30 January, 2009

Still here

Doing okay.
On meds.
Dog loves me. Keeps me sane.
Weather is hot.
I am waiting for the money to get here. But a watched mailbox never provides happiness.
Life is interesting.
Later alligator.

23 January, 2009

There's moisture falling down

It's raining and that is good news. No having to water plants and mow lawns this weekend.

Listened to the Illinois governor and his wacko news conference. Well what do you expect from the state that gave us Bozo? I hope they throw the book at him and get him the hell out.

Arm still hurts but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Not working is relaxing, I am not stressed. At least not stressed over work but stressed over things at home. I am waiting for a check to come from my teachers retirement, I have to get a new computer. I have killed my 6 year old Mac. So I am going to get an Apple laptop. It's time. I know I could spend the money on other things but I am going to pay off bills too, and get those off the table. I already am scrimping and saving everything I can. But I would love to have a long relaxing bath and a massage to relax those muscles. Well maybe it will happen too. I have a brochure from a cool spa. I may spend the money myself.

Another exciting day.Have a good weekend.

da bunny

15 January, 2009

okay okay okay

It's been pretty warm here. Actually fricking hot. But hey, global warming and all that are proven even if the outgoing administration doesn't believe in it. The dog loves to lay out in the back on the warm concrete and the cat sits on the steps of the jacuzzi.

Some how I have managed to disable my Emac. I got an external hard drive for Christmas and when I tried to do what I was supposed to do, it did something weird. I guess when I get some extra money I'll take it to the shop and have it fixed. I am going to get some extra money from my retirement (there goes another tax problem) and I am getting a laptop for me, pay some bills off, and put some money away for emergencies. I can't get into any of my applications. Somedays I am just baffled by my stupidity.

US Airways had a water landing in the Hudson River. CNN is covering it. At least they seem to have evacuated the passengers and the plane is still floating but it looks like it is slowly sinking. I hope Dave isn't the pilot.
Thank God they made a safe landing and everyone is safe.

Time to move from this uncomfortable chair and computer and read a little. Oh, I thought Grishams book The Appeal sucked. JMHO. I loved The Shack. Now I am going to find some mindless Harlequin book. The kid got a motherload when a used book store went out of business.

See ya.

13 January, 2009

what a clusterfuck

1. I see the new ortho! Yeah.
2. I get 6 weeks off and surgery to come.
3. I get a nice monkey written note to take to work.
4. I go to hr without an appt and the person who handles my file is gone. No matter she doesn't answer email or phone calls.
5. The head witch says that my doctor's note is not MEDICALLY ACCEPTABLE.
6. I call the dr's office and they are incredulous but they write a new note and fax it.
7. I get a copy from the admin office faxed to me.
8. I get threatened by the terminal manager that they will AWOL me if I don't give them the note and make sure it's medically acceptable. I push back and email her with a copy of the pdf note attached.
9. They are harassing me and I am really tired of it. It's time to get an attorney and start putting pressure.
10. I emailed the ombudsman and complained of harassment. The person who handles eeoc is also the person who told me my note from the doctor was not acceptable.
Chicken in the henhouse?
11. Still don't know if I have to bring in the paperwork in person which won't be a problem since my kid works across the street.
12. Don't harass me and I won't back up and get my fangs out. I am tired of being told I am worth nothing and don't mean anything to the agency. Time to retire.

later peoples!

12 January, 2009

11 January, 2009

Happy New Year

Finally have an appt with a new ortho------YIPPEE!!!!

Work still makes up their own rules and breaks them left and right.

Just read a wonderful book, The Shack. Recommend it highly.

December was pretty stressful. Hopefully 2009 will be better. Yes.

Miss my kiddo. She comes home from the frozen north on the 13th.

Peace and out!