22 June, 2006

Dixie made me remember this..

I remember being able to run back and forth between houses separated by the alley. Playing olley olley oxen free and red light green light during the summer. Big back yards with lots of kids and big ole trees that were good for hiding.

Up north where the days lingered long and you waited impatiently for the sun to finally set so you could light your fireworks on July 4th.

Remembering the dog days of August when the lakes "bloomed" and you didn't go in the water until someone drove their boat through it to break it up.

We'd go with our next door neighbor who was our sitter in her Tbird to the River singing Johnny Angel at the top of our lungs. ( Her dad bought a brand new 1962 Tbird that summer).

We'd laugh and ride our bikes with no helmets, swam in the water or at the pool. Sat in the car without seat belts ( my brother fell out of the passenger seat of my dad's brand new patrol car while he was making a left turn...I got a spanking when I laughed), and were kids.

When I saw the house I lived in when I was a kid last summer, it looked smaller than I remembered. Then it seemed the front yard was huge and shoveling the driveway took forever. I don't think it would now.

Summer memories.
What fun.

21 June, 2006

July 18th is the day

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Well the date is set, I am pre-registered at the hospital and all I have to do is get my pre-op visit at the doctorss and things will proceed.

After 3 years, so much pain you can't believe it and dealings with an incompentent human resources department, a sympathetic OWCP and a doctor that finally listened to me, I am going to have a surgery that should help this shoulder. I do hope so. I am so tired of the pain. When you have pain 24/7 you get to the point that you really don't care about anyone anymore.

In the meantime, the kid and I are making a trek to Laughlin. My bday is next week and I am getting old. It's going to be HOT but that's ok. I can deal with HOT. We have a/c and the car is fine.

Ciao. Babies.

15 June, 2006

World Cup Soccer or ER Reruns?

Hmmm, what a choice to be made. And guess what. Soccer won again. Even though England was a bit lackluster, they did manage to score against Trinidad/Tobago. I actually liked the Germany/Poland matchup better. I will watch the USA on Saturday against Italy. This is much more fun than baseball. Of course I always thought going to a baseball game was an excuse to drink and flirt. Way back when. Now at least with the NFL something is going on most of the time. No biggie, I just don't like baseball. When my kids were in little league I used to tell my son to use zen to hit the ball, and he made allstars. Amazing how those dingers added up.

Life in the big city is not exactly over the top. I heard the explosion on 2 June 2006 when the AA 767 decided to end it's usefullness as a transport carrier when it's port engine blew up and sent debris across 2 active taxiways, 1 active runway and most of the AA maintenance area. I used to hang at the TWA hangar when I was a nonrev. To catch the bus across the runway to terminal 3 to get a flight. Oh the good old days before kabuki security and all that. With an airline badge, you came up the stairs at gate 33 I think, and into the terminal and to your gate. Not any more.

Well the dreaded spectre of hunger has attacked me so I guess I will mosey downstairs and find myself something filling.

ciao. babies!