29 June, 2007

Random thoughts part 3

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Had a nice day with the kiddo today. Got her money, got her sunblock, got her a new swimsuit and the board shorts she wanted. Then she got her 2nd shot that she needed. Sore arm tonight.

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I am going to go to the Farmers Markets tomorrow. Want some veges to grill with the meat. Doubt if anyone wants to go with me. I'll still go.

ciao for now

28 June, 2007



The big day.
Saw the doctor and no real results. I am off till July 9th. Lucky me. Still haven't heard from the DOL about the referral. Sent them a fax. Joy. Sent lots of faxes out. Where's my comp? Where's my transit voucher? Where's the brains of da bunch?


Need a couple of new books. Got one, but not the other, and the one I am waiting on from Amazon has not crawled across the nation yet. Damn.


And I mean that sincerely.

26 June, 2007

S'okay, isn't it?


I wish we'd get some kind of rain. I know, it's summer in CA but geeze a little thunder and lightning with a nice drenching would be pleasant.


I see the doctor on Thursday morning so I am not working until I see him and get something Rx for this pain. My errant husband is going to go to work late so he can come with me. I faxed the office and sent in the paperwork for the absence on Friday. Saturday will be part and parcel of this absence. Like I am valuable to them for something? Not as if standing up for 8 hours on a tile floor with no mat, not checking every wheel chair every 10 minutes, and not being treated like a human being. SCrewy, that's all I can say.


This is so much what I wish I was doing. Have a book, a cold drink and the tropical breeze blowing over me. Dream on. Dream on.


25 June, 2007

Random thoughts


* There is someone I know who is divorcing her 3rd husband and has already latched on to someone new and spouting off about her flings. I don't know. I guess I figured that she might at least wait till there is a decree before she starts yakking about the new boyfriend. But that's just me. I guess I am a little old fashioned. Not everyone can be perfect for everyone at all times.
* Why do my kids insist on using my shower instead of their own? I can't even sleep in quiet in the morning. Sheesh.And leave me some room for my own shampoo and rinse?
* Tomorrow I call the doctor and make another appointment. I am in too much pain to deal with this shit much longer.

So that's it. I am just a little tired of things today.

Police Helicopters in the afternoon....

We were having a nice quiet afternoon when all of a sudden a tinny voice comes from out of the sky: " Surrender with your hands up to a police officer and you will not be harmed, if we have to let the dog find you, you will be bitten". Just another day in the beach cities. They must have found whomever they were looking for because now the copters gone and it's quiet again. Left the big dog in the backyard in case some fool wanted to jump over the fence. He's not the brightest dog but he would at least bark.

Still no printing from the Emac. Strange. I can use the laptop and deal with it that way. Dumping the printer file was not my doing. Grrrrrrrr.


Got a book today from Amazon. I paid .01¢ for it and 3.99$ shipping. Should be getting one more. The book that I was supposed to get to review never got here. Oh well, thanks USPS or whomever decided to lose in it the system.

Not much else. Same stuff different day. Same pain, same location, same medicine. Gets friggin old doesn't it?


Sailing off into the land of written words.

24 June, 2007

Cake anyone?


Bought 2 cakes at Costco, one a white cake with strawberry mousse and the other a carrot cake. Took them to church because we've been there for so many years and this year my last child graduated and is an adult. There was about 1/2 left of each. Took some to my moms and some home. I may have some later. It was nice.


Service was okay but the girl who plays the piano (because our oganist quit) doesn't give us a chance to breathe between verses. You never get your breath and she just goes on and on. Sure it's a fast way to sing hymns but I'd like some breaths too.

Nice today. Dogs are outside playing. I am craving spaghetti but I doubt if we would go to Vinces though it sounds really good. ALso am on pain pills so that helps a lot. AMazing what they do isn't it? Control the pain, make you sleepy but nice. Need to call the boy wonder tomorrow.


Ciao,for now.

23 June, 2007

I hate hardware problems


My printer died and we went to get a new one. Did the install and the damn thing doesn't show up. I hate when you need something and it doesn't work. Never had this problem before. Aaaaaaaargh.

Am not at work. Took the pain pills at 11AM and still hurt like mad. Had the errant husband call the office and I called call center. I will have to get in to see the boy wonder but it doesn't seen like he can do anything. As long as I take pain pills I really should not be working because "I am not fully in control of a situation". Ha.


I think I am going to have to save a lot of pennies if I want to take any kind of trip this year. It doesn't ever seem like we can go anywhere. I'd like to drive to San Diego for a day trip but with gas the price it is that seems unlikely. Ugh.


We need some rain. Lots and lots of it. And it's warm today too. What a change. I have my fan and the ceiling fan going. It needs it in here.

I don't have much else to say. I hope we get this printer thing solved and soon. I need to write some stuff and get it out. This drives me nuts.


22 June, 2007

Interesting things....


Well we got through graduation, sitting on the visitors side of the field, and she's done. Now on to life in the fast lane.

On to the work front:

They are returning us to our terminals and letting someone else deal with our problems. No more being treated like injured workers. You can do something can't you? So your lifting limit is <5 lbs, so you have no repetitive action on your arm. What does that mean? No we can't have you at the exit, but we can let you stand for 8 hours on a hard floor with no mat and not be able to walk at the end of the shift. We don't give a damn about you. I'll never go back to regular duty and this sucks eggs.

What's your level of pain? A 7 most of the time with flares to 10. Do you care? Does anyone care? I can control it with Vicodin but then I shouldn't be at work.

Were you delayed to briefing 15 minutes because the terminal you are in was closed to due to a suspicious package and the police wouldn't let you in? Tough. We'll dock you those minutes because you should know an alternate route. Talk about assholes. Well these people reign supreme. And you know what,at the terminal I was at the other night ( my supposed home terminal) they don't do the same thing as the terminal across the road. No wonder people get pissed and confused. No continuity.


A true Mickey Mouse operation and no one listens.

I think I am going to have to get a lawyer and a doctor to agree and get me some peace of mind. And some pain relief. Where's my referral? I sit here and just ache and hurt and no one gives a damn because some fat assed federal employee who can sit and drink coffee and make life decisions for someone they've never met, don't care about because they are just a number has significant pain issues that aren't addressed.


That's about it. We had a great day graduating the youngest child, I took today off to recover as well, and I am going to get something done about this shoulder if I have to go to the ER and holler about it. I am tired of it.

The Atlantis is back. At Edwards. I didn't hear the booms that usually mean she's on her way home. Glad she is back safe and sound.

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So later alligators....

20 June, 2007

Well you don't have to be so rude....


So I go back to work and things have changed. Another new sheriff in town and from what I've heard he's a PITA. Ok, so I can adjust. I make sure they have all my paperwork and they concur. Make sure I have Thursday off, that's cool. I go to the terminal. We're overloaded now go downstairs....okay, no problem but I can't do wheelchairs. Don't worry. I go downstairs and the lead there is a woman who just isn't very pleasant. She says okay go to the exit. I tell her I can't do wheelchairs. "Then I can't use you, go back upstairs". But not in a nice tone of voice. Okay. So I go back up. Finally get settled at the exit. Chairs are removed, because they don't want people sitting. That's fine for people who rotate, what about those of us who are there for 8 hours? Not thinking again.

I need to contact the doctor's office for specific instructions. These people are nuts.

So anyway, it's back to being a drone.

Off tomorrow for graduation. I can deal with that.


19 June, 2007

Back to work


I think it will be okay. I have a lot of pain but I have taken my meds and hope that I will be alert and awake.
I still have to make the copies of the docs just in case. That will take a couple of minutes.
Solved the #2 kids problem of the lost high school ID so she can go to grad night. Boy, what would they do without me?
Have some paperwork to complete for something else. That is my goal for tomorrow.
Off to be a drone.

18 June, 2007

The search for documents

Ahhh the joys of going and getting documents for the newly turned adult in the household. Had to prove she was born, and then she had to pay 22$ to the state to get a card to carry so she can be Identified as opposed to driving. She wants to drive but I think her dad will have to do the teaching. She makes me too nervous. And we still have graduation to get through and grad night which is a huge secret. No cell phones, no cameras, no purses. But they know it's not at the ESPN Zone where it has been for the last 3 years.

Someone got a pirated copy of POTC3, from where I don't know. Interesting. You have to wonder how it's done ? I don't know. But I have to say Geoffrey Rush is pretty cool. And why is Keira Knightley so orange ? I noticed that in the theater ( yes I paid and sat through the whole thing and didn't get up once).

Back to work tomorrow. I am going to make copies of all the documents that I have faxed so I have them in case I need to prove something. Sometimes CYA is the only way to be. And since my recheck med date was 4 June, I have seen the doctor two times and have another appointment in July. Of course it won't be much different. Same pain only more drained physcially and emotionally. Still no word on the referral. I guess I can only wait and hope. I have written two letters already and I think they are just thrown out.

That's all from this corner of the universe.... thanks for all the fish!


17 June, 2007

Doritos X13-D or how did they synthesize a burger and catsup.

Hamburgers and pickles.. That is what they taste like. They are not too bad. I kind of like them. I submitted my anonymous choice. Why not? And lots of catsup. They are not too bad. I'd buy them again for giggles.

At least they are not as spicy as a radish though I know some radishes in person who are speecy spicy women. Don't know what I'm ranting about, check out : http://www.krisradish.com/index.html and you'll find out. A neat person to be sure.

Kid #1 went to Carls' and I black mailed him into getting me a combo. Want some zucchini and a big burger sans onions. We'll see if they get it right. Ha. Ha. Ha.

No word from the errant husband. Maybe he is winning, maybe not. I hope he has a good time. I've been reading and actually swifted the kitchen floor. IT was awful and no one else seems to care. But that aggravated my shoulder a little. So I took my meds and feel a little bit better now.

Kinda sorta having a hot flash. Haven't any reason other than taking the Motrin. Never knew Motrin could do that. Am also taking those itsy little aspirin now daily. Heart should thank me?

The mutts are playing outside and grring at each other. Strange dogs. But at least they like each other.

This is rambling. I need to stop.

SPF 50 works well

We went to Costco today and picked up a couple of beach chairs. I sat out in the postage stamp front yard after I slathered bullfrog on and read my books and listened to my Ipod. Got a little pink.

The errant husband is playing poker at the Hustler Casino. That was what he wanted for father's day. SO he took XXX amount of money and went. I hope he does well and has the brains to walk away if he wins a decent amount. He's been known not to. He doesn't have a lot of willpower. When we go to Vegas or Laughlin, I literally take all the credit cards and give him cash. When the cash is gone, he's done. We went one time and he was sure he could win at craps. If I hadn't have had money in my wallet for gas, we would not have got home and he was offended when I said I thought it was pretty crappy to go for my birthday and have him blow all the money on nothing.

Tomorrow I hav e to go to the clerks office at the courthouse and get my daughter's birth certificate. Then to DMV to get her an ID card. She doesn't drive so she needs an ID since she is technically an adult. I hope it goes well. Then we go to the mall and look for a couple of pairs of jeans for her and some camisoles for me to wear to work. She's off till graduation practice on Thursday morning.

Not much else happening. I am going to read my book and let my arm rest a while.


15 June, 2007

Well today.

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Guess I'll be carless again tomorrow. Damn, I wanted to go grocery shopping and do a bunch of things. Maybe I'll be able to borrow my stepdad's car and get stuff done. I want to go to Costco and buy some meat and put it in the freezer, get a few things of frozen veggies and just get food in the house.

My #2 kid has her ticket to Chicago. She's leaving on the 1st and coming home on the 16th of July and on my days off so I can get her there and pick her up. It will be quiet around here if she isn't around. Well I'll be at work so it won't be that big of a deal. I am more concerned about standing in line at the checkpoint --- maybe it won't be so bad.

It's been an off/on pain day so I've taken the meds to help. I am not taking the Neurontin anymore, just made me sick. And the Celebrex doesn't go with my other meds. So it's back to the Vicodin and the Motrin. Makes you kind of sad when you can't get a referral to someone to help manage the pain.

And I have a question? I have an approved absence, documented and it's related to the injury-- it's an aggravation of the injury. I get paid by someone else and my department has all the paperwork in place. So I still have to call in every single day to report my absence. Except I forgot yesterday. I sent a fax to my department and said I hope I don't get an awol because I forgot to call in, since it's already an approved absence. WE shall see. Would I have to call in if I was severely injured or in the hospital? Probably so. This quasi military wannabe org. Oh well, things will work out.

I sent a refill request in online, but they have to contact the boy wonder's office to approve it. I should call and see if they did.

Letters need to be mailed. I will put them out for tomorrow. My neighbor is going on a 4 day cruise to Mexico. Lucky him.

Nothing else new and exciting on this corner of the planet.

- 30 -

13 June, 2007



I was taking something out of the oven and somehow I managed to get a burn on my left forearm. It doesn't really hurt but it's raised the area under it. It's not peeling or anything but it does ache a little when I run my hand over it. I remember a sharp pain but then I didn't think anything of it. I was baking trader Joes tempura vegetables--- they are awesome by the way and when I pulled the pan out. Ouch.

We are waiting on something to be funded. It's like watching grass grow. The hoops have been jumped through and it's just the waiting. I can't say much else.

No change in the pain with the meds. Just weird odd dreams. I think I wake up more tired from all the activity in my dreams than in real life. Dosage goes up again tonight, I don't know if that will make a difference or now.

I have dutifully called in every day that I have been out. Wonder why they treat you as less than human? The absence is verified and supported. For craps sake, I am what they so wonderfully call light duty and I am there because I have an injury that occured at work and has not been cured and never will be.

I love it when people who have no clue as to what it means to have a tendon cut and attached to a bone that it should not be attached to tell me that I will regain my use and ability to lift. Walk in my shoes a day. I can't even lift a 7 lb bag of ice without severe pain. If you aren't bleeding and don't have any obvious sign of discomfort you are suspect. I met a guy who has 4 pins in his back and whose pain management doctor said no you do not belong at work--- not to mention he takes morphine tablets for his pain. It's a true comedy of errors. As long as I don't overdo hopefully I can return and do okay. But the question is, will they honor the restrictions that the doctor has placed on me? If not I will have to request some other kind of assignment. Like that will work?

Time for some mundane household chores that don't require much thought.


12 June, 2007

Attack of the sprinkler

Okay-- so we have these inground sprinklers that have a mind of their own. I haven't quite got the knack of getting out of the way because of the way the darn things are situated, I get soaked to the bones just trying to turn it on. Maybe I'll let it go at night and don't worry about it. But if I want to have my lilies look nice I guess it's the price you pay.

I started to watch Take the Lead last night and am finishing it this afternoon. A nice movie. I love to watch dancing. I can't do a simple waltz. God did not give me the gift of rythym. A curse of a white person I guess.


Time for some meds, a quiche from Trader Joes and some meditation for me.


11 June, 2007

Sheesh again

I had to post those graphics so I can save them and send them to my ninja son. He thinks I am a silly mom to tease him like that.

And now I can do things like this!

I love my Packers.

Ignore this burst of energy. It's only temporary.




10 June, 2007

for my son


Sunday Thinking

I like rainbows. I think it's still the promise that God gave Noah that makes me like them. Of course you need rain to have a rainbow and lately here we have had not a scant trace. I'd like a nice long day or two with rain and maybe a little thunder and lightning mixed in. A wish of course.

I am just in one of those strange moods. The wind is blowing outside, the dogs are trying like mad to get into the house but I don't want them to. Errant husband is downstairs. Exhausted daughter is sound asleep after her adventure at the prom and the son is at work.

Maybe I just need to go downstairs and read a book and not let the world in for a while.
Sounds like a good idea.



09 June, 2007

2.4 off Manhattan Beach

Just had an earthquake here. Felt like someone hit the house with a car. No shaking, just a bump but a good bump. Kinda odd. Dogs been acting hinky all day, guess they knew. Should pay attention to the dogs, eh?


Prom Day

Today my baby had her hair done up and her face put on, bought some fancy undies and a lovely gown and went to her senior prom. Do I feel old or do I feel old? Most of my friends have kids that are in college or married and my baby is graduating this year. She is so excited. She looked lovely today. She is a great kid though she is a friggin mess when it comes to her room.

Today the errant husband was in a mood. I wish I had somewhere to go and escape to. Even work would have been a relief. Work will come soon enough. I am trying the neurontin, slept like a log last night. Took my motrin and vicodin this afternoon and felt pretty good with that. I am hinky about neurontin but we shall see what the upped dose does tonight.

whoa i think we just had an earthquake. hmmmmmm.


08 June, 2007

Don't make me......

Have you ever wondered what you would do if someone said to you:
" As far as I can tell from your job description, you don't need your arm to do it".
Yeah, I only point to exits, show people how to get places on maps and the like. Where's my can of Whoopass when I really need it?

Finally got some response from the doctor's office
(btw the doctor is the bright bulb who said that to me)
and I saw him again today. He is not happy that the referral to pain management has not been received. He's Rx Neurontin for me and we shall see what happens with that. I don't know at this point. Will try it tonight and see if it does any good. Right now my collarbone hurts like mad. Almost time for more meds.

Last night was the senior recognition concert. Went well. I cried. Tomorrow is prom. Time is flying.

So as it stands now I don't go back to work till the 19th. I hope the pain pills work and the Neurontin works. I am tired of being in pain.


05 June, 2007

What is so hard about returning a call from a patient?

OK it's been established that I have a significant problem with my shoulder. The thing hurts and hurts >8 on a scale of 1-10. It's been hurting and I have been off work. I called the doctor's office yesterday because I am supposed to go back today. Well the pain is off the chart. I asked them to return my call yesterday and and no call. I called again and said please call me and let me know if he approved an extra couple of days because I am miserable and I have to let my employer know if I am coming back. No return call. SO I call again today. Well he's out today. He wasn't out yesterday when I called. Do you understand the concept of pain? I am miserable. SO if they don't call by Noon I am going to go down there and holler. It hurts to lift my arm.

Other than that life is going on as normal. Kid goes to the prom this weekend. Sniffile.
Kid goes to Disneyland for senior excursion. Kid is tapping out the bank of Mom and Dad.

I just would like to throttle someone with regards to this shoulder. It is just unreal.

Rant over.

03 June, 2007

Day 3 of June Gloom

They aren't kidding when they say June Gloom. It got to a whopping 64
degrees here today. Inland it's warmer but who wants to live inland?

Have been doing the medicine bit but still hurt like a mofo. I am going to call the office tomorrow and see what he wants me to do? I hurt across the collarbone and into the joint. When I pull apart a chicken wing I always say sorry to the chicken because I know how badly the joint can hurt. I can't even stretch it out and pull it because it hurts so bad. I am wearing my Hely & Weber figure 8 brace because it makes me sit up a little straighter. That doesn't stop the pain though. It's actually called a clavicle splint to help with broken collarbones. For me it's to try to correct the posture, slumping and slouching be damned.

Kid #2 is downstairs with her friend, helping him create a power point presentation for his senior project. She told him she wished he had given her his essay before he turned it in because it was pretty bad. They'll come up with something good for the power point though. She's good like that. She did hers on the difference in films over the years--quality, acting, general relationships between characters and the like. A smart kid.

#1 kid came home from work and said there had been a disturbance at the store last night ( and this one that doesn't serve alcohol) and lots of machines were broken. He worked on all that he could and then they said okay, go home, see you Wednesday. So he's in his room with his friend doing gaming or something.

The errant husband, who worked all day yesterday and then came crawling up to bed >0230 because he fell asleep on the couch is out at his friends. He was in a bitching and crappy mood and that is not my fault. My fault is just being here sometimes.

Nothing else exciting or otherwise.