20 July, 2011

Wednesday whatchamacallit's

So it's Wednesday today and the day before payday. Hopefully it will be a good check because I need to go to Costco, renew my membership and get a new vacuum. Can't keep borrowing my moms and they have a nice one on sale there.  The week has been pretty good. And now 2 days to the weekend and some more puttering around the house.

Actually my house is in pretty darn good shape. The dishes are done, the clothes are folded and hung and the bathrooms are clean. I've been trying every day to keep it up and keep it clean. We brought in the bookcases and they are filled with books and every time I walk by I smile. I love books. I just started reading Game of Thrones. Haven't gotten very far. After I finish my email then I am going to read some more of it. 

So enjoy yourself, laugh at the funny things in life and don't sweat the small stuff because in the long run it's all small stuff. 

da bunny 

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