30 May, 2017

So I got something from the county......

I got this manila envelope with some pamphlets inside and a cover letter that had different areas to check. The things that were marked were the pamphlets. So I called the number of my case worker and left a message. I am so confused.

I will be 64 in less than a month. I need medical coverage till I turn 65 and can get medicare and social security. In addition, I will get my pittance from the DOL. I have an attorney working on getting me a schedule award for my injury. Hope that it doesn't take forever.

I am sending a letter to my physician asking for hard copy Rx of all the stuff I take so I can get them refilled. I am hoping to use Good RX which seems to have the way to cut my costs even if I have to go to 3 or 4 pharmacies.

May grey is here and in a day or two it will be June gloom. Ok by me.



26 May, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 98

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 98

By Amulbunny   
May 26, 2017

Outside my window68 and overcast

I am thinking My shoulder and arm are really hurting.

I am thankful for loving pooches.

From the learning rooms …  got to get this insurance thing going. 

I can't believe ...  that this government has gone to hell in a hand basket.

From the kitchen . . . It’s clean!

I am wearing  my night dress. I’m not real go for it today.

I am creating . . an idea of how to paint the one wall in the living room.

I am going. . .  to get my nails done tomorrow afternoon.

I am reading. . . all sorts of things.

I am hoping that #1 child gets a job soon, and #2 finds the perfect apartment.

I am hearing silence, blessed silence.

Around the house2 dogs and sleepy boy.

One of my favorite thingsmy Funko characters.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Enjoy the holiday
2.  Have boy weed whack the patio
          3.Church on Sunday

A photo to enjoy:

23 May, 2017

More hearts breaking

Again with broken hearts, we pray with the people of England for the loss of children and adults who were massacred after they enjoyed a concert.
Prayers for Ariana Grande and her staff and co-workers who made memories for those attending the concert, only to have the good ones, ripped away like a storm by a person who thought it was ok to kill children. 
Prayers for the people of England who will show their strength by not hating all but just the one. 

Hear Us O Lord,
Your mercy is great. 


08 May, 2017

Still no health insurance....

I'm in the process of applying for health insurance through covered ca and/or Medi-Cal. Seems like it may be a slog. I hope not. I'll get it out in the mail tomorrow and hope against hope.

I have to get some written prescriptions so I can use the Good Rx program. If I use their 90-day option, it's pretty cheap.

This is not a fun thing and it only makes me dislike the Department of Labor, OWCP even more.

We are struggling. I won't lie. My son got laid off. One income and a paltry drop from the DOL just doesn't do it. It affects my mental state and other things.

I'll be back later in the week after I see the pain management doctor.


The escalator to nowhere.