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  2. Not Ready to Make Nice                             Dixie Chicks
  3. 2012                                                              Deceiver
  4. Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves         Aretha Franklin
  5. Mido Mountain                                             Yo Yo Ma
  6. The Devil Went Down to Georgia              Charlie Daniels
  7. Hotel California                                            The Eagles
  8. Corazon Espinado                                       Santana featuring Mana
  9. Milk Cow Blues                                            Tyler Hinton
  10. Weekend                                                       Smith Westerns

Did some running today, Costco to get gas (no lines) Payless to get some slippers, to our favorite liquor market to the lottery tickets, and to CVS to get the meds. Now home for football. My spousal unit is telling me about the coronal mass ejection that is causing problems with cell phones, cable tv and frying us in teeny tiny little increments as we pass through the ejecta.

25 November, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 32

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 32
By Amulbunny   
November 25, 2011

Outside my window… 66, breezy and sunny

I am thinking…        leftovers are good

I am thankful for…  the good things God has given me

From the learning rooms… new recipes

I can't believe . . . my Mother in law is dead

From the kitchen. . . leftover dressing and beans

I am wearing…  clothes that aren’t that comfy

I am creating… ideas of what to do with the leftovers

I am going…   to take a nap this afternoon

I am reading . . A Clash of Crows

I am hoping… that my husband will be able to deal with the loss of his mom

I am hearing… the science channel

Around the house… quiet, the kids are gone to Yosemite

One of my favorite things… watching planes take off

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Stay away from the malls
2.  Clean out my freezers
3.  Take the dog for a walk each day

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:
 Gotta love it

24 November, 2011

Wish I may wish I might get the wish I wish tonight.....

But not necessarily on Air France

The story of my life.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Folks.

23 November, 2011

Twas the day before the next

Food is bought.
Needs to be prepared.
Life goes on.
Sun rises and sets.

22 November, 2011

Too much sadness


Good bye to my mother in law Patricia Davis of Nederland Tx. She had a massive stroke and was left dependent on a vent. The vent will be removed tomorrow and she will be totally gone. Her soul and spirit left her body when the artery blew in her brain. 
She is survived by:
Her sons Richard, Sean, and Kent
Her daughters Jerri and Beki
 numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

21 November, 2011

For Noah, prayers needed

A little boy whose blog I follow needs prayers. Please pray for him and his entire family. Thanks.

Missed yesterday.....

Didn't feel very good. Couldn't get warm and I just wanted to kick back and not even look at a keyboard.

Pouring rain, roaring fire. Good book.

More later, if I'm awake.

19 November, 2011

Da Beach

This was the view from the window of the place I had brunch today. The big thing on the right side that looks like a bunker is a sand berm to prevent erosion from winter storms. This restaurant used to be a TACO BELL back in the day (1967-76). Then it became Scotties, and has been ever since. The best breakfast place in Hermosa Beach CA. I used to live in Hermosa Beach, before it got all uppity like it's northern neighbor Manhattan Beach. It used to be a place you could barhop down the street and someone would always make sure you made it safely home. I don't think that it's like that anymore. I'd love to live down there but it's not even feasible. $1900 for a 1 bedroom. Nope not anymore.

Football tomorrow. Hives always. Peace to all.
da bunny.

18 November, 2011

Let's shuffle off to oblivion? No? Then let's just shuffle for Friday.

  • Ain't No Way                                               Aretha Franklin
  • Dracula Moon                                              Joan Osborne
  • Hotel California                                            The Eagles
  • The Beaches of Cheyenne                           Garth Brooks
  • Starstruck                                                     Lady Gaga
  • Am I a Soldier of the Cross                          Chanticleer
  • You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman        Carole King
  • Spoonful                                                       Cream
  • What A Little Bit of Love Can Do              Jeff Bridges
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes                           The Platters

Not in the mood for frivolous writing today. Sorry. 

da bunny


17 November, 2011

No I didn't forget....

I just wasn't in the mood for frivolity and writing today. I was itching too damn bad.
Last night I was sitting in the living room watching TV and all of a sudden my lip started to swell. I looked like a pig with a cleft palate. No dishonor to those people who had a cleft and had it surgically repaired. My face started to swell too. What I have to worry about is it getting into my throat and wind pipe. If that happens, we have to call 911 and get me intubated. Not a wonderful thought is it? I took some pictures so I can show the doctor when i see her on the 1st. It's not fun having red bumps all over your face and neck, shoulders, under your armpit, down your back....yeah.
Yeah pretty isn't it?

Saturday I'm going my nephew's wedding. I have to get them a gift card because i have no idea what they need. Target always seems a good idea. It will be interesting to see the interaction between his father and his mother who had a bitter divorce. I am going to tell them 3 things in the card:
  • Never go to bed angry
  • Never put one family over another
  • Love each other no matter what......

So now it's time to go to bed. To my book, my glass of water and my 9 lb protector.

da bunny

16 November, 2011

I did it. A few days early.

I tuned both of my Pandora stations to Christmas Music. I like it. Advent starts the 27th so I am few days early, but I love listening to it.

The store is reeling with both Thanksgiving and Christmas goods. Baking, turkeys and all the good stuff. I'm going to Costco to look for a boneless breast and a ham. We'll have leftovers but that's okay. Nothing like next day turkey with fresh cranberry sauce over it and dressing. Dressing is easy, I'll do all the hard work on Tuesday and put it together Thursday morning. This oven is big enough to do a bird, a turkey dressing and sides.

One of my online friends has posted a recipe for home made vanilla using vodka and vanilla beans. I might give it a try. It takes a few weeks, but it would save money in the long run, since you can top it off after you decant into another container. 

Itching like mad today. Have to take an anti itch pill now. Fun. Stress level needs to be decreased by 50% or more to get these things under control. While not me, this photo is basically what my back looks every day and it's not related to laundry soap or food intake or meds. If I don't take 300mg of Ranitidine every day I explode. 

Have a good evening. I'll be back tomorrow, same place, but not the same time.  Da bunny.

15 November, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep.......

I say my prayers every single night. Drunk, sober, what ever, before I close my eyes I say 
Now I lay me down to sleep, 
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake, 
I pray thee Lord my soul to take.

Then I say the Lord's Prayer.  Every single night. For as long as I remember. It's comforting to know that the Lord will protect me through the night. From all things. I don't say a lot about my faith, I bitch about lousy church music, I rejoice in good choral concerts singing a Mozart Requiem, but my real faith, well that's between me and my God. I believe that I have freely received grace because it was offered to me without any strings. Accepted it and I was freed from the bondage of sin. I was baptized as an infant, and have been walking wet since then. I've accepted my place in the scheme of things. I may not ever do a miraculous thing, but I sure can pray for the Lord to help people deal with their troubles. 

So tonight before you go to sleep, thank the person up there in the universe who's made things good for you. I don't claim to know where heaven is, it could be a 3rd dimension to this world, it could be far past the known galaxies in the ether, but I think it's there and I hope to be there someday. 

da bunny

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 31

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 31

By Amulbunny   
November 15, 2011

Outside my window… 65, breezy and sunny

I am thinking       It’s time for Ralph’s

I am thankful for A comfy chair to read in.

From the learning rooms… New recipes to experiment with

I can't believe . . . The Penn State Scandal

From the kitchen. . . Taco salad, and a beer

I am wearing  comfy lounging clothes

I am creating… not a whole lot

I am going   to slather my body with anti itch meds

I am reading . . A Storm of Swords

I am hoping… to get all my Thanksgiving shopping done Thursday

I am hearing… palm tree leaves swishing

Around the house… sick daughter

One of my favorite things… Clear days with no haze

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Plan my Thanksgiving meal
2.   Work on the kitchen
3.   Watch my DVR’ed shows

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

Some days it's just the right thing to do.

14 November, 2011

Monday Mania, con't.

It's just a normal Monday until there's a knock at the door and Fedex is there. Got some paperwork that might actually make my life a little easier. At least I hope so. 

Nothing new on the hives front. Still covered with red wheals. Not fun, not fun at all.

I have to decide what to make for dinner. Not a lot of choices that sound good. And I just took a anti itch pill so I may just get comfy and watch the football game and fall asleep. 

Tomorrow I'll have more things to talk about. 


13 November, 2011

So it's Sunday, again.....

Day lost to football and Serenity. Covered in wheals, itching like mad. First chance to get to computer.

Sadness and overwhelming darkness today.

Tomorrow has to be better.

da bunny.

12 November, 2011

Saturday and why isn't my Football game on?

So it's college football Saturday and my favorite team the Badgers are playing the Gophers. WI v MN. And is it on any of the many channels showing football games? No. We got Penn State v Nebraska instead. And most of the news on the half time shows has been about Penn State and the child sex scandal. They have found that coaches are human beings and fallible.

The airplanes have been taking off west to east for nearly 1 1/2 days today. The winds have changed and  the tower has to control them. It's cool because you don't usually get them roaring over your head while you are driving. Loves me my jets! They don't make 'em like these any more though.

I found a new game to play or rather sit back and watch it unfold on my Itouch. It's called Godville and you basically have a God/dess and hero. Fun. It's also online. It's fun. Mindless fun. Lord knows I need it right about now.

Rained last night and it's been sprinkling off and on today. The plants will like that. When we send in the rent for next month we are going to request that they clean the side yard of the house. It's a disaster and it's dangerous. We've lived here for 5 months and they promised it would be cleaned out. I can't do my garden if it's full of crap. Yes, this is how they left the side yard when we moved in. I'm tired of it, it's dangerous and it needs to be dealt with. Sooner than later.
Proof here:

When the husband gets home from San Diego I'm going to have him go with me to Costco. I need a couple of things and I just don't want to go by myself. We need to get some more of their Imodium brand. It's a lot cheaper there than it is at the drugstore. I also want to check prices on their Zantac clone. I found that I could buy it at Walmart 65 pills for $4, while Ralphs (Kroger) sells 24 for $8. Can we say RIPOFF!!!! Same exact pills. 

So I don't have much else to say today. Packers play the Vikings on Monday night. Yeah.

Peace and out. 
da bunny

11 November, 2011

Shuffling along through 11/11/11

Muggy and cloudy and just a match for today.  Here's some tunes to get you through the weekend....

  1. Stars Tonight                                Lady Antebellum
  2. Witchy Woman                            The Eagles
  3. Fell In Love With A Boy             Joss Stone
  4. Change is What We Need           House of Gypsies
  5. I Shot the Sheriff                          Eric Clapton
  6. A Song for Jeffrey                       Jethro Tull
  7. Let It Grow                                  Eric Clapton
  8. Johnny B. Goode                        Chuck Berry
  9. Long Ago and Far Away            James Taylor and Joni Mitchell
  10. The House You're Building        Audrey Assad
Have a good evening peeps.

Why am I a conduit for people's messages?

A short rant.

I really hate answering the phone. I love text messages. Short, succinct and to the point. Why do I hate answering phones?

  1. I worked in collections. Hence I made tons of phone calls.
  2. I worked in credit, more phone calls.
  3. I worked for a US Agency who had a lost and found department at an airport. Tons of phone calls in and out. 
  4. I hate answering my phone.
People call me to call other people because they don't like leaving messages, just want to hear my lovely voice, or think that by my calling or telling the other person, things will magically be accomplished. Bah. Bah. Bah. And that ain't from a sheep or goat either. 

/rant over
(And yes, I am in a shitty mood today and I don't think it's going to get better, thank you very much)

10 November, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 30

 A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 30

By Amulbunny   
November 10, 2011

Outside my window… 75, muggy and cloudy

I am thinking       I need to go to WalMart

I am thankful for a good heater in this house

From the learning rooms… I am a good buddy

I can't believe . . .  Some people are still luddites

From the kitchen… meat loaf, smashed taters and gravy

I am wearing  the usual casual clothes

I am creating   ideas for Christmas presents

I am going   to get my ass in gear today

I am reading . . A Clash of Crowns (still)

I am hoping… that we get a nice rain Friday night

I am hearing… blessed silence

Around the house… dog’s on the bed

One of my favorite things… quiet days reading

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Empty another garage bin
2.   Pay some bills
3.   Look for some more apps for my Itouch

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
Flanders Poppy on the First World War battlefields.

For the veterans here and abroad who fought to keep us free.
God Bless You.

09 November, 2011

Damn it Dog, stop barking!

I have a dog who has severe separation anxiety. He does not like me to leave him. He will be okay if my daughter is home with him, but anyone else, he cries and cries. I've given him doggie downers but it doesn't much help.

Tonight I have to run a friend to the airport. This person is a very talented musician and conductor, but he's a luddite. He has a computer but no internet. Doesn't email, doesn't surf. Hard to get a hold of. I printed his boarding passes for him and gave him a map of his destination airport. I hope he makes his connection when he flies home from where he's going. He's got an hour in Detroit. Tomorrow morning he has 2 hours in Atlanta. Hope he has a good time. He's flying my not so favorite airline.

There's a storm that is supposed to touch us this weekend. I will believe it when I see it. Forecasters aren't sure about anything right now. It would be nice not to have to go anywhere or do anything this

Tomorrow the hippie woman will come back and show us what she's been up to!
da bunny

08 November, 2011

Rant.... yeah a rant, deal with it.

Michelle Duggar is pregnant. With #20. Why? So she can beat out Kelly Bates who's currently pregnant with #19? So she can keep the show on another season? So she can have another premature baby? So they can share their ATI- Bill Goddard heresies with the world? Keep their daughters barely educated so their only hope in life is to be a breeder? She doesn't raise her children, her older daughters do. What do you think the buddy system is?
/rant over

07 November, 2011

Monday - this week needs to be better!

So we made it through the weekend, a little cold and wet but safe in our snug house. Decided not to burn the logs last night, we're saving them for Terra Nova and House tonight.

I watched part of the Mark Harmon movie set in MSP last night. Wonder if that's closer to his character than old Jethro is? But he's been married to Pam Dawber for a long time and that's a miracle in Hollywood. It's that Catholic upbringing I bet.

The ham bone is in the pot and will cook for an hour, I'll take the meat off and then I'll add the celery, carrots and yellow split peas. No green peas in this house, only yellow! Just at the very end I'll add some potato flakes to thicken the soup up. I like my pea soup thick and thicker. My kids love it and I have some fresh bread and/or crackers to go with. I might even have a salad on the side.

My hives have settled down. Last week they were horrible. It's stress related so now we need to deal with the stress. I was so swollen it wasn't funny. I wish I could do like the song says, Don't Worry Be Happy. 

So how 'bout those Packers, eh? Cheese heads rule, doncha know!

So until tomorrow, as sands flow through the hourglass, so flows the days of our lives. . . . . .