30 April, 2007

still coughing, etc

Well I went to see my doctor today and she wants me to pump myself full of antibiotics before I go back to work. Hence, one more day at home drinking liquids and swallowing pills. Also gave me an inhaler so I can work on the wheezing at night. Fun.

There's going to be a march in downtown LA tomorrow. May Day, Immigration, the like. Wonder if all the people who are being inconvenienced by the thousands of people who are downtown will protest. Nah. Wouldn't get any coverage. I bet the husband will have to find a new route home if the onramps he uses are blocked.

I think BICE/DHS should be there too with a bunch of vans. Imagine how many people they could deport tomorrow night if they wanted to. I've seen deportees, don't look much different than the people you see at Food 4 Less or any other store. Jeans and sweatshirts and tennis shoes. But they are guarded by 2 BICE officers who stay till they are on the plane and the jetway has pulled away and the plane taxis away from the gate. Not much luck there.

Tomorrow I have to do a fasting blood test and pee test. Just to check to see that all my systems are working okay and the drugs that I have taken over the last 18 months ( ie meds for the shoulder) haven't done anything strange to my systems.

Being sick was okay. I lost 6 lbs in 7 days. I can stand to lose a lot more. That is the next project. Walking dogs and all that.

Time to think about dinner.


29 April, 2007

Peeeeeza, bring on da peeeeeza

Ahhhh the joys of pizza. I was craving breadsticks but settled for pizza because I didn't want to get dressed and go to the Olive Garden to settle my craving. That's the thing with this bug, I get hungry about dinner time and that's it for the day. I have a couple of 100 calorie snacks during the afternoon and that's it. OF course I am filling myself with water. So we got Papa Johns and are sitting upstairs watching science programs on disasters that could affect the world. Do you realize that a super Tsnumani would wipe out the airport because of it's location on the coast? Bye Bye El Segundo Blue Butterfly too. That coastal area would be under da water. We, by the grace of being in the hills, would have several areas of deep water before we'd actually get hit. Of course I am not planning on that happening at least in this incarnation.

I am unusually cheery this evening. And have no idea why.

My good friend or so I thought, quit his job of 10+ years today and said later to everyone who cared about him. I had talked to him yesterday and he didn't even have the courtesy to tell me. I was not there for the announcement as I am under the weather. I called and said I must really rate pretty low for you not to tell me the news. Life will go on. It always does.

Finished an interesting book called
Hollywood Car Wash and it was pretty good. A fictionalized story about a small town girl who comes to Hollywood by accident and how things change for her overnight. Supposed to be pretty close to Katie Holmes' story. I wonder if "all the money in the world" makes up for living a lie.

So I am going to curl up and read another book and just relax, tomorrow I see the doctor and I am not going to take any meds so I can cough my glorious cough.

Ciao Babies!

27 April, 2007

Friday Cough Update

Well let's just say the throat isn't as raw as it was but the cough is still as nasty azz as ever. I just took some more Phenergan with codeine and I hope that it will calm it down. I forgot to take my other meds this morning, just plain forgot. Guess I'll have to mark the calendar again. Oh yeah, Lidocaine solution for sore throats just plain sucks eggs. I should have asked them to flavor the stuff if they could. God, it makes you pray to get better just so you could not have to take the crap.

I am sure work is thrilled over my absence. Better coughing and hacking here than hoping someone will come relieve me so I can run to the john and hack this crap up. That's a problem at some of the exits, no one pays attention to you. They are too busy doing their prescribed work that they forget to even look at you.

Tomorrow is going to be lay low again. But the husband will be home. He's glad, it's been a long week. Has to get some estimates for the car, and then take it in. He can't wait to get the police report from the CHP and find out about the guy who hit him. Wonder if they found him.

Am having vegetable rolls and beef teriyaki for dinner tonight. SOunds good to me. The rest are having sushi and sashimi.

Gonna be an early night again tonight.

Ciao Babies.

24 April, 2007


I woke up with a really sore throat. Think I got it from the husband.
Just what I don't need.
Nice day outside. Dogs are quiet.
Politics suck. Unless the prospective candidates give me more to go on, I don't think I'll be happy with any of them.
9 more dead. 30 ton truck bombs.
3333 dead. And we're winning?
Too sad. This administration has been nothing but stone cold liars from day one. And my TX inlaws think he's the best thing since sliced toast. Who knows what this country will be like in 2008. We have kabuki theater for security. Safety is a joke.
Time to go and rest.

22 April, 2007


So my husband is driving home from work yesterday. I am already on my shift watching the exit when I get a text message. My husband has been involved in a car accident. The details are bizarre. Here we go:

He's on the 10 east fwy headed towards the 405 south. Traffic backs up at the offramp due to congestion. He stops. Someone behind him does not stop. Slams into him. The car behind them slams into them and he gets hit again. He and #3 car pull off the freeway. Guy 2 tries to start his car, but no luck. Guy 2 exits his car with the keys and his backpack. 1&3 say hey we need your info, guy 2 says in a minute I've got to pee in the bushes. GUY 2 BAILS AND RUNS INTO THE BUSHES AND DISAPPEARS LEAVING HIS CAR IN THE #2 LANE ABANDONED AND SMASHED. The CHP comes and does the report, the EMT's come and check out my husband. I leave the terminal and he picks me up. I call our medical group and they want him to go to the hospital. So we go to the hospital and he gets checked out. They say whiplash and take an NSAID. He's okay though my baby car has some bumps. I can't believe the guy bailed and left his car. CHP will check and chase. Just another day in LA.

My ortho prescibed Celebrex. The ER doctor said throw it out. I have an appt with my PCP tomorrow and will talk to her about the meds. You'd think the ortho would ask about other meds, I guess they dont' care. If I didn't take the time to check out the meds and read the contra's I could be doing myself great damage.

After I see my PCP I am going to fax my ortho and ask him to refer me to a neurologist because my PT person said it's not bones it's nerves that are acting up.

#1 child got a Wiiiiii today. What fun for him.
#2 child forgot her cel phone at church, good thing I got a call from the finder and picked it up.

Enough good news for today.


21 April, 2007

tales from airside, part III

I was in the dungeon again yesterday. During my first break I walked up to one of the locked exit doors in the terminal and took this picture looking eastward from the airport. The sky was that black and the clouds were just hanging. We had rain from 0300 till about 1200 and then it stopped but east of us there was a lot of precip. The flight pattern had just changed from taking off to the east back to normal ops when I went to work. Kind of cool to see a fully loaded 747 lift off into the sky over the heavily populated areas. It just lumbers along till the air relaxes and it can get the power to fly off.

Things at home are normal. All are gone this Saturday. 2 to work, one to a choir festival and then an afternoon and evening at Magic Mountain. Due to my lack of transport I am at the mercy of others so I have to leave in about an hour. Oh well I will take my book and read it hopefully I can find a quiet corner to make myself invisible.

This is my Friday and I am glad of it. We are treated like 2nd class citizens. What else is new? Nothing.

Ciao babies.

17 April, 2007

Still stunned

I don't know what to think about the shootings at VT. All I can think of is the families whose lives will never be the same. And how do you go back to school and walk into a classroom and wonder if you will be safe?

Too much.

15 April, 2007

Days off go by too fast

Especially when you sleep late and then go to your favorite beach hangout for a late breakfast. Except I think the eggs or the ham weren't fresh and I got sulfur emissions and then the runs, sorry but I think Scottie's is to blame this time.

<----- Big Dog and Big Guy. Just came back from a walk and big dog wanted to go after the cats who had been sunning themselves on the warm asphalt of the driveway. He may end up being trained yet. Ha.

------> I was told that I am the kind of person who will make lemonade out of the lemons I have been handed. Yeah, and eventually I will get them sweetened and things changed for everyone who has the same situation. Squeaky wheel gets greased you know. It just just takes time and patience. Lord knows I have patience, I JUST WANT IT NOW..... ::: runs and ducks:::::

I took a muscle relaxant about an hour ago and the tightness that was in my neck has dissapated a bunch. The only problem is that I can't take it all the time. But now it's okay for the time being.

I have been busy reading The Alexandria Link and I really like it. I am reading a different book at work, because I can do it in bits and pieces. In the throne room I have a book on pirate history. Not a room in the house without a book is the motto here. I lent my Mom the non fiction book by John Grisham, An Innocent Man. Won't see it back for a while because she is re-reading The Robe.

Big kid is getting a package from Singapore. Ooooooh. It's a pocket watch. I can't wait to see it. It's going to be at the post office tomorrow morning. He is excited. Little kid goes back to school tomorrow. Back to a routine.

Tomorrow I do taxes. Will take about 3 hours and then we sign them and mail them in. I hope we have good news. I had no income for the year so we should be okay.

Here's to a nice quiet night.

- 30 -

12 April, 2007

Yum, 4 new books to read

I like the cat but it's not that I am so bored. I have a bunch of things to do before I go to work. Like sort out my change so I have bus fare and all that.
I don't know where I will be today, but chances are it's the dungeon for me. Oh well. At least I have a job and I am getting paid. Whee.

Bought some books yesterday and I am so glad that I went to the bookstore. I bought Steve Berry's The Alexandria Link, and on the buy 2 get one 1 free display I bought Eats, Shoots, and Leaves which is wonderful, Santa Montefiore's book
The Gypsy Madonna, and John Krakauer's book Into The Wild. These will occupy me for a while. I am going to take the thinnest one with me to work. Maybe I can get a few pages looked at if I am in the dungeon.

My MIL is having surgery today. I hope that it goes well. She's a nice person. She did give birth to my husband so I guess she's not all bad.

Postage is going up again. Joy. I guess I'll have to get some forever stamps for .41¢
I do mail a lot of stuff to my casework since the fax number I have is bad. I wish I could email her but it doesn't seem like federal workers like to get email from their constituents.

Not much else going on.
Need to do some stuff with my withholding etc.

11 April, 2007

Unplanned day off

So I have to take some of my stored hours and take the oldest kid to the doctor. Joy. At least I have them to use.
The kid smashed his fingers this morning so I get to go to the doctor with him.

HE can't tell them he did it at work because they don't accept workers compensation claims at the medical group any longer. Probably lack of funding from the insurers. Thank God I was able to have it there when I got hurt. Lord only knows what kind of mess I would have had to endure had I seen the company doctors....wait, I've already had to endure a mess. What's the difference?

Big news.

The kid who went to Disneyland got stuck on the ride. IT stopped on a curve for her. They were evacuated out. What fun. So she has a story to tell. They were given fast passes to use at the park in lieu of riding the Matterhorn. Lucked out. They will use it on Space Mountain.

I am going to treat myself to 2 new books today. I need something new to read instead of thrice read Nora Roberts bodice rippers. Borders, here I come!

Flights have been full this week. Lots and lots of people coming off of them and moaning about the long walk from the gate to baggage claim. Why doesn't this airport have moving sidewalks? Good question, it certainly would make a difference. Why doesn't this airport have a single entry point and have all the terminals interconnected? The planners didn't anticipate the need for stringent security measures and each terminal has a different layout, ownership and needs. Why are the terminals so shoddy. NO major rehabs in over 20 years. TBIT was build in 1984 and is just now getting some needed work. OF course adding more airplanes to the mix makes it just that much more crowded. Wait till Qantas flies the A380 into here. Want to see a mess????? Betcha there will be gate checks then and people will be royally pissed off.

The wind is picking up and there are a lot more clouds in the sky. Fun. Wonder if any of that wet stuff will fall from the sky?

Nuff said for now. Need to get showered and ready to go to the docs!

Ciao. Babies.

09 April, 2007

Monday ---...---...---

Made it through the weekend. Got through work on Friday and only worked 1/2 a shift on Saturday. I got my shopping done after that and got a decent night's sleep. I got up at 545 on Sunday and got to 630 service. Read my lessons and listened to the sermon that was preached in Korean and translated into English. Then I came home and went to sleep till I had to get up and go to 2nd service. Again a joint service and the added bonus of a soprano saxophone solo. Not good. Oh well, it's only once a year.

Did the dinner about 5pm at my Mothers house. I brought all the food and had precooked most everything so all we had to do was bbq the brats and dish up the rest of the goodies. I had parboiled the brats at home, cut up 2 lbs of onions for grilled onions, brought chips and dips, and an antipasto salad as well as a fruit salad. All Mom had to do was make the baked beans. We had a nice time, everyone sat and talked and shared stories. I was exhausted when I got home and went to bed at 8PM. The white Zin helped that.

Both kids are still asleep. I am supposed to take the younger one to the social security office this afternoon. She's sacked out. Now she's up. I have to get the son up and will bribe him with food to drive us there. Older one when to a party and came home and is still asleep.

Didn't go to the gym today. I was pooped. Suppose I should have gone.

Not much else to report. I am going to read for a while and then see what gives.

Ciao. Babies.
- 30 -

06 April, 2007

I'm angry, tired and hurting

Yeah this is so true. No return beyond this point. I had a nice happy post running around in my mind and then the pain started. I've stood under a hot shower for 10 minutes and it's not helping one little bit. I hurt like an SOB.

I will go to work and do what I can for the 8 hours. If they insist I go to TBIT and count bodies, so be it. If they tell me to go to the dungeon so be it. I have to get through today and tomorrow. Then 2 blessed days without people asking me where the baggage claim is or how to get to UAL. Ugh. It's not the people, it's the pain. I can legally lift my arm over my head for 2 hours a shift. What kind of suck ass instruction is that? I have a <5>

My goal for this weekend is to get through tomorrow, I will get off early and get to bed at a decent hour. Going to church on Sunday. Having dinner with the family Sunday night.
Do the taxes. Get the taxes signed and mailed.
Write my case worker and see if I can go to another orthopedist and get a 2nd opinion that is not weighted to the employer.
Clean my family room. Have my son help me do that.
Scream out loud.
I just can't articulate my frustration at the way this department is handled. I see things and I wonder how these people can manipulate this system and get away with it. I have no one to share my frustration with at work. It's like the scarlet letter on the chest. Instead of A it's an L. The depression is just getting to me I think.

Nothing else. I doubt if anyone will read this anyway.


02 April, 2007

Ouch Ouch Ouch

I had my 9th steroid injection into my shoulder today. And even with the cold spray it hurt like an SOB. This was a 3/3/1 injection. 3 of Marcaine, 3 of Lidocaine and 1 of corticosteroid. Hopefully it will do something. I am tired of hurting. But since I've had a bunch of others, and the result wasn't smashing I don't have a lot of faith that this one will be any different. But when you see the syringe and it's filled up with 7ml of liquid you feel just a little queasy. At least I do. I've got the bandage still on.

On brighter notes. I went to the gym this morning and after speaking with the doc, I can do the breast stroke but nothing over head. I can also use machines but do no lifting overhead. I can row to my hearts delight. I will have to figure out a way to get to the gym since I wont' have a car. ::insert not happy face here :::

The chupathingy is now legal and registered. It needs an oil and transmission fluid change desperately. Next paycheck goes to that I think.

Can't think of much else to write now.
Ciao, babies.