24 February, 2007

See This????? I was there!

This is a place that I have fond memories of from my childhood. It was a resort on Lake Nokomis in northern Wisconsin. My mom said I can tell you which was the bar stool I used to like best. IT was run by a couple who were from Chicago and they were a pair. She liked her beer. And when she was plastered she was either the nicest person you'd ever meet or the meanest in the world. I can remember playing hopscotch on the floor and spinning around on the stools. There was a jukebox on the wall on the left side with a deer head over it. I can remember playing Gene Pitney's Town Without Pity when I had a nickel to put in it. Oh God, the memories that this brings back.

Had a down day Friday. Didn't feel good and threw up early. Changed my doctor's appt to next week or next available. Slept till after noon. NO energy, no nothing. I think I am just having a natural reaction to the change that is about to come.

I am going out tonight. I hope it's fun. A bunch of people that I know through a message board. Should be interesting I hope. IF not, I can walk home.

Lights went out last night. I love it when you call edison and they say they have no idea of what happened or how long it will last. We came home and then went out to dinner at Chilis. By the time we came back we had lights. Dogs were freaked though.

Time for more laundry.
Ciao. Babies.

22 February, 2007

oh brother....

The DOL in it's wisdom and relying upon the observations of their insurance doctor who saw me for 15 minutes says I can go back to work on light duty. My light duty will be checking id's , telling people not to forget their belongings and working the exit lane. So we shall see what happens.

I am seeing my ortho doctor tomorrow to go over the limitations and see what gives. I dont' mind going back to work, but the reasons I can't go into an office position are ludicrous. The govt says, the people in those positions are qualified to work at the airport and must be able to be called back to duty. Now why wouldn't they consider putting someone who is qualified but unable to lift bags, screen passengers etc into an office? No way no how. So I will see how it goes and then I will make a decision as to whether I can do it or not.

I just swept the back porch and that was a big no no. Pain and more pain right now.

This ANS mess is so sad. Just bury her, test the kid and let someone raise her. I think that HKS is a bloodsucking parasite. Too bad.

More when I feel like something special would be worth writing about.



19 February, 2007

Monday Musings...James T. Kirk is not awesome?

In honor of the Star Trek stuff today on The History Channel I had to post this picture. I will be watching the show and thinking about how the shows evolved. STNG was my favorite, but I came to enjoy Voyager. I didn't like Enterprise.

I went to the Hilton and experienced the Experience. Had a good time at that. Ate at Quarks even. Something about the mystique.

I have an appointment on Friday with my doctor. I think that after being seen by him for nearly 4 years, there is a slight chance he has more ideas about what I can and cannot do than a person who saw me for 9 minutes. Gotta love 2nd opinions with insurance doctors.

Kid #1 worked an entire day at his new job and enjoyed it. He's going to be doing a lot of different things and learning a lot too. It will work in his favor when it comes to moving on in the future. He will be going to church on Ash Wednesday since he will be working weekends for the near future.

Kid #2 has dance and voice rehearsals all afternoon. I don't think I will be able to see the musical. Maybe I can go to a dress rehearsal since I have to work nights for a while.

Errant husband took me out to lunch today. That was nice. He fixed the garage door at my mom and stepdads this weekend before the rain came.

The weather really changed yesterday, from sunny to cold and cloudy. Nice gentle rain though. We needed that.

Ciao all.


17 February, 2007

Work? You want me to Work>>>>

So I go back to work, albeit on light duty for an indefinite assignment in 2 weeks. I'll be at a terminal that I know well, and upstairs at an area I know well too. Working swing. That will cause a problem, so we need to look into getting a 2nd car that we can trust.

Especially since #1 child now has a full time job fixing machines at a pizza place and going to school full time too. He will be busy but it will be good for him and for us. And for taking his sister to school since I won't be getting home before midnight most nights.

Lots of things to do before I go back to work. Uniforms, badges, parking, all those things that mean so much. I haven't worn the uniform since Sept 03 so there might be some problems with the ones I've got. I have a call into HR to deal with that.

And then to add to all the fun is the lovely delectable case worker who can't read what was sent to her. Nuff said.

Sam's Club was fun. Not as crowded as Costco. Need to go back when I've got a decent paycheck and load up the freezer. Will be doing crockpot and pre prepped meals while I am working.

Arm hurts. Not as bad as somedays but I will use a lidoderm patch on the biceps bulge tonight before I go to bed.

Church tomorrow and a poetry reading and new book publishing party in the afternoon. That will be fun I hope. Depending on how the person I am going with behaves.

Crabby today. Spouse didn't come home last night. Slept in the motorhome at a friends after being at a party. I had to be the driver to pick up the kiddo #2 since she went to a bball game and they won. They beat Beverly Hills, and Master P ( late of Dancing with the Stars) was there not cheering on his son, Little Romeo. Los Osos is next on the dance card.

Time to go.


16 February, 2007

So it's a Friday afternoon

Not much different than any other day, but I am waiting on a call from the ortho's office so I can get in there and see him. I need a shot in the shoulder because if something doesn't get done, it's going to be a short time working light duty. Yep, the flack doctor that I saw said I can work light duty with restrictions, but what restrictions? Could I be privy to what he says I can and cannot do? It is my life and job situation after all?
Ah but this is the US Government we are dealing with after all. I can't lift suitcases anymore and since my biceps muscle was cut, I really don't have much luck lifting and moving things. So what do we do? Hmmm. Life.

And such good things, my uniforms don't fit any more. I have no ID badge. I have no airport ID. We shall see won't we?

All this ANS shit is so odd. Wonder why she didn't change her will after she got PG with #2. I am sure she didn't plan on her son dying, but the lawyer knew what the will said. I think we'll never know all the truth about this death and the mess that has followed.

Remember the message board fiasco, now it's getting hot again. I have not weighed in but if I did I would say for the love of God, let it go. It's done and over. Nothing like bitching and snarky women and people attacking other people and you insulted my friend so I'm going to insult you. It's just depressing for me as a friend whose friend was attacked in the first place.

So now. I have just finished making a lunch run for the kiddo #2 and dropping off some money so she can go to a CIF bball game tonight. Being a senior, she has some friends on the team that she would like to support. She went to nearly all the football games. She loves football. I had bought a sandwich yesterday at a bakery and the thing was on a footlong roll and filled with meat. So I had them cut it in half and wrap it. There was mayo and mustard packets with it and I threw in a baggie of cut pepperoncini which she loves. She's good to go.

Just a little tired today. I also have a headaches which could be part of the change in the weather.

So off we go into the wild blue yonder....
Ciao. Babies.

14 February, 2007

Oh yeah

And the idiots on the other message board are still trying to figure out why someone unregistered. It's NOTDB but they are postulating away. You know what people, give it up. There were enough stupid comments to last a lifetime. If you had said the same thing to me I might have been banned for life for my reply. The site is supposed to be about a form of sisterhood,and sometimes there is support and love. But then it's not to say that there aren't some strange people who actually believe that if they don't have a man they aren't complete. Others who leave their husband and kids and get into addictive substances and bad business decisions? Or whose husband has left one trophy wife for another and the first one needs a man. I need a BOB. Men are highly overrated sometimes. rant over. walk on by.
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Waiting to wash the Perm....

I don't much care for Valentines Day. I got a phone call from my husband at lunch time, but I don't get cards, flowers, chocolate or anything from anyone. It's been years since I've had a gift. Not that I care alot since it's a retailers holiday.

Next week Lent starts. The kid #2 will give up meat. But she's okay with eating fish and veggies. She could live on sushi if she could afford it.

Kid #1 has an interview tomorrow morning. I am praying that he gets the job. He could help with the cell phone bill and the cable bill since he uses both more than anyone. Though I do spend a lot of time online, being a news junkie.

AI was dull last night. I'll watch it tonight since there is not much else on. Thank God it's a new Bones tonight. And we have to wait 3 weeks for new House episodes???? I did watch some Court TV today. Lots and lots of stuff on Anna Nicole as well as some stuff from the FLDS trial in UT about the polygamist and his 3 wives and numerous kids who were on welfare. Bleed the beast is the name of that game.

One of these days I am going to get a different keyboard. The apple one is okay but it's so small. I like bigger ones that are more ergonamic? With Apples you are sometimes limited in what you can use. The kiddo is using a Logitech and when it got all nasty the husband person put it in the dishwasher, sans cords and it works like new. This one is getting nasty too.

Tomorrow I can wash my hair for the first time since Monday when I got a perm. I can't wait. It's been getting wet when I shower, but I need to wash it. But it had to be 3 days in between so tomorrow morning. I am glad to have a perm. It's been a very long time since I had a perm, so my grey is showing through. Like batwings. I like them.

Nothing else is going on. So Ciao Babies!


13 February, 2007

High Schools and Musicals

The kid #2 had a script read through for the musical she is in tonight. She was so tired when I picked her up. She said to me Mom I think if you come, either come opening night or closing night. It's not going to be a good show. The dialouge is lame and the actors are not thrilling. She is going to be in the chorus but has done other musicals. I trust her. And I have to promise to bring several flats of water to the drama room so the kids can drink or cook food. I don't know about that. And the teacher has scheduled the parents meeting for Ash Wednesday. Well sorry, I am occupied that night. Holy Day of Obligation and all that. Church starts at 7PM and that overrides any drama practice.

So she was starved. We stopped at the market and I went to the Deli section and picked up some poor boy sandwiches and pepperonicini slices and some cheese and that's what dinner was. I bought 3 good sized sandwiches in a package for 3.98$ and divied them up between me and the boys. The kiddo picked out her own sandwich.

American Idol tonight and then House. Then I am going to read some more of this 700+ page book called The Crimson Petal and the White which is actually good.

I'm on a message board that I've been active on for about 3 years. I've met some neat people IRL and online. A friend made a snarky comment about one of her kids and one of the oh so perfect people on the board made a nasty comment on the board to her. It should have been taken to email, but oh no. So the good friend had her self unregistered and she said she may lurk. I don't get into pissing matches with people, it just uses up too much energy that I don't have to waste. Gotta wonder though don't ya?

It's noisy up here tonight but it is too cold downstairs. I had a fire going but I think I will stay up here and watch tv when it's time.

Ciao Babies!!!!


10 February, 2007

Oh why do I try anyway?

I need to go to Never Never land and just take a freaking vacation. Take my stack of books, have unlimited cold tasty drinks and just enjoy some quiet time.

Oh yes, there is quiet time here but it's never satisfying. The phone rings, the door is knocked, the dogs are whining about something trivial.

A real vacation. And not one in the motorhome where I am still expected to cook, do dishes, make the bed into a couch and have a good time. Me thinks it's a ripoff. Big time.

No football till September now. The Pro Bowl holds no interest for me. I did however get sucked into the NC - Duke game because the nephew of someone on one of the boards I frequent plays for NC. #50. That was an exciting game. Oh well I have my DVR filled with lots of stuff I need to watch.

Onto bigger and better things. Husband is heading for Costco. Kid #2 goes with to supervise. I am not leaving the house. And it's supposed to rain. I will believe it when I see it. SHoulder hurts like a mutha today though.

Ciao Babies.


08 February, 2007

To sleep perchance to dream?????

I'd sure like to know why I dream about one specific person who I have never met but who has come to me in my dreams for a very long time. Some times these dreams are so vivid and real that you roll over and expect to see the person next to you. And it is only one person. No one else. Strange things these dreams. Might be nice if one day I meet this person and ask them if they have strange dreams too? Eeek.

Life is going on as normal. Truck repairs cost a bloody fortune. But now the mileage is better, the engine doesn't stink, and it passed smog. The guy in front just bought 2 new used cars. A BMW 525i and a C Class Jag. One day I may borrow the Jag just to say I drove it and could dream about owning one. I've driven X-5s, Cadillacs, and Mazdas and I still like my Chevy. But there is something elegant about stepping out of a Jag in jeans and a sweatshirt. Hahahahahaha.

Dogs are doing okay. Cat must be hungry. She's being nice to me. I should let the dogs in and see how long that lasts. Oh I know I am a bitch. I just get tired of being played. Such is life, eh?

Didn't sleep well last night. I think I drank too much water too late. Trying to calm the savage cough that I have. I may have to go to the doctor and see what it is. I just hate going in to the office and paying 15$ to hear it's just a cough and it has to work it's way out. And then oh by the way, here's a Rx that is going to cost 10$ or $15 depending on whether or not it's generic and available. Costs going up and checks aren't getting any bigger.

I have to take my Mom to the surgeon today. If my doctor is in the office I am going to talk to him. This pain is becoming less than tolerable and I am just plain worn out. But this is her visit and he will talk to her about her aqua therapy and how it is going.

Not much else. Reading a couple of books, just finished The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish. Am finishing Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Next up is the new SPQ novel and then a couple of others. Hasn't been a big month for ARC's, I screwed up my email address on one of the sites I use. Crap. Oh well maybe reregistering is a good thing.

Cheers Kiddos!

02 February, 2007

Another Month Gone

I can hardly believe that it's already February. That means 2 birthdays, 2 Monday holidays for the school kids and lots of running around trying to figure out when the bills get paid.

Things are quiet here at the ranch. The dogs are firmly ensconced in their deluxe garage accomodations with comfy dog bed and quilt and pillows along with a lot of wonderful toys to keep them occupied. They are quiet once they don't hear all the noise from above.

If you want to laugh go here:
It's the Duffy dog crying for his friend. Gee Whiz.
I need to get some sleep tonight. Been a long day. Have a lot to do tomorrow.

Ciao Babies!