30 July, 2008

It's done

Moving is not fun. But we are here and making our way and making the house our own. I am happy but working and then coming home at 9pm and working 2 more hours on stuff wears you out.

OTOH Ozzy said hi to me.

Need my desk drawer so I can put my keyboard lower.

More later.
I am beat.

20 July, 2008


gonna be offline for a few days. moving is hell. don't let anyone tell you it isn't.
more shit than i can imagine and my arm is about done for.
missed the first ride over there, will take shit when it's later.

18 July, 2008

Waiting on keys


Here's the backyard. I can't wait for the pump to get fixed and the jacuzzi to be ready to use. Thank God we have friends who can do things.,
Packing up books and china and clothes are last. If we could move the furniture out then we could do the clothes in Goodwill, take, discard piles.
Still need a new washer/dryer will check the used appliance stores. That's a necessity. Ours lasted 21 years.
And we will buy a cord of wood this winter/fall and not depend on gas heat. The kids place won't have any heat. It's just a room. Will get some carpets to lay over the carpet that is there and pad it a bit. He'll have to come into the house for the bathroom.

I am seeing the ortho on Monday. I am miserable. Can do about 3 things and then my shoulder just screams. Of course when you sit in a chair like this 8 hours a day 5 days a week it might be a reason for concern:
A hand me down from LAPD.
I am still mulling if I should contact someone about the vitriolic email that I got from HR yesterday. Don't know if it would do any good or not. They think they are so high and mighty.

Off again on another adventure.

17 July, 2008

OK and for the real news

1. We signed a lease on a nice little house but... the landlord has to sign it and we haven't heard from the agent since yesterday. Our landlord would like us out ASAP. As would we. But today is a BAD pain day. Shoulder feels like it is going to fall off.Not going to be easy to do much packing if I can't use my arm. And there is a lot of pain in my left wrist too. Falling apart. That is all that it is.

2. I need to get to see someone to get the pain relief I need.

3. Until we hear from the agent, we can't cancel our lights, gas and cable and get them transferred. Not a good thing. It's just really frustrating and I am just beyond the edge again.

4. Just got one of the nastiest emails I have ever gotten from the agency I work for regarding paperwork. The person who sent it said they will not communicate with me via private email, I turn my paperwork in in person and they will process it. So I reactivated my co email and sent an apology to the person who supposedly told me that they weren't going to respond to me. I told her it was funny I never received that email as I save all correspondence from that office. They think they are all high and mighty. Right now I just can't handle this stress.

5. My 15 yr old niece tried to OD Tuesday night. Spent 5 hours at the ER with my Mom and her making her drink the charcoal shit to neutralize the meds she took. My mom is frantic and she is just going nuts dealing with all this shit. So I am going to file an FMLA and do it that way. We will manage. We always do. Now the person who handled FMLA is not doing it anymore and someone else is. This is such a fucking mess.

I am done. Outta here.

09 July, 2008

Wish I knew then what I know now

Nose still running and shortness of breath. Am taking my steroids like a good little girl. Still house hunting. Will be calling apartments tomorrow. This has got to get settled soon. Dogs took off again today. Big one has to go to someone's house. I can't handle this running away shit. Did some more advantage on him. He's scratching himself again. Split the Advantage between him and the little one.

Both kids are working. Both are busy. We've got to lift my mattress up tomorrow so we can see what is under it, I can't do it alone. Got to get some more totes at Wal-Mart if my check actually comes in. Supposed to. I need to move away from all this tension or I will be checking myself into a 5150 watch. Tension is way too much.

Got a new phone. It's a Motorola and I got 2 ringtones. Caught hell for that. Oh well. I got the theme from Deadliest Catch and Before He Cheats. I like those songs. Can't transfer them from my Itunes to my phone.

Took a bunch of books over to my moms and some cd's for them to listen to at night before they go to bed. They like to lay in bed and listen to the music.

Time for cough syrup and more antibiotics. Took the steroids earlier than last night. Need to find a book to read/reread or something.


07 July, 2008

Short but not so sweet

Nearly time for the next set of meds. I can breathe out of one side of my nose and hear from one ear. I take the cough syrup and fall asleep. Nothing like drooling on the pillow.

I am hungry but I can't put my finger on what it is. I think something cold and sweet like sorbet, or hot and spicy like a meatball sandwich with lots of pepperoncini on it. Subway has their $5 sale on. That would be nice. Or a container of vanilla cookies from Trader Joes. Um.

The dear spouse is blaming me for this debacle we're in now. Thanks so much. I don't drink green tea or rice milk, take huge amounts of vitamins and it's my fault the agency that I hate are such assholes. It's a day to walk on by.

Time for meds.
Time for something but I don't know what.
The person who's daughter just screamed at her.
I just give up.

06 July, 2008

Welcome to America

Now go and take your germs with you.

I am sicker than a proverbial dog.
Have codeine cough syrup, antibiotics and am ordered to drink gallons of water.
My nose is peeling.
I am not happy and trying to cough up this shit doesn't work either. It's not loose enough yet. Saw the doctor on Saturday morning. Will see him again if it's not better tomorrow. Fevers come at night, not during the daytime.
I counted how many pills I take a day. It's over 10. This pretty much expresses what it feels like. And I hate taking pills, I'd rather have my meds in liquid form. Maybe it was all those years of grinding up aspirin and antibiotics and mixing them with applesauce. UGH.

Another exciting weekend.

03 July, 2008

Random Musings

Since I won't be here tomorrow, I'll be guarding your safety if you're flying by making sure no ter'rists cross the exit line, I wish you a happy Independence Day. While you are celebrating please remember those men and women who are stationed all over this world protecting you and those whose lives were sacrificed for us to celebrate.

If the beginning of the week was any representation, Friday will be slooooooooow. That's okay. I can make myself useful and do my job. The person who is the lead, needs to chill, we do our job and do it well. Now some one at the brain trust has decided to check each and every person's badge that comes through the exit with an ultraviolet light. Even the people who come in and out 5 or 6 times a shift doing radio checks and returning from downstairs assignments.

So, I wish they would disable me and retire me so I could get on with life otherwise the sum total of my experience with this agency is exit sitting. Life goes on.

Stay safe and have a good weekend. I still have horrible pain in my shoulder but I am ignoring it and I found a good Kathy Reichs book to read. No shopping today, no driving today. #1 kid is at the anime expo. See you later!