31 July, 2016

Why I am voting for Hilary

I am voting for Hilary because Donald Trump is a dangerous man. He despises women. Hilary is pro-choice, so am I, because what I see of pro-life is as long as the baby is in the womb, it’s fine and dandy, but when the baby is born, where is the support for the mother, who’s going to help her with necessities and who is going to look after their health? Not Trump. 

He is a lying liar that lies, has children by 3 different women, 2 of whom he was cheating on his then wife with. 

Donald Trump once said that the danger he faced from getting sexually transmitted diseases was his own “personal Vietnam.” 

In a 1997 interview with shock jock Howard Stern, Trump talked about how he had been “lucky” not to have contracted diseases when he was sleeping around.

“I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam-era,” Trump said in a video that resurfaced Tuesday on Buzzfeed, “It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.” That makes me sick. 

He has stiffed countless small businesses to the point where they became bankrupt. He did not pay for plumbers, electricians, builders, waiters, his own lawyers, etc .saying they did not perform to expectations. All of them?! He offered them a percentage of the agreed upon price and if they didn't take it, he'd tie them up in court. There are enough cases and documentation to prove this fact. 

He has said women should be punished if they had an abortion, but doesn't think men should be responsible for their part in getting the woman pregnant. 

He has said that he would not honor treaties with other countries.

He has said that he would encourage other countries to have nuclear weapons.

He has said he would kill family members of terrorists.

He has criticised whole races of people. 

He says he will make Mexico pay for a wall.

He has made fun of war heroes and disabled reporters. 

Just lately he critiqued a fire marshal for doing his job saying the guy was a Hillary supporter.

He said he wouldn't pay a hotel bill because the room was too hot at a rally.

He has no plans and says dangerous things before he stops to think.

HE insulted the father of the Muslim soldier who spoke at the DNC.

He lied about getting a letter from the NFL regarding the debate scheduling. 

He leaked classified information that he was briefed on. Can we trust this man?

He has no interest in learning new information from people who are supposed professionals in the field, like generals.

I could go on and on. And before you tell me all the things Hillary has done, don't bother. This isn't about her winning the election. This is about the danger of this man.

Please, find another champion who is not dangerous and is competent. This man is an embarrassment and incompetent and most of all dangerous.

Hilary has her faults, but she has worked tirelessly for the American people. She has been castigated over her emails, George W Bush’s administration lost 75,000 and no one batted an eye. 

We’ve had 8 years of obstructionism from the GOP because they hated our president. Let’s not let the GOP speak for us anymore, let’s elect a president, senate, and representatives that are for AMERICA and not their own interests and are not bought off by the NRA!!!!!!

30 July, 2016

I admit it, I am a mean teacher

So I teach a class on Friday nights. It's a general education class called Communication. Technically it's a sociology class because the book is geared to that and not a follow up to the English class I just taught. I was very disappointed in that, the book was geared to a much higher level student than what I was presented with. 

So with this class, it's 2 weeks shorter and a bigger book, with a lot more to go over. 2 students called out Friday night and that messed up with the plans I had for the class.  I asked the 2 that were there if they had read the chapters and they said no. Wednesday night they are getting emails reminding them that they need to read the chapters assigned for this week, and do the tests that were put out. Also, a mid-term will be given the 4th week of class, a take home test, so they can be ready for that. The 7th week of class they will have a take home final due the last night of class. I grade on what I have, and then, according to the guy who owns the college, no matter what, no one gets lower than a C. To those who earn better grades, that's great but to those who don't it's a disservice. It's also a disservice to the ones who are getting an AA that means nothing in the real world. They can't transfer credits to a 4-year college. 

I have good news. But I will save that for later in the week. Right now, I have to fire up my laptop and record scores. 

oh yeah, I made 2 web pages that bounced back to each other. so jazzed....not. 

da bunny

26 July, 2016

Daycare, Preschool, and Bloggers who don't research

There's a blogger that I follow, and she wrote a long post on how it's imperative that women stay home and raise their children or else they will develop detachment disorder. I cherished the 4 hours a week my oldest went to preschool. It gave me time to spend alone with my youngest, and often we'd go and see Grandma. 

Mother's need a time out. I only had 2 children and both of them were in preschool/daycare at times in their lives. They're healthy and don't have any psychological problems from being away from me. I had to put my daughter into daycare because I had to go back to work so we had some extra money in the household. It wasn't cheap and private Christian school was expensive too. No way we could afford it on one income. 

And I had a lot of fun going back to work. Interacting with adults was amazing. Soon after we could afford to move to the town my husband was working in, the kids were able to go to school with their dad and I could go to work. We stayed there for 8 years, in 2 houses. 

So, I take most of what she says with a huge grain of salt. As a graduate of evil public schools and a university, I am the antithesis of what she proposes. I don't wear sleeved blouses unless I have to. I don't wear tea length dresses every day. I wear shorts and tee shirts during warm weather. I'm just a liberal Democrat who's going to help Hilary get elected. 

Oh well, I'm done with this fiddle-faddle. I'm tired tonight, the particulate matter in the air has irritated my throat, and I am ready to go to bed. 


24 July, 2016

Heat, humidity, and smoke

The Sand fire has made our air nasty. Here's a picture from last night at about 1730:

We live 4 miles from the beach as the crow flies. The fire is 60 miles to the north. Right now the town my step-brother lives near is under evacuation orders. He said he's about 5 miles north of the current evacuation but if the wind changes, that may change too. 

My new class started and I have 4 students. Not too bad. The information page that I have access through from the publisher is wonderful. I get power points for the chapters, and I get tests that are pre-made. All I do is download them, save them in Word since they have the answers already. Then do a Save As function and erase all the answers. It will be a good measure since I don't want to let them slide like English. 

The heat makes me really tired and cranky. At least the classroom tomorrow will be a/c. 

Peace and out. 

da bunny 

17 July, 2016

I'mmmmmmmmmm Shrinking..............

 I've dropped from 5'3 to 5'1. No wonder my old pants drag on the ground. I love my new ones that I can wear comfy shoes with. I have also lost 8 lbs in 2 months. 

Am through the MS Word and QuickBooks part of the course. Now we have to learn customer service. Christ in Heaven, I can do that in my sleep. Did it at Ohrbachs, Security Pacific Bank, Cado/Contel Cado, Barham Customs Brokers, even TSA in the Lost and Found dept. I know how to be decent to people on the phone while answering questions and rolling my eyes. 

Still having terrific problems with my cervical vertebrae and the rheumatologist doesn't think I need pain management. I had a shot in my left thumb which basically made my whole left hand go numb and I still can't type with my left thumb. I'm going to ask my doctor to refer me. When the days come where it hurts so bad I can't hold my head up. Maybe they'll listen to me.  Sooner than later. I've got some numbers of DOL listed medical groups so tomorrow morning I will call them and see if someone will accept me as a patient. 

After this class is over the DOL expects me to apply for 20 full-time jobs a week. And if I don't succeed by 3 months, they will start cutting my compensation. Sounds fair?? NOT!

So if I get a new doctor that says that clerical work and sitting at a desk 8 hours a week at 63 is not compatible with my arthritic shoulder and arms. Maybe I can get my neck accepted as a new claim. 

This week an ergonomic specialist is coming to the school to see the setup and see if there is something they can suggest to make it easier on me. You fucking have to kid me. I'm gone out of there on August 11. August 15th and 22nd I start my round of specialists since I have a serious problem with incontinence. (TMI sorry but it's a real situation). 

The 28th we are taking the car to Laughlin for a couple of days. We'll go to the grand canyon one day since it's much closer than leaving from Vegas.  Then it will be back to life as normal as we know it. 

Peace and out Amulbunny