25 February, 2008

Does this statement smack of verbal harrassment?

"All of you light duty people are trouble, with your doctor's appointments, therapy, missing work"

This was said to me after I was told that I was being moved from the job I've held for the last 6 months and being sent back to the terminal because my dr requested that I use an ergonomic keyboard, which the DOL would pay for. Evidently this was the straw that broke the camel's back. And I am going back on a crap shift, with crappy days off and no ability to contradict them.

My doctor said way back when I went back to work, no repetitive action, yet I've been typing away for months. They just now saw it? And why didn't I ask my supervisor, well we were told that if it applied to OWCP you checked with HR. So I did and now I am screwed.

I melted down today. I left in tears. I have to go back now through the end of the week. What fun that will be.

no comment.

11 February, 2008

What character are you?

Which Chronicles of Narnia character are you most like?
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The White Witch


08 February, 2008

just another day

nothing new.hack.cough,sleep and hack, cough somemore. Don't like it al all.
kid#2 spent 10 hours in ER after a car accident. no damage just a little concussion.
kid#1 sent home from work for being too dizzy to work.
i sounded like a phone sex operator inbetween the coughing and hacking.

more later.
the mom

01 February, 2008

Friday Flight of Fancy

kid #1 has a full time job that he likes.
i have a full time job with a bipolar tyrant who makes people cry
can't afford a manicure or nails because there's never enough money
hate the music at church and am looking elsewhere for something that fills my soul
mom and dad are worrying me
kid #2 is doing okay, just don't know where the money will come for 2nd semester
cockroach car is backed into a parking space and doesn't run.
i need a quiet vacation where i don't have to hear whining about money and the lack of
overwhelming sadness in the bones.