25 July, 2006

Yep, this is what I am dealing with

This is the result of the surgery. I have 5 incisions in my arm, and tomorrow all the stitches are going to come out. Ain't the bruise lovely? And today, to add to all the fun stuff, I am having numbness in my fingers on the right hand. I have become great friends with my ice machine, imagine a cooler with ice and water that is attached to a hose that circulates cold water through a shoulder cap. When I settle in to read tonight the machine will be on and I will have some comfort.

And I came out of anesthesia sounding like a gravel truck. Nerve block made my salivary glands stop and I had no spit. Sore throat and then some.

It's been hotter than hell here with humidity to match. I don't like humidity. I have problems wearing the sling since it itches and I can't deal with the damn itching. And somehow along the way today, I picked up 2 bites. I used my spray on bandage and I hope that deals with that. I d have aloe/lidocaine and can use that on the bites if I have to.

Had spaghetti tonight, I was so hungry for pasta. Filled the need. If I get to the market tomorrow, I will get some chicken and grill that with some rice.

Wow there are clouds out there. Does this mean that it won't be so damn hot tonight? We had quite the lightning show Saturday night, and Sunday whilst I was at church we had thunder and lightning in the morning. But very little rain. The deserts are seeing much more rain than we are.

2 hours of House tonight. Yeah.

Later! Ciao!

17 July, 2006

Surgery 930 AM tomorrow. What fun.

Well tomorrow is the day. I have to be at the hospital at 730AM. It is now 1317 and no one has called to remind me, tell me how long this surgery will take, or anything. Makes you feel real confident about the surgery doesn't it?

I will pray tonight, ask my friends on my boards to pray for me and deal with everything 1 day at a time. That is all i can do and what I wish to do.

The damn heat is making things that much worse. I slept through a hellacious thunderstorm last night as did my family and the dog. That is unusual. And I was not medicated either. Just plain worn out from the heat and the humidity that has been lingering over the area. We've had some warm days. Right now it's 81º and that has come down since the breeze picked up. I hope against hope that it's not too miserable tomorrow after the surgery, since I have to be in a sling for 4-6 weeks.

I took a pain pill and I am going to lay down after I post this. My shoulder really hurts and typing aggravates it more than you can imagine.

Ciao babies... when does football start? I needs me some PACKER football!


09 July, 2006


Duffy got a chipmunk toy today. He's happy. I miss my Scully. But life goes on. He gets his first real groom on Wednesday. I am happy to do that.
I am tired today. Achy too.
Finished The Kite Runner. What a great book. Have a couple on my stack I should really get to and start. Will have plenty of time to read once I am housebound. Eek.
Husband is working on his motorhome. Kids are doing their thing. I have chicken defrosting. Italy won the world cup.
Other than that, not much.

07 July, 2006

My dog died

My baby died yesterday in my arms. She was 8 years old. We had her since she was 8 weeks old. She had twisted gut and she went very fast.
We are trying to recover from this but it's so hard. She was the best dog I have ever had in my life. She loved the river and looking for water bugs. She could spend the entire day just walking around the shallows. And sleep like a rock at night. She was my best friend, my companion and my heating blanket when it got cold at night. She picked out her new friend at a rescue and they were best buds. We are so sad.

God Bless You Scully and may you chase all the rabbits you want in heaven.

05 July, 2006

Holiday weekends Ugh

Anyway. We didn't do anything I would call exciting. The errant husband lost his cellphone. And he discovered this at 1115PM in the evening. Why???Why not get everything packed and ready to go in the afternoon since you had 4 fricking days to do laundry. I got my laundry done in 2 hours. See what going off your meds does? Messes up everyone else's life because you think yours is perfect. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

::bangs head against wall::

Didn't venture out to see the fireworks. Had one dog sleep through and the other needed a doggie valium which I didn't have. I just held him. He was scared.

And now North Korea launches missiles. And they are pointed at the west coast. Wonder if that missile defense stuff works? After seeing the news yesterday I kept hearing "I'm so rornery" from Team America. Sheesh. This is not a good thing.

Italy v France. Vive la France! Will come straight home from church and see it.

I pray for kids and over the last 5 days, 3 kids have passed on to heaven. I cannot imagine the grief these parents are bearing. I can't imagine what they are going through. There were 2 little boys, one 23 months and one 2 months who had heart problems, and a little girl who just turned 3 who had Alpers Disease. Such sadness.

Have my preop on Friday. I am kind of nervous about this surgery. It's more complicated than the last one. But since I am having much more pain now, it only can get better,right?

Well it's time to think (operative word is think) about eating something. I just don't have a real appetite. Could be the heat. But that has calmed down since the humidity and warmth over the weekend.

Ciao. Babies!

02 July, 2006

Heat Humidity Aggravation God and Country

Another long weekend. I've got ceiling fans and fans blowing up here with the blinds drawn. Hopefully it will stay cool. Last night was way too warm. Of course pain pills give me hot flashes and that is not always pretty.

Went to church today and that was good. We sang 2 patriotic hymns which in our congregation is nearly unknown. And we closed with How Great Thou Årt. I have sung that at so many funerals and it says a lot. Sermon today was on God and Country. How to reconcile being a good Christian and a good Citizen. I need to read more Martin Luther. I surely do appreciate the fact that my God encompasses the entire world, broken and sinful as it is, and not just these United States as some might have us believe. And I think that God weeps over the mistakes we make as we as encourages us when we do the right thing.

Been watching the World Cup. Wow, Brazil is gone. I am going to cheer for Germany. I like Germans. Being of German descent it's only fitting.
Geht Deutschland!

And England... good old England. I see Beckham has resigned as captain. I read somewhere that he is thinking of coming and playing in America. Bringing robowife with him. Would be something to see. My kiddo would love to see the spice girls get together again. Oh my, that is sad.

Husband is home for 4 days. Maybe something will get done around here. I doubt it. He's not that motivated. But he will play poker for hours and hours online.

I had fun in Laughlin, even though it was 113º and we had a monsoon blow through. Found a great outlet store and had fun. Gambled a little, swam a little and just relaxed. A good way for a birthday to be experienced. Getting up there.

July 18th I have surgery. Then slinged for 4 weeks. I am going to have to learn to do things left handed. That should be fun.

I was thinking if I was ever lucky enough to win the lotto ( a dream so many have), I would buy a home in my hometown, and make sure there were plenty of trees, yard, and a porch I could sit on. I'd have it screened for the summer and winterized for the winter so I could enjoy watching life. Wonder if that would happen?

Life as we know it....