17 January, 2015

Review: Furry Logic A Guide to Life's Little Challenges

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    Nov 11th, 2014




    Humor - Topic - Animals

    The day this book came, I was down in the dumps. I hadn’t seen my daughter who moved to Chicago from our home in LA for nearly 6 months. I opened the book and I read a few of the pages and started smiling.

    On Christmas morning, my daughter and my niece were on the couches all bundled up and reading it to one another. Laughter abounded.

    It’s funny how small things can make such a difference in your life. I loved this book and it is close at hand to read on those days when things don’t go as we planned.

    I received this book for free from "Blogging for Books".

15 January, 2015


So many things have happened already that I think I'm ready for Christmas and next year already.

The errant child came home for Christmas. It was like she was never gone except she was living out of her suitcase where all her clothes were rolled and a mess. The mouth hasn't changed, still sarcastic like her mommy. She's had already a touch of frigid. Very little snow, but lots of wind and cold.

Had a lovely trip to Las Vegas and won on a penny machine. That made it worthwhile even if the 2 restaurants we wanted to go to were closed. Next year for #30 it's going to be an all inclusive in the Caribbean. I want warm and sunny and big pools and spas.

The news around the ranch is that the pointer is a ratter. She's gotten 5 so far. That's 5 more than I wanted to have. They are in our walls and we can hear them in the attic. The landlord has been notified and has done jack shit.

So I'll give it another month and write the wife who is a lawyer and ask her to get an exterminator out here before I call one and take it off the rent. 

Nearly time to get the man child from work and go over to his grannies. Might stop at Fry's Electronics and get a new keyboard because this one has a wonky Y. I friggin hate that. 

Good night. Sleep Tight. Shut your doors and windows so nothing rodenty comes in the house. 

da bunny

07 January, 2015

Ce monde est fou

Je suis Charlie. Je suis Charlie. Je suis Charlie.

Comment peut-on dire qu'ils travaillent au nom de Dieu et tirer et tuer des gens . Aucune censure . Pas céder . Personne ne devrait être réduit au silence .