03 September, 2013

You said what ???? to me?????? A Rant in 3/4 time

Yesterday we decided to do brats and have veges to go with. I started the brats in a covered pan with brown sugar and beer, I like to simmer them and when they go on the grill it's just to brown them. I made baked beans, wrapped corn in foil with sea salt and some butter, chopped summer squash and some red onion, done in a foil pack with olive oil. It was time to light the grill, there was a slight skirmish over that, too much testosterone in one place. I had everything that was prepped ready to go and went back to watch some TV. The eldest child yelled at me for not washing the BBQ tongs. I said you have some nerve. Turned my back and left.  This is not a restaurant. I did everything but cook the food and other people can't pitch in? Someday he will have to make do for himself. HE isn't going to be living with me when I'm 65, I will guarantee you that.

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