05 September, 2010

Why do I follow trainwrecks?

I've followed this particular person on Carepages and now on Facebook for a few years. She has 6 living children of whom only 2 are in her care. She was in Michigan, then New York, then Ohio, then Kentucky, back to NY and now to North Carolina. All since March of this year.

She has 2 FB pages. On one, she talks about her love for her dead husband, celebrating her anniversary, how much the kids look like him.  Both kids are developmentally delayed. One has severe hearing problems. She has de-friended me from the other page because I ask questions that she doesn't want to answer.She's hooked up with some bipolar guy, who's gone in on 5150's at least once this year, is supposed to be pregnant, though she's had her tubes tied. Has no visible source of income, though I think the kids may be getting social security or ssi. She's made huge pronouncements about home schooling, the oldest is 4, the youngest is 2. I think she's got some severe mental issues too and I worry about her kids.
Why I am following her is beyond me. She is also one of the most narcissistic people I have ever seen. She posts pictures of herself lying across tombstones, draped over stairs, and she's not attractive. Not that I am a fashion plate, but some of her stuff is stupid. The other day her daughter (who does not live with her and has been adopted) asked her on her FB who the guy was in her picture? They lived in the same town for most of her life.....the mother said, that's my dead husband, the father of your 2 littlest brothers. Yet you keep watching the train and waiting for the wreck to happen. Sad. The other page was just sad. She's all into this guy, yet she keeps the other page and talks incessantly about her dead husband. Talk about a split personality.

Okay I am done venting.

On other news,
the garage is getting cleaned
the pump is working on the spa, now if we'd get some warm weather to warm the pipes
I went to church
I got a new Bible
I am hanging in there

so later alligators

da bunny who can't post any pictures today


  1. We all watch train wrecks. Family, friends, people we actually do care about...yet, we can't help but question and wonder. Choices are made that we'd never make and we don't understand.

    It becomes OUR job. Support, encourage, love, accept...or enable? Where do you draw the line?

    I am quite close with a few people who are - living lives I can't imagine and making decisions that go against everything I believe. Yet....how do I choose not to be their friend?

    Train wrecks are watched because...we might be able to help.

  2. ohhhhh amulbunny. You're right about the train wreck. OMG, is she a former YaYa? We did have some of those there.

    I have to say i think i sort of get it though. It's fascinating to see the narcissism and continuous bad decisions when there is distance (i.e. the Internet) but in real life this is not someone i would ever entertain in real life of ever wanting to be friends with or help.

    But i have to admit when Gumbo was going there were certain yayas there i read if only to see what new drama was coming down. Because it was unbelievable. And maybe in my own way i liked feeling more normal in contrast. Maybe that's the real reason i liked reading it.

  3. I got The Lutheran Study Bible which is an NRSV which has tons of study notes, overviews, The Small Catechism, and specifically Lutheran insights. It's really a nice Bible. I got the hardcover.