28 September, 2013

Fall 2013

It's already 79º outside and I have filled the dogs wading pool with water, taken my meds and am thinking about turning on some tv.

I finally got a new monitor yesterday. Ordered it through NewEgg and am very pleased. It's a wide screen HP and I love it. My son and I had to get another adapter for it since it is hooked up to my Macbook. Now the colors are vibrant and I can actually see what I'm reading.

My brother surprised my mom by bringing his wife along on his trip here for his 40th reunion. That made my mom happy. He doesn't like me and isn't afraid to show it. Someday he will regret it for the sadness he causes Mom but in his little world, I am the square peg for his round holes.

I wish I had this view to look at. Imagine how peaceful it is in the fall and then in spring when the vines bud and in late summer when they are full of grapes and ready to be picked and made into a special vintage.

I've been cruising along well pain wise, until last night when I couldn't even find a comfortable position in bed. I took my muscle relaxer and my normal night time meds. It was so bad that I took a Norco. 

I've been called for jury duty (just seems like yesterday). Don't have to appear on Monday, so I'll call Monday night. One trial / one day. No pay for the first day. Makes it enticing doesn't it?

Not much else happening. I think I'll take a shower, fire up the Kindle and read a bit.
That's for some people in my life.

da bunny

22 September, 2013

Sunday Football

It's fall. The Packers are playing and NFL RedZone is keeping me up to date with all the scores.

I saw a sports medicine
doctor and got 4 new prescriptions and we're waiting to get approval from the agency for OrthoVisc injections for my shoulder. They do it for knees all the time but I'm not sure about the efficacy of shoulder use. It's mainly for pain. It's not going to improve my typing or the weariness I get when I spend a lot of time typing.

Just had a wonderful avocado with some pink salt grated on top. Not sure what I'm doing for dinner yet. Tomorrow will be chicken and rice. I will go to the market tomorrow and get the stuff I need.

Fall is here. I'm ready for cool weather and clouds and fires in the fireplace.

Last night was game night. There was a plethora of people in the living room. Someone brought a spicy cinnamon liqueur mixed with whiskey. Those who drank it said it was tasty. Not for me. I'm going to have to invest in some lemon sugar and make my self a lemon drop one of these nights. In the meantime I'm not drinking too much. Don't mix with pain meds.

I have to do my online orientation for jury duty this week. May do it this afternoon and get it over with. Then next Sunday I have to call to see if I show up. We're going to have to do some logistics if I have to go more than 1 day.

Peace to all!
Da Bunny

15 September, 2013

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 69

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 69

By Amulbunny   
September 15,2013

Outside my window. . Sunny, breezy and 71º at 1028.

I am thinking…  These neighbors are noisy.

I am thankful for…  having a roof over my head.

From the learning rooms … This new TV season doesn’t look very enticing.

I can't believe . . .how noisy these dogs are

From the kitchen . . . beats me.

I am wearing…  my nightie.

I am creating . . . in my mind, my fall decorations.
I am going…   to miss Squeaks more than anyone can imagine. She was an awesome cat.

I am reading . . . The Ludwig Conspiracy by Oliver Potzsch.

I am hoping…  it’ll be a quiet day today.

I am hearing…  NFL Redzone on my iPod.

Around the house. . . . husband, daughter, son and 2 dogs.

One of my favorite thingseating a good steak and baked potato.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Physical on Monday.
2.   Hit the farmers market Friday.
3.   See the new ortho for my shoulder.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

11 September, 2013

Our cat died today,.

She was 16. She had a great life. She was funny and she had a great stealth mode.

May angels carry her across the rainbow bridge and let her lay in the sun and play with our beloved Scully forever.

03 September, 2013

You said what ???? to me?????? A Rant in 3/4 time

Yesterday we decided to do brats and have veges to go with. I started the brats in a covered pan with brown sugar and beer, I like to simmer them and when they go on the grill it's just to brown them. I made baked beans, wrapped corn in foil with sea salt and some butter, chopped summer squash and some red onion, done in a foil pack with olive oil. It was time to light the grill, there was a slight skirmish over that, too much testosterone in one place. I had everything that was prepped ready to go and went back to watch some TV. The eldest child yelled at me for not washing the BBQ tongs. I said you have some nerve. Turned my back and left.  This is not a restaurant. I did everything but cook the food and other people can't pitch in? Someday he will have to make do for himself. HE isn't going to be living with me when I'm 65, I will guarantee you that.