29 September, 2007

A big Yawn

Went and bought myself a larger pen today. Yeah I know what the fuck's so exciting about that? Well, sit at a desk and write for 8 hours, messages retrieved from voice mail, and tell me how your hand feels? I've had Carpal Tunnel surgery already and before that I couldn't write for more than 5 minutes. Made it hell when I had to write tests in college. So a pen that feels good is very important.

Football has been on all day. The Badgers had a nail biter. The Trojans are playing the Huskies. My daughter is upset that I like the Huskies. Oh well. This is a pretty nasty game so far. USC isn't playing very well. Lots and lots of personal fouls.

Kid #2's new Sony Vaio has a problem with the power supply. IT DIED. So she has to send it into Sony and hope they replace it. Not good.

The cats were outside crying this morning. Woke me up from a solid sleep. Kid #2 went out and fed them. Dogs wanted to play.

Life goes on.

So. As usual.

28 September, 2007

Just a few things

1. I am now the full time front desk person who can only legally work 40 hours a week due to the rules that the agency that I hate has imposed (okay by me...any more and I'd lose my mind)

2. The agency that I hate is FUCKED. They can't figure out that pain management treats the disease not just the symptoms. They owe me nearly 2K and I will lose my house if they don't pay me.

3. Costco sells a great chardonnay that tastes good.

4. I am totally pissed off at my #1 kid.

5. I may have to go on jury duty. Not too bad. But since I work for the feds, we have unlimited jury duty days. Blah.

6. I want a long vacation with no money worries, lots of books to read and a place to hide from everyone.

so like all the other times it's :

22 September, 2007


Well sorta. I guess. If you count pain killers. They are a godsend though. I have had a pain in my shoulder for a couple of days. Yesterday it was just miserable at work and I didn't take any meds with me. Next week I will.

Wow last night and today we had a rainy night. Thunder, lightning, scared dogs. Rain falling and lulling us to sleep. The husband and the big dog (who had his melatonin) went to the mountains today to pan for gold. I bet they ended up spending some time in the motor home while the heavens opened up.

I hope we have a lot more and it can rain every other day because we need it so much.

Tomorrow I am going to the Wilshire Theater to hear Garrison Keillor talk to Sandra Tsing Loh. I think it's going to be fun. I love Prairie Home Companion thought I haven't been able to listen to it for a while. He's got a new book out and I think it will be great to hear him again. I met him at the Greek about 4 years ago.

Work is odd. There might be an unwanted change coming up. I am not happy but until something happens I am going to do the job that I am assigned and do it well. I had someone go off on me because of a lost item and I kept my cool. AGain, we did not lose the item and there is no reason the watch could not have gone in your jacket pocket or your brief case. You get tired of hearing it all the time. But I can look at airplanes now so that's okay. I like airplanes.

Got a new cookbook and I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes in it. And when I bought it, some of the money went to breast cancer research. A good thing.

So have a good weekend and

19 September, 2007

They call it quarterly, quarterly, boring as all hell

Every 3 months this agency makes us take a class. Today it was how to deal with and treat PWD's, people with disabilities. 1 hour of video's on how to be sensitive and how to do what "we" do in a proper manner. Joy. Then I go to our computer learning, and they have all these classes they expect me to take. Uh, I am quite near to being on permanent light duty and why do you want me to take classes to deal with more passengers. Ugh. So from 7AM (when the elevator's started to the 8th floor) till 1430, we had to do this stuff. I completed all that I had to do. After December 28th, my 5 years is solid, I will look elsewhere. If I don't have a major meltdown before that we'll be lucky.
Maybe I just need to go somewhere quiet and far far away.

It's pretty sad when people say to you, oh yeah you work for so and so, he's a tyrant and he screams and yells at you when he gets mad. He also tends to prefer some people over others. I do not want to go back to doing what I did before so I am praying to God that I do a good job so they don't throw me out. But it's the kind of place where no one ever says, hey you are doing a good job, it's always you've done something wrong and you better not do it again or we'll ship your ass back. Really makes you want to come to work and do a good job. That is why I want to find something else. It's making me crazy.

So what does a girl do? Say my prayers and hope that I can hang in.

Rain is predicted. I need to find something to wear on my head. I have a good jacket but I need something for my head. Will look for a scarf. We need rain and cooler weather will be nice.

So you know what comes next.....

18 September, 2007

I think it's time

I think it's time I bite the bullet and call my PCP and get a referral to a pysch. Too much going on and I can't do an effective job at my work nor can I handle all the stress that is going on around me. I just can't do it anymore.

Tomorrow I have to be at work at 7am in uniform. Joy. A test to see if I can remember what to do in a job that I haven't done in 4 years. But we have to do it and then sit in front of a computer and do online learning on the computer. And instead of doing 8 hours they schedule for 7 which means we have to go back to the office for 1 hour. What fun. At least I can wear my polo shirt.

16 September, 2007

Yust a minute now, Vat are you doing?

Do you see that hole in the wall by my bathroom? That's from me pounding my head because I am so tired of playing a stupid game with a stupid government agency. Okay, I work for a government agency, but I also have to deal with another one in my private life.

So this has been going one for a very long time. I write these people and they know that pain has been an ongoing concern. Hell if they read my blog they'd know about it, not to mention the 13 letters I have written them asking for some pain relief. Now I get a letter 2 weeks ago asking why I have to have the epidural injections? For pain management you stupid assholes. Don't they read their mail? The numerous doctor's reports stating pain management? Sometimes I think the agency is staffed by these guys:

There is only so much one can take.

I found my little speaker system for my Ipod so I can take it work and listen to it while I work. A little music might make it better. I hope so. I can use some nice laid back classical music to listen to.

15 September, 2007

Whatta week

Now I know it wasn't a full moon, but the way people were acting, it sure seemed like it was. Whoa. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

I was glad to see Friday come. It was an interesting week. My ass got chewed and several others did too. I apologized. But I didn't need to be treated like I was. In this department , people got their jobs by who they knew, not what they know. I do my new assignment pretty well for only doing it 3 weeks. I have the patter down, I know what to say to people and I am glad when we reunite people with their property. I do not on the other hand have a great deal of patience with people who come back to us 3 months after the date of loss and then complain when we don't have their:

Put them in your purse or carry on. Remember them so you don't have to call me and tell me that you left them. Don't be mad at me when you leave them. I was not there and I don't make the damn rules.

Kid #1 is in San Francisco. He took the Megabus up there. Said it wasn't bad. He likes it up there. I hope he has fun this weekend. He is going to see the :

The last time he went they basically did nothing but party. This time he is going to see some things.

Kid #2 is downstairs watching


Too much noise down there for me.

Did a hazardous waste run and a Costco run today. See a pattern?

Have a good one peoples~~~~~~~~

10 September, 2007

H'okay I go back to work, yes?

So I was off Friday because something I ate or came into contact with made me have a very unpleasant Thursday evening. Like puke city. Took most of the day to even feel better. IT was ugly.
God even the dog looked at me with sad eyes.

So back to work today and it was pretty nuts. Lots and lots of calls to get through and didn't hardly make a dent in them. Tomorrow I am going to work diligently to get them down and answered. It should be less crazy tomorrow anyway. Mondays are just awful awful days. I can hardly get away from the desk just to use the restroom. I don't take real breaks except for lunch because I am up front. The supervisor of the area told us this isn't like the terminals, breaks and lunches come when there is time for them. Of course there is a cadre of limited duty people who take their breaks and lunches like clockwork. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Of course if I pressed it I could do it too, but I feel like I need to do my job and do it well.

Had a quiet weekend though we did go to a housewarming party. That was nice. We've known the people for a long time and they are awesome folks. Laughed and had a beer (to settle my stomach) and had some great bbq. They bought their house a year ago, it's small but just perfect for them.

So now it's another week and 4 more days to go till the weekend. I think it'll be an okay week, though the shoulder is aching a lot tonight. Needed to take some pain meds along with the Ibuprofen. Ah if only life was this easy:

So it's Monday and football is droning on. I plan on being sound asleep by 2215 tonight. OH yeah, it's cooled off!

Have a good night and stay out of trouble!

06 September, 2007

Are You READY for some FOOTBALL???

You had better believe it. This is just the start. I love football. It's part of my growing up process.

You know I love a 3 day weekend but damn do I pay for it at work. There were so many disgruntled people who lost things this past week. And I had the woman from hell who was mad at me, the white lady and her Hispanic boss while she made eyes at the Black Department manager. She had been coddled by people who were no longer there and I followed my rules and she got pissed. Oh well, karma will bite her back too. She was going to file a complaint but the DM said don't worry, she doesn't matter in the whole scope of things. Needless to say she ruined my Tuesday afternoon.

This will be a quiet weekend. Nothing planned. I need to unwind. And recharge and not to talk to anyone on the phone. I am getting a crooked neck from cradling the phone and trying to talk. An all purpose person, yep that's what I am.

02 September, 2007

don't let the door hit you on the way out

Another hot one. This is getting old and repetitive. I don't like it. I am going to pray for a storm to come and knock out some of this heat. It's not good for anyone.

The husband took the pointer and went up to gold pan. And today where are the flash flood alerts and warnings? Where he is. He loaded up the motorhome and went.I hope they have fun. It's not going to be cool up there either. Hope the dog doesn't whine the entire time. He has that habit. Of course if he is in the water, he'll be a happy boy. He likes the water and he loves to play. Just doesn't get to do it enough these days.

Went to Centinela Pet and Feed and got some Frontline for the other pooch. He's resting and he's happy. He doesn't like having it put on, but it makes such a difference. He really needs to be groomed. I am hoping that next week I can get to that. We shall see. He looks so smart when he is trimmed.

There's a NASCAR race out in Fontana and it's wicked hot out there. I wouldn't want to be out there. They are going 190 MPH and the sun is just wicked hot. I will watch it on TV just to have the noise on the TV since there is NO FOOTBALL this weekend. I was colleged out yesterday. But it was a good day.

So have a great evening, Cool off if you can.

01 September, 2007

hate the heat, just hate it

God knows I don't tolerate heat well. And I don't tolerate fools either. Today I had to do both and the fool was my child. If he ever presumes that I exist to serve him at his whim again, he's going to get a large shoe up his ass. I have had it with rude children on the cell phone. His sister knows better and you would think that he would too. Right now he's on my ignore list and he had best know that he needs to stay the hell away from me or I will go postal on his ass.

Found a lovely 9 West purse on sale, like 65 marked to 45 marked 50% and another 30% so I am a happy camper. Purses and shoes, those make me happy although these days I live in Crocs maryjanes which I love. They are my favorite shoes. I need to find some comfortable shoes to wear to work, I can my clunky work shoes but they are ugly.

Jeez, I just got a weather warning about possible tornadoes out by Palmdale. Nothing like desert storms. Why can't we get some rain....waaaaaa?

We even have a Harry Potter closet to stay in. Oh well. We'll just pray that a stray shower will drift in from the ocean to the south and douse us with rain. Even with the Fiesta this weekend, it would be nice.


So have a nice evening. WI beat WSU. Now let's see what TN can do to the Golden Bears?