22 September, 2013

Sunday Football

It's fall. The Packers are playing and NFL RedZone is keeping me up to date with all the scores.

I saw a sports medicine
doctor and got 4 new prescriptions and we're waiting to get approval from the agency for OrthoVisc injections for my shoulder. They do it for knees all the time but I'm not sure about the efficacy of shoulder use. It's mainly for pain. It's not going to improve my typing or the weariness I get when I spend a lot of time typing.

Just had a wonderful avocado with some pink salt grated on top. Not sure what I'm doing for dinner yet. Tomorrow will be chicken and rice. I will go to the market tomorrow and get the stuff I need.

Fall is here. I'm ready for cool weather and clouds and fires in the fireplace.

Last night was game night. There was a plethora of people in the living room. Someone brought a spicy cinnamon liqueur mixed with whiskey. Those who drank it said it was tasty. Not for me. I'm going to have to invest in some lemon sugar and make my self a lemon drop one of these nights. In the meantime I'm not drinking too much. Don't mix with pain meds.

I have to do my online orientation for jury duty this week. May do it this afternoon and get it over with. Then next Sunday I have to call to see if I show up. We're going to have to do some logistics if I have to go more than 1 day.

Peace to all!
Da Bunny


  1. How did you get that bad shoulder amulbunny?

    I too have pink salt! I put a little bit in my grinder with my coriander seeds and use it on almost everything. The coriander helps me cut back on salt.

    Our Seattle Seahawks are so good right now even I am watching the games these days! I used to love football back in the Joe Namath, Bob Griese days, way way back!

    Hope you get a fix for your pain soon!

    P.S. I can't believe i'm commenting on a cat photo post!

  2. I was injured in 2003 lifting a suitcase working for the agency from hell. 3 surgeries and still lots of problems.