28 September, 2013

Fall 2013

It's already 79º outside and I have filled the dogs wading pool with water, taken my meds and am thinking about turning on some tv.

I finally got a new monitor yesterday. Ordered it through NewEgg and am very pleased. It's a wide screen HP and I love it. My son and I had to get another adapter for it since it is hooked up to my Macbook. Now the colors are vibrant and I can actually see what I'm reading.

My brother surprised my mom by bringing his wife along on his trip here for his 40th reunion. That made my mom happy. He doesn't like me and isn't afraid to show it. Someday he will regret it for the sadness he causes Mom but in his little world, I am the square peg for his round holes.

I wish I had this view to look at. Imagine how peaceful it is in the fall and then in spring when the vines bud and in late summer when they are full of grapes and ready to be picked and made into a special vintage.

I've been cruising along well pain wise, until last night when I couldn't even find a comfortable position in bed. I took my muscle relaxer and my normal night time meds. It was so bad that I took a Norco. 

I've been called for jury duty (just seems like yesterday). Don't have to appear on Monday, so I'll call Monday night. One trial / one day. No pay for the first day. Makes it enticing doesn't it?

Not much else happening. I think I'll take a shower, fire up the Kindle and read a bit.
That's for some people in my life.

da bunny

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