26 September, 2008

the boy wonder fired me as a patient

Now according to the law he can't but he did. If I want to see him my pain mgmt doctor has to call him and speak to him personally. I will send a fax to pain management and see what he says. Or they should refer me to another ortho. That should be their responsibility. According to their w/c specialist it's my job. Oh bad form.

Hot out today, fans on in rooms. No a/c. That's okay. Kid #2 spent 40 minutes in the spa and said it was marvelous. I am staying out. Specially after meds. And I am still wheezing which I shouldn't be. Oh well, what can one say.

Dog and I are in the den, it's nice and cool now that the sun has moved to the other side of the house. But the sun is now making the hose hot and the spa will be very warm when the dear husband gets home.

Back to work on Sunday. Ugly uniforms and all.


23 September, 2008

dazed or why schedule iii and iv drugs are helpful

I can be dazed because I take a wonderful cocktail of medicine that relaxes my back spams, helps my arm a little, and if I eat some food with it, I can maintain an appearance of normality. But if I take all my meds as Rx then I can't work. I've been off for a few days and my husband is nervous. I don't blame him, but then I won't get any accommodations at work like a stool to put my feet on (an empty tray would do) or explaining why standing irritates the vertebrae and causes spasms.

I do miss my musical adventures though. It's like a part of me has been excised and thrown into a pit. Wandering around Disney Hall, sneaking into Chandler and sitting in the hook, going to eat at the Pacific Dining Car. And I miss the adventures. Well life changes and we all go all our different ways.

My oldest turns 21 next week. I feel odd, because I feel like I am 18 in my head but my body is heading towards 60 on a faster clip than I thought it ever would. ttfn.

20 September, 2008

Thoughts in a jacuzzi

So I took all my meds this morning and tried to relax a little. Ate some enchiladas that were a story in itself----the oven we have is from 1976 and is a little touchy.

And then I looked outside where it is sunny but not hot. I thought well the waters been circulating for a long time so I am going to sit in the spa for a while and soak my spine and my neck. What a great idea. Now I am so relaxed I will just ignore everything and go to bed. Nah. Just sink into the couch , close my eyes, and let the meds actually do their things.

Suddenly all my relatives are wondering why I am taking all these meds. Well if you want to get better you take the pills the doctors give you. Right? But you can't take them and go to work. At least some of them. Just think if I took my meds and went to work:

I hate all this election stuff. Thank God the TV has a mute button.

Peace and Love.....

18 September, 2008

random musings about nothing

Okay so my maple tree actually dropped a red leaf. Probably because I haven't watered out there in a coons age. At least the place got mowed. That is a good thing.

I'd even share my pills with Dr House if he could diagnose the problem I am having in both arms, like not being able to type with the last 3 fingers on my right hand and the pain I have in my left one. I'd like a diagnostic doctor not a surgeon who knows what to do inside the arm but not talking with patients. buuuuuur.

I love my pooch. The cat is the queen but my dog is my pooch.

Night alligators. It's after 5 so the chopper is up and about looking through the neighborhoods. Almost a comfortable feeling.

16 September, 2008

Another Doc Another Medicine

Since I seem to attract problems with my back like flies to honey, today was one of those days. I had problems turning my neck to the right yesterday, felt like it was pulling my spine all the way up. Then the lower ones, well they protested sitting and standing yesterday. So I go today and get a shot in my butt. A big ass shot that still stings. It's an anti inflammatory shot. I don't like it. But it might help the whole mess of spine, shoulder, and leg.

And I get a few days off to see if this and the new meds are compatible. Bad because I don't get paid, good because I manage to survive some.

Peace to all and good night.

15 September, 2008

The smurf queen

Mama Smurf is in the house.
The badges are ugly.
I have lots of things to say but I have to go and be
queen of the exit.

11 September, 2008

a rant over.

how do you tell someone that the pain you are having prevents you from doing a menial job? Lifting my arm to point is a restriction I have yet I break it every day. How do I explain it when it can't be explained?
I am so tired of hurting.
I am so tired of people asking why.
I am just so tired.
I can't imagine being mama smurf at work either.

Give me the pain implant and I will be happy. Retire me.

a rant.

09 September, 2008

adjusting to meds

I get to sleep alot with these meds. Just close my eyes and I am out for a couple of hours. Haven't quite got them in synch yet.
Eureka is on. I like this show. But I have to listen to the spouses comments. I think after this program is over I'll retire to the other room and try to read some more of Anathema by Neil Stephenson. It's out today, but I got an ARC of it. Long, Long, Long.

So one day at a time and we will deal with it as it happens. I washed my new uniforms. They are still ugly. I don't have any epaulets. Guess no one will know that I am still a drone. There is nothing wrong with being a drone. At least we do the work and are ignored.

Not much else to say. I am doing very little but I am not hurting (of course when you are asleep most of the time you don't feel pain! Me and Duffy all curled up.

Sorry it's not as exciting a blog as Dave's is, but he has a lot more fun doing what he does than I do doing what I do. And exciting and as my dad used to say ====tight sphincters mark good pilots!

See ya round the next time in.

06 September, 2008


Saw the pain management doctor. He wants me to have an MRI of my neck. Thinks that the steroids and the epidurals have escalated the damage to the Cspine and that's why my remaining biceps muscle is so bad. Also he said that there is a marked difference in the temperature of the right arm from the shoulder down to the elbow than the left arm. I don't notice. I'm usually having to fan myself from all the heat in my corner of the world. Which with the HR/WC dept blessing I am out of till my follow up. We are starting new meds tonight. See if I fall asleep.

Still tweaking the hot tub so we get warm water in it. It's the pump timer that we need to work with so it circulates the hot water from the hoses 0n the patio roof (black hose) into the spa all day long. When we get home, then it's nice and comfy and you don't feel like a polar bear swimmer.

New uniforms roll out this week. I will miss that since I am off duty on the 11th. But I won't be sad to say g'day to the old ones. I need to wash all my new ones and get them hung up. They are rolling out on 9-11 which people want to have as a holiday called Patriot Day. Why don't we have a holiday on December 7th and call it Pearl Harbor Day, or on June 6th and honor D Day? Or VJ and VE days? We already have Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Let's use them to honor the people that have perished.

Well I am out of opinions for right now. Have too many aches and I didn't take the usual meds because I thought my new ones would be here by now. Kids went out shopping this morning, but I told them their dad would go get them. He took #1 to work and now is at Harbor Freight, he will get them on the way home. I am going to take a Vicodin and see if it stops some of the pain.

Off to the mystical world of England at the time of the French Revolution! and I ordered 2, yes count them 2 NEW books from Amazon. Can hardly contain myself. Maybe they will be here while I am off and I can read them!

later children.