28 June, 2017


Will you still need me?
Will you still feed me,
When I'm 

16 June, 2017

Identical letter

I just received an identical letter to the one I got yesterday from Covered CA regarding health insurance. To say I am bewildered is an understatement. They say within 10 business days someone will contact me. Okey dokey artichokey. 

As it gets closer to the 4th of July the idiots in the 'hood are starting to fire off big ole fireworks. We aren't talking about people who stomp the ends of Piccolo Petes, we're talking mortars. Though they light up the sky with sparkles, they also make my dogs psychotic. When you're holding a 55 lb German Shorthair pointer next to you as she shivers....I don't know. 

12 days from now I will be 64. Doing ok for an old broad. 

Am counting down the months till Outlander comes back. I have read all 8 books and am waiting anxiously for #9.  This is one of my favorite stills from it. I love the teasing look. 

In the meantime have a good start to summer. 


15 June, 2017

More confused than ever

I got a letter from Covered CA and it's made me more confused than ever. We'll see how this comes out. If something happens to me and I need a doctor, I'll go to the hospital and wait for care. 

CNN is showing the Congressional Baseball Game. I tried Cspan but they have no audio. After the events of yesterday, it's nice to see them playing well together. Now Trump is talking. 

I've got my prescriptions to fill and will do the first one this weekend. Then one every week after that till they are all done. 

Bye for now. 

08 June, 2017


The County called me a couple of days ago and wanted to know if my worker's comp was temporary or permanent. I'd say after 14 years, it's permanent. Maybe I'll get health insurance. Need to get my RX refilled. Will check on Good Rx to see where the best prices are. 

I see the ortho on Monday. I was not pleased with the Pain Mgmt guy. 

June gloom abides like the Dude. 

Saw my mom, lots of changes going on at church. Some good, some????

Took me 4 days to get over whatever I had, food poisoning is the main culprit. It will be a cold day in hell before I go back to that place. My dear husband loved his dinner, I shat mine out like an explosive charge. We did have different dinners though. I had 1/2 chicken, salad with oil and vinegar, and 4 small dolmas. He had gyros and a chicken kabob.

This has been a long depressing week. 

da bunny