30 September, 2010

Last day of the month

Tomorrow my oldest child turns 23. If he's not shaved he looks 30, but if he shaves he has a baby face. Sometimes a baby attitude too. He's had a rough year. Lost his job, had to fight for his unemployment. But he's not doing too bad. He wants to go to Outback tonight. I hope we have a better experience than the last few times our relatives have been there.

I've had a rough week pain wise and I am trying to stay off the meds. Not exactly what they say to do but I have to deal with it. I came off the Ambien cold turkey and believe me that was/is/can be a bitch. I am going to tell the dr that he could have done a step down with me from the 10's to the 5's and then off rather than cold turkey. He's lucky I didn't have worse side effects that 5 days of 4 hour nights. Not nice at all.

Got a cooling fan for my laptop. elevates it a little and makes it a bit easier to use. I still type with 2 fingers on my right hand. Only 2 I can feel.

I'm trying to read the new book by Franzen. I don't know if it's me , or it's just hard to get into.

I can't think of much else to add.

Peace and Out.

23 September, 2010

Thursday Triumphs

I went to see the dermatologist today and we had a great political discussion. My skin is in good shape, but I have to take a real strong steroid for 2 weeks to see if it can heal a sore that won't go away. It's called Clobetasol Propionate. Can't use it on the face or under or around the lady bits. I just want this thing to go away. In late October I am having 2 things removed from my body, a mole that gets rubbed when I wear sleeveless tops ( Oh stop shouting you fundies out there...it's just my shoulder) and a nubbin that is a blocked pore on my right anterior leg. That one is the weird one, doc says it might have been a bug bite and the body just went and built a fort against it. I can feel a stem on it. But it's not cancerous and at this time I don't have any suspicious spots. Good! I am pretty good about putting on sun screen when I am out. Need to be more religious about it, just going out shopping and such.

Next up will be Ortho and then the squeeze o gram. Be good to the boobs. And now, I think, it's more important than ever because my friend who is 26 days older than I am, just lost one to cancer. Her mom died of cancer and it's just too close to home. I had 2 maternal aunts who died of cancer that came back after their breast cancer was "cured". Of course that was a long time ago. Doesn't make it any less significant.

I cleaned my desk off and it seems like it's gotten more cluttered since. Not a good thing. There is some paperwork that I need to deal with and I need to locate it.

Still haven't figured out how I am going to get the $450 needed for the fees. I will just figure that out as I go along like Indiana Jones.

So it's the afternoon and I think I'll go watch some of my DvR'ed House Hunters/International.  I wish I could go down to the tropics and plonk down $1.5M and buy my dream house with an ocean view and an infinity pool. Yeah. OK.

So it's time to head off. Peace. Be good to yourselves.

da bunny

17 September, 2010

I need to get this done

I need to budget this month $435 to pay off my old college so i can go to the new college. Where I am going to pull this $$ out of is still pending, but I will do it. then I'll send my $55 to the new college and I am pretty sure I am admitted to the MA program. Then it's back to the student loans, grants and what ever else I can scrape up. I want this MA. I want to be involved in something that will stimulate my brain and my life.

Changed my daily meds to an ER version and other than odd dreams, I'm doing okay with them. Depression is a hard row to hoe. And I've been in this garden for 40 some years. I know what works and what doesn't work.

Since our son isn't 26 we can add him back to our insurance as of 1 Jan. I have to contact HR and find out how to do it. He will be glad to have insurance again. And our daughter and I both need to have our flu shots. She also needs a whooping cough booster because she works with little babies.

I just heard the term teenage blues about kids leaving church. I have the middle age blues. I love the pastor but I hate the music and it means so much to me. I don't know. I've prayed and prayed and haven't gotten a clear answer, unlike other bloggers I don't have a hot line to God.

Well life goes on and things happen that we scratch our heads and it still goes on whether we effect a change.

Peace out.

12 September, 2010

All I am going to say is :::::::::::::

Thank you to the person who invented the MUTE button. 

That's all. Move along, these aren't the droids you're looking for, move along. 

09 September, 2010

Fire - burning houses or books?

I am sitting here watching the local news coverage of the explosion in San Bruno and the fires that are consuming several neighborhoods. Since it's dark we can't see the extent of the devastation but the morning news will be all over it. Prayers for the people affected.

I think the press should be spanked bare ass naked for all the PR they gave the idiot preacher in FL. He bold faced lied to the press about his "conversation with the Iman". Doesn't he know that Fred Phelps burned a Koran in NY several years ago and no one covered it? He gives me a really bad taste in my mouth. He looks like a carnival barker too. Gives a bad name to barkers.

The trainwreck is still out there. Making up stories and declaring her above average knowledge of how to home school her 4 year old handicapped son. Yeah a 4 yr old can stand 8 hours a day when he can't hear or speak properly.  I can't deal with her much longer.

The other blogger that I watched has flounced. Taken everything off line that had an inkling of who she was and did. And her rabbit faced husband too. All kinds of theories were floating around. It was like one minute she was there, the next she was gone. And as fast as someone would say on the message board oh here she is again, she had deleted it. Sounds rather strange.

I ordered a book from Amazon and it was supposed to be here the 7th. I looked at the shipping thing on where's my stuff and it says it's sitting in Santa Fe Springs since the 3rd. They are going to reship it to me. And a package that was supposed to be here the 3rd from NJ (shipped UPS the 30th) is hopefully going to be here tomorrow. It went from Farmingdale NY to Seacaucus NJ to San Antonio to Phoenix to Cerritos. Hopefully over today it has gotten from Cerritos to Gardena to be delivered. Kind of odd route for a ground shipment from UPS.

Got my eyes examined today. I am getting new glasses. Not cheap. But I want progressive lenses as well as transitions.

Oh yeah, this is the size of my new medication, next to a penny:

 It's going to be joy to have to take this every day. But if it does what it  is supposed to do, then it will be okay.

I am tired. Worn out from the pain which is never ending.

So peeps, Bless ya all and have a good Friday.

05 September, 2010

Why do I follow trainwrecks?

I've followed this particular person on Carepages and now on Facebook for a few years. She has 6 living children of whom only 2 are in her care. She was in Michigan, then New York, then Ohio, then Kentucky, back to NY and now to North Carolina. All since March of this year.

She has 2 FB pages. On one, she talks about her love for her dead husband, celebrating her anniversary, how much the kids look like him.  Both kids are developmentally delayed. One has severe hearing problems. She has de-friended me from the other page because I ask questions that she doesn't want to answer.She's hooked up with some bipolar guy, who's gone in on 5150's at least once this year, is supposed to be pregnant, though she's had her tubes tied. Has no visible source of income, though I think the kids may be getting social security or ssi. She's made huge pronouncements about home schooling, the oldest is 4, the youngest is 2. I think she's got some severe mental issues too and I worry about her kids.
Why I am following her is beyond me. She is also one of the most narcissistic people I have ever seen. She posts pictures of herself lying across tombstones, draped over stairs, and she's not attractive. Not that I am a fashion plate, but some of her stuff is stupid. The other day her daughter (who does not live with her and has been adopted) asked her on her FB who the guy was in her picture? They lived in the same town for most of her life.....the mother said, that's my dead husband, the father of your 2 littlest brothers. Yet you keep watching the train and waiting for the wreck to happen. Sad. The other page was just sad. She's all into this guy, yet she keeps the other page and talks incessantly about her dead husband. Talk about a split personality.

Okay I am done venting.

On other news,
the garage is getting cleaned
the pump is working on the spa, now if we'd get some warm weather to warm the pipes
I went to church
I got a new Bible
I am hanging in there

so later alligators

da bunny who can't post any pictures today

02 September, 2010

Already time for Christmas shopping

Got 3 holiday gifts ordered and paid for today. I'll put them in the usual place and then wrap them when it's time. Am also waiting for a shipment from Yankee Candle and another place which should come tomorrow. At least I hope so. Ah, I just checked the other place and UPS says shipment is delayed. I emailed the company and asked why?????? Nice to notify the recipient.

Also downloaded and printed some Betty Crocker coupons and Ralphs' coupons to compliment them, nice to be able to save some money somewhere. Tomorrow will be the shopping day. I'll gather up my bags and take them with me. Good things do come.

Took an online quiz and no I don't have Aspergers. But after reading it, I am pretty sure that my son and husband have it. Big time.

The new meds finally seem to be starting to work. I have to call the office and let them know so they can RX a new prescription for me. I take one in the morning and one at night. That way they seem to work better. If i take both at once, I am icky. More icky than usual.

Am calling the ortho office to see what the status of my w/c approval for an appt is. It's been 3 weeks. Might be nice to get an answer. In the meantime I sit and listen to the same music loop over and over. Blah. I guess this is supposed to be soothing music. If it goes on for over 5 minutes, I will call back tomorrow morning. Such good customer service.

Weather is not warm. Not cold, but nothing severe. It's much warmer inland but it's still cool here. the beach is overcast. Not even a glimpse of the sun there.

So what ever. I did order the Lutheran Study Bible. I am excited to get it. My Oxford is pretty worn out. And it's NRSV. I might even go back to Bible Study now.

So it's time to say adios peoples for today.

da bunny