16 August, 2014

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13 August, 2014

A Blogging for Books Review: Meat and Potatoes by Rahm Fama with Betty Dooley

Meat and Potatoes

Simple Recipes that Sizzle and Sear
Written by Rahm Fama
Contribution by Beth Dooley

I love to cook. I love to read books. Meat and Potatoes satisfied both for me. Written by Rahm Fama (who I was an early friend of on Facebook) and Beth Dooley, this book is a collection of satisfying recipes that most cooks can master. 

The book is subtitled, Simple Recipes that Sizzle and Sear. They aren't kidding. Right off the bat Mr Fama says the 2 most important things you need to make good meat is a cast iron pan and a thermometer. I'll admit right off I don't have one, but I have a good grill pan that I use when the 2 grills outside aren't able to be used. I may have to get a cast iron pan. 

He talks about how to find the best cuts of meat, and that if you make friends with the butcher in your grocery store you may do better than trying to decide by looking at cuts and cuts of meat in the aisles. If you have access to a butcher shop that you trust all the better. 

In addition to the beef,pork, chicken and turkey, lamb,game, and one pot favorites; he also includes easy sides to compliment your protein. My family gets tired of the same old sides so there are some new ones that will grace their plates this fall. I'll admit I am one of those cooks who tweaks recipes so nothing is made the same the next time, but I will follow these like the letter of the law. 

I'd buy this if I hadn't gotten it as a review book. It fits my cooking style and I love the incidental comments that Mr Fama inserts through the book. Buy it and get ready to cook a smart, sizzling dinner. 

"I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."


12 August, 2014

Bump Buppa Bummmmmmm Tomorrow I will write a fricking post!

I know. 
It's been a while.
Been dealing with 1st world problems.
No a/c in the car. Why don't I do all my shopping at night?
Fighting the flea battle. Home Depot to get bombs for 5 rooms. Flea baths for the mutts.
Dealing with idiots. 
#Truetotheend   2 more episodes. Ah Eric. 
Can't go to Wisconsin for my Moms special birthday party. BOO

Tomorrow I'm going to review a book I got from Blogging For Books. Stay tuned. 

da bunny. 

It's Shark Week Y'all!!!!!!