14 June, 2009

Time for a change

I actually walked the dog the length of the block today. That was all my foot could handle, but hey, I got out of the house. He of course was happy. He also got a new tag which has the updated information on it. Handy since someone (I won't name names but it rhymes with bab) left the garage doors open and he took off to explore the neighborhood. I am religous about closing the door so he can't escape. He's quite the master of that. So we had our W-A-L-K, and if I feel halfway decent tomorrow we'll do the other street.

So what else is new? The cold seems to be on it's way out. Thank the Lord. I am tired of being sick, not to mention sweating at night, coughing up green stuff and looking like the bottom of the shoe. Couldn't afford the doctor, so I did cold tablets and lots and lots of fluid. If I could have afforded it I would have drunk this:

Tonight is hamburger helper night. I have to use up the meat I defrosted. I thought about spaghetti, but HH is easier. I still have 5 lbs of beef in the fridge, but it's in a chub so I have to get someone to saw it into 3rds. Should have done that when it came home from the market, but oh well. I'll add some veges and it will be fine. It's usually a win win dinner solution here.

I am going to have a plethora of tomatoes soon. Both my topsy turvey plants are loaded. One with maters and the other with loads of blossoms. It was a later planted plant and it's huge now. The tomato that took over the patio. This is the Roma one. I didn't take a picture of the other one, but it's pretty substansial. We have to water them every other day. That is a palm tree behind it, surrounded by ferns and jasmine. We have a regular jungle in our patio planter. Now the next project when I have some muscle is to clear the patio of the bins that have been there since we moved since we had no place to store them. The bed is out of the garage so we can do that now.

I'm listening Beyonce's I am Sasha Fierce. Not too bad. I was listening to Boom Boom Pow and the husband questioned my sanity for listening to pop music. I like the Black Eyed Peas. They are fun and bouncy. My kid probably thinks I am nuts.

Well that's it for this time. I am getting tired and I have a bunch of stuff to do before dinner.

Cheers and later gators!

09 June, 2009

A tale with no voice

I've tried to be good and avoid this rotten cold that has befallen everyone in the house but the husband. Unfortunately it has struck with a vengeance. And damn it to hell I have to go out of the house to the bank and the post office. Am I thrilled? No. Am I happy, hell no.

So on to another thing. The agency I work for wants me to take some classes online while I am home. No biggie. But their website isn't Mac friendly which means most likely I will have to trudge over and use the PC. But I hate the PC. And why can't they make cross platforms for those of us who love our macs? They have no answer, so I guess I'll have to make the best of it and use the PC. Blech.

Life is strange isn't it? You just expect that things will work out for the best. But you can't depend on the agency that is supposed to pay your compensation to pay you on time nor will they answer your letters and tell you when you can expect your check. Can't make any plans for anything. Argh. This is what I feel the department of labor is doing to me:

So I have ranted.

03 June, 2009

okay okay

Lots to think about today. The news is droning on and on and all this stuff about the foreign policy of this country, I don't know where it's all going to lead too.

I am going to physical therapy. Gee the muscle memory is still there and I remember what to do with isometrics and pulleys. But I didn't have so much bone cut off before. This is the worst part of the healing, I am taking new meds and hope they work.

School is almost over for the kids. And it looks like we're going to have to go towards student loans to get the kid into next semester. That means FAFSA and a few other things. But with the budget crisis unit prices going from 20$ to 60$ per for a community college? Thanks Arnold. Fucked this state up good. Pisses me off. And then the book prices are out of reach too. What have we done to the future of community colleges in this state? Education that should be free is out of reach to the common person. I hate California politics.

Peace and later kids.