26 April, 2008

Get over it

That is what the Eagles song says. I wish I could. But I have more pain and less treatment. Makes you want to hide away.

Heat is back. Supposed to be really warm tomorrow. Will wear loose clothes to church.

No evidence of any money or anything from the DOL. Got a copy of a letter to the doctor, asking why I need PT? Neither the doctor's office nor I knew we had a new claim number until after the request was made. But of course it's our fault that we didn't know that. Here I could have been having PT and getting some help and what I have been doing, taking meds and falling asleep and stop being coherent sometime mid afternoon. Good thing my kids are grown.

Right now would be a good time for the lottery numbers to hit. It would be a life saver.

Back to my water bottle and cops---- what an exciting Saturday.

18 April, 2008

And the band plays on......

I am officially off till May 29th. The agency I hate has issued a new claim number and I sent off the doctor's letter from March 17th that had the pertinent info but the wrong claim number on it. Monday I will follow up with another letter to the agency. No wonder I couldn't get any PT. What a freaking joke. And of course just because it's the same name, we can't check that it's about a different issue. Send in the clowns.

They did prescribe a new muscle relaxant for me. Whoo Hoo. It makes me fall asleep. But the pain is diminished some. And they are pink pills. How appropriate...LOL

All else is status quo. Until the injury is accepted, I am broke. When it is, I file the paperwork and hope to God that it goes in and gets processed and the money gets here. Actually this is what happens to all the paperwork that gets sent to those people:

So another quiet weekend. Thank God for books and for DVD's and for cable. Wonder is there is another NCIS marathon this weekend. hmmmm.

And I sent my agency a copy of the letter from my doctor to the other agency saying my wrists and my hands were not the source of my pain and to take me out of that position where I was essentially stable was a very bad idea. Very bad idea. Extra stupid idea. See the reply I got from my agency was they could find someone who didn't have hand problems, surprise, I have shoulder problems ( now back problems thanks to their stupidity) which have been deemed to have reached a place where there is nothing left to do with them. Stable as it will get. Not one single reply from them. I guess they don't know more than the doctor does. But they think they do.

Later alligators!

12 April, 2008

Hmmm and then . . .

The house is empty right now. One's at work, the other is with her father buying a new toilet seat since he broke the one in the downstairs bathroom. Only fair I say. He broke 1/2 the seat and then today dropped it hard and so both sides are cracked. Fun and pinch.

No change in the back situation. Just imagine waking up, sitting up, and wham it starts to spasm. That's my back, then imagine a hot nail being driven into the joint of your shoulder, that's the way it feels. And no therapy has been approved, I can't afford 25$ a visit on my own, so I am relying on pills and heating pads and lots of pillows in odd places.

Hot today. It was already in the 80's when I got up. House is comfy downstairs. I will take heating pad and go down there after I take another med. Have to be able to get this spasm to lighten up. I see the Boy Wonder on Wednesday. If I can't walk more than 50 feet, sit for more than 15 minutes and still can't lift anything, basically I am screwed. We shall see what he says. He needs to write the DOL and give them hell and give the agency that I work for hell too. I kept my nose clean and head down and he was pleased with the progress and what do they do, kick me out because a smart woman is a dangerous woman in that department. Pain. Pain. Pain. My kid told me my muscles are so tight they could bounce a quarter off them because they are so knotted. Ugh.

So I am going to go downstairs and watch NCIS. I like that show.

later gators.

03 April, 2008

Vents and then some

I'd love to be on the big island and sitting at the Jagger Museum at HVO and watching the world erupt, or down the road at the new entry site for the lava that's flowing from the Thanksgiving Eve Breakout at Pu'u'O'o. Geology 101 in the making. How much we take for granted, eh?

Pain issues are still the same. I haven't really eaten anything today. Will save my big hunger for dinner, I'm making a pea soup. I shall go down and have a salad around 3 and that will be okay. Haven't had any meds yet and I know I should. I just hate the way they make me feel. All looped out. But at least the pain goes down for a while.

Still have to do taxes. But the husband needs to get his shit together. I may do #1 child's this evening. Nothing good on TV. And daytime tv sucks. Oprah's got the pregnant guy on today. He may be legally a male but he didn't change his plumbing so technically.......oh well not my problem.

Wandering mind, not good. Time to go and stir soup.

Peace to all.