31 July, 2011

Brats, beer and potatos

Tonight we're having bratwurst, parboiled in 2 bottles of beer with brown sugar to caramelize them a little, baby potatos and onions baked in a light olive oil, and baked beans. It's comfort food to the max for me.  We'll grill the brats which takes just a few minutes since they are already cooked now and they will have that lovely brown color that just adds to the flavor.

It's just a good old fashioned dinner. I've made plans for dinner for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we're having pulled bb pork but no coleslaw. Not many coleslaw fans in this house. I could make a small fumi salad but I doubt it. Then it's Taco Salad Tuesday and Wipeout Wednesday. Thursday should be pizza and Friday it let someone else cook night.

We're the other direction from this picture but we've got storm clouds that we can see over the local foothills and downtown. We need the storms to drift a little to the southwest so we can get some rain. It would be nice to see a real lightning show with some rain to cut the mugginess. This is monsoon moisture from the south but it doesn't come over the basin much. There is rain offshore, but who knows if it will meander over to the coast??

I love taco salad and we have Taco Tuesdays at our house. Everyone makes their own from the mixings and they enjoy it. It's a tradition that we have here. 

Change of Pace  Here

This is what I have been dealing with for the last 3 weeks. Hives all over my back. I've had them all over my front, back, legs, and face. I've taken cortisone and Atarax. Today they are much smaller but still popping out. I don't know if it's stress or what. All I know is that I am semi miserable when I get them. I anticipate another doctor's visit and more bloodwork.

So that's about it.
Looking forward to getting some reading done, cleaning done and enjoying the dog days of August.

30 July, 2011

Saturday and another bin is emptied

I have been searching the bins for my serving dishes and finally found them. Brought them in and washed the ones that can't go in the dishwasher and the others are being cleaned as I type this.

It's muggy and windy here. I'm covered in hives but at least they don't itch. I'm tired and crabby and still need to get something out for dinner. And I have a load of laundry that is waiting to be taken out to the washer. Just a typical day.

The kids are at a concert. They'll be home late. The errant spouse is watching tv and playing poker.

I think I'm going to take a nap.


27 July, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 16

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 16

By Amulbunny   July 27, 2011

Outside my window… Sunny, muggy and 73˚

I am thinking… that my Mom needs to call me back

I am thankful for… Prednisone and Avatrax for my hives

From the learning rooms… taco salad 100 different ways

I can't believe … the hives came back a 2nd time.

From the kitchen…  It’s clean, dishes are done and put away

I am wearing…  shorts, tee shirt and flip flops (same old same old)

I am creating…lots of brain power

I am going… to go to my Moms and print out her boarding pass.

I am reading… Game of Thrones still, it’s a long book.

I am hoping… that the welts stay away this time.

I am hearing… A National Geo special on the Indian girl who had 8 limbs

Around the house… new router, faster speeds, nice thing.

One of my favorite things…. roses

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Use the new vacuum in every room
2.   Pay the rent
3.   Read a lot more in Game of Thrones

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

Nice kitty! Nice Kitty! Meower...

23 July, 2011

Weekended Wonders

So I get up this morning and listen to the news, such sadness in Norway.  It goes to prove that not all terrorists have brown skin, some are blue eyed blondes with hate in their heart.  
To my Norwegian friends I say: Gud velsigne og bevare deg.

I picked up my Mom and we went to the nail salon. She got a pedicure and a manicure and had flowers painted on her toes. She also got waxed. She looks wonderful. She's all spiffed up for her trip to Minnesota next week. I hope the weather cools down for her. She doesn't mind thunderstorms but the humidity drives her nuts.

I'm going to make sliders tonight to grill on the bbq and also have some baked beans and potatos to go with. I sent a list with my daughter and told her 5# of sweet onions. I'll do 2# for caramelized onions and 1# for the potatos. Toss with some olive oil and sea salt and roast away. Simple easy menu. We'll be eating out of our freezer this week. I have some wonderful pork chops that I can make pulled pork with if I can locate my slow cooker. It's probably packed in a box in the garage. 

We've been saving points like mad on our debit card, and soon it won't make any difference because they are going to stop giving them. We redeemed our points today on a fullsize 2.0 cubic foot Sharp microwave. That's big enough to cook a lot of stuff in it. Cost us 18,800 points. Can we say excited? It should be here by the end of next week. 

Ok, so I went a little overboard. I saw it last night on a date with my husband. We had a nice dinner at PF Changs and then went to the wonderful ArcLight Beach Cities to see the movie. I cried a little but overall I truly enjoyed the movie. It was very well done. Hard to believe those little children from the Sorcerer's Stone have grown up. I watch the first movie and am stunned. It was so good to see it. 

Not much else brewing in this neck of the woods. It's 74˚ outside and a slight breeze. There is supposed to be a warming trend. Church tomorrow and then relaxing. 

da  bunny

20 July, 2011

Wednesday whatchamacallit's

So it's Wednesday today and the day before payday. Hopefully it will be a good check because I need to go to Costco, renew my membership and get a new vacuum. Can't keep borrowing my moms and they have a nice one on sale there.  The week has been pretty good. And now 2 days to the weekend and some more puttering around the house.

Actually my house is in pretty darn good shape. The dishes are done, the clothes are folded and hung and the bathrooms are clean. I've been trying every day to keep it up and keep it clean. We brought in the bookcases and they are filled with books and every time I walk by I smile. I love books. I just started reading Game of Thrones. Haven't gotten very far. After I finish my email then I am going to read some more of it. 

So enjoy yourself, laugh at the funny things in life and don't sweat the small stuff because in the long run it's all small stuff. 

da bunny 

19 July, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 15

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 15

By Amulbunny   July 19, 2011

Outside my window… a nice breeze and sunny skies.

I am thinking       that I need to walk the dog.

I am thankful for       good friends.

From the learning rooms… good things come with pages.

I can't believe … that Michelle Bachmann is so popular. She's a freeze dried whackaloon.

From the kitchen  It’s going to be a surprise for sure.

I am wearing  shorts, tee shirt and flip flops.

I am creating…a home.

I am going… to go to the grocery store and get some Propel on sale.

I am reading… Game of Thrones.

I am hoping… that the welts never return.

I am hearing…A Law and Order SVU-Rerun

Around the house… dog, cat, and fresh air.

One of my favorite things…. Lemon sorbet

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Buy a new vacuum.
2.   Stock the freezer
3.   Go see Harry Potter 7 part 2

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

For my friends who are steaming in the midwest!

15 July, 2011

The Friday Shuffle from Edmund and a bit more.

Well it's Friday and time to see what Edmund pops up for me in his little brain. 

It's been a good week, have gotten a lot of stuff done and hopefully this weekend it will continue. Had one little snafu, I'm allergic to Tide now. Welts, ugly things that popped up where ever I had clothes on. Some prednisone, steroid ointment and calamine clear helped but it's not fun to look like you rolled in Poison Ivy over and over and over. 

Sunday we had a guest Pastor and he's retired from active ministry, but boy can he preach. It was very interesting. He talked about his new Ipad and how it takes him away from his time with God, but he won't give it up because it connects him with so many believers all over the world. This Sunday I won't be able to get to church, we are going south to a friends house. Hopefully all this carmegeddon stuff won't be so bad in the southerly direction out of this county. 

I found a box of my non fiction literature books. Based on religious history.They are very interesting to read and it's always good to know about other traditions and spirituality. One in particular is about a group of nuns in Belgium and their piety and faith journey. Even in medieval Europe women were educated and intelligent and living their lives as the Lord directed them. It's too bad that today many women believe that education is evil and the KJV is the only book to read. These women were alive and active in the 11th and 12th centuries, far before the KJV was even a gleam in old Jimmy Boys' eyes. Did Christianity just come to earth when the KJV was published? No, not even close. But you can't change some peoples minds. OK Rant over. And when you get to heaven, don't knock on the door that says Lutherans, we don't want to know that we are truly the only people who made it.  LOL.

Friday Shuffle

1.            Court and Spark                        Joni Mitchell

2.            Double Trouble                          Eric Clapton

3.            Not Ready to Make Nice           The Dixie Chicks

4.            Working on a Building              True Bluegrass Gospel

5.            Fashion of his Love                    Lady Gaga

6.            Love All the Hurt Away            Aretha Franklin

7.            Wind of Change                          Eric Bourdon and the Animals

8.            I Feel the Earth Move                  Carole King

9.            Can’t get it out of My Head         ELO

10.          All Your Love                             Eric Clapton

It's almost time to go meet my daughter at her work and go to lunch with her. It's an every other Friday tradition. She's tired. She went to see HP 7.5 last night. Tonight she's going to the horse races. I envy her ability to make friends so easily and to be respected among her peers.

My son is in Az at an anime convention. His first road trip in a while. He's enjoying being away. I hope he gets a job soon. He needs to get back in the swing of life. World of Warcraft doesn't pay the bills.

Peace out. Laundry is ready to go into the dryer. Ah the life........summer on the coast. 

12 July, 2011

Hippie Woman's Daybook Page 14


A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 14

By Amulbunny   July 12, 2011

Outside my window… Haze coming in and 68

I am thinking  That I am glad I went to the doctor today

I am thankful for   good meds and good food.

From the learning rooms… waiting 45 minutes at the doctor went by fast when I watched my Itouch.

I can't believe … that detergent could make me this miserable

From the kitchen  Grilled onions on a burger with fresh tomato, yum o

I am wearing  denim shorts and a Minnesota tee shirt.

I am creating…a cookbook for both my kids

I am going… to check my FB, read my mail, and take my meds.

I am reading… The Fifth Witness

I am hoping… that the welts will be gone by Sunday

I am hearing…A Law and Order SVU-Rerun

Around the house… Adult children, dogs, and cat

One of my favorite things…. Chocolate ice cream

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Work on the kitchen
2.  Make a menu for next week (including the requested Taco Tuesday
3.   Look for some deals at Bed Bath & Beyond

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, 2the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.
Genesis 1:1-2

08 July, 2011

Friday Shuffle

It's time for a Friday Shuffle from Edmund the Itouch....
here we go:

1.  It Ain't Me Babe                            Joaquin Phoenix
2.  Woodstock                                    Crosby Stills Nash & Young
3.  Don't Go Breaking My Heart        Elton John and Kiki Dee
4.  Gimme All Your Lovin'                 ZZ Top
5.  Chimes of Freedom                       Bob Dylan and Joan Osborne
6.  Perform This Way                         Weird Al
7.  Uncle John's Band                         Grateful Dead
8.  Sexy, Sexy                                     Brian Setzer Orchestra
9.  Round Midnight                            Theolonius Monk
10. Get Over It                                    Eagles

Say hello to my little friend!


It's beginning to feel much more like home around here. We've been hanging pictures and prints and things look a lot more homey than just blank walls.

I was given this print years ago and I just love it. It has graced every bedroom we've had for the last 20 years:

The news is reporting that the 110 South is closed in LA. The police are looking for evidence related to a chase that took place this morning. Ah yes the wonderful freeway system of Los Angeles. The powers that be are going to make the carpool lane a toll way for single person occupancy vehicles if they pay. Bound to happen sometime. 

I may ask my niece for a neck and shoulder massage this weekend. I'm feeling rather pinched back there.

I always try to plant a rosebush at every place we live. I didn't at the last one and perhaps that is why it was such a horrible place to live? I don't know. As soon as the owner gets some more of his things moved out (you would not believe the side yard of this house) I am going to get some sterling silver roses and plant them. I could do them in a barrel. But I am going to plant at least one rose bush.  I didn't do any vegetables this year, things were so much in flux that I didn't think I could deal. So next year God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll do a container garden. Our front neighbor has vegetables growing. I've got a perfect location to hang containers and I think they would thrive.

Well as the dodo goes so go I.

Peace. Out.

05 July, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 13

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 13

By Amulbunny   
July 5, 2011

Outside my window… Sunny and 75˚

I am thinking.. That it sounded like a war zone outside last night

I am thankful for…a safe holiday weekend

From the learning rooms….. my Itouch is so wonderful.

I can't believe … that today the beach is clear

From the kitchen… I’ve got to get something good at the store to cook

I am wearing… a Mickey Mouse tee shirt and beige sail cloth shorts

I am creating…and putting my touches on this house

I am going… Vacuum the carpets and relax

I am reading… a book about a mystery on the Keys.

I am hoping… to enjoy my summer

I am hearing…the ladies of the View

Around the house… the cat and the dog are happy

One of my favorite things…. Coldstone Sweet Cream Ice Cream

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Use the spa
2.   Look for chairs for the patio
3.   Look for a rack to store the DVD’s and Blue Rays

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:
Icy sunrise.
A cool thought for a warm day.

Peace to all

03 July, 2011

Randomness again

We're having our family dinner today with my mom and niece. There won't be any parking tomorrow and it'll be crazy just trying to keep the dog calm. He'll get his doggie downers and hopefully it will help. We'll have our spa up and working by tomorrow so I imagine there will be young adults over soaking, drinking margaritas and having a good time. Safe and sane fireworks are allowed in our town so there will be plenty of booms, sizzles and pops in the neighborhood. But none of the local towns are doing the big displays in the sky because of budget cuts. There are 2 beach towns that are, but I don't think we'll drive over to see them. 

My fumi salad needs to be assembled and everyone is looking forward to that. It's so easy to do, green onions, cabbage, crushed ramen noodles, sesame seeds, sliced almonds and a tangy rice wine vinegar dressing. It's a never fail at church potlucks. And it's good the next day too. Hamburgers, sliced and grilled onions, tomatos, cheese, lettuce, condiments and some baby potatos baked with onions and a special seasoning  blend. A white cake with vanilla frosting to boot. My family loves to have me cook. I do a good dinner every Sunday and have my mom over. 

I went to Old Navy with my daughter today and got a sundress on sale for $20. It's really cute, lined and will be nice to wear around the house. Although I love shorts and tee shirts, there are times I like to wear flowing skirts. It's got spaghetti straps and a ruffle. I might even wear it tomorrow. Who knows. That's it right above! Also donated a tank top that I got for $2.49 (actually free) to the troops. It's a good thing and someone will be able to use it somewhere. 

This came via Fedex for me yesterday. Am I thrilled? Am I jazzed? I can watch movies on it, I can listen to music, to books, I can surf the web. OMG. It's such a neat thing.  My daughter gave it to me. 

So have a safe holiday, don't drink and drive, don't use unapproved fireworks (I still carry a scar from where I burned my self running with a sparkler and I tripped) and have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Peace. Out.
da bunny

01 July, 2011

Holiday Weekends

Here's to a weekend of family, friends and community.

Happy 4th of July, a touch early, but happiness to all.