30 July, 2016

I admit it, I am a mean teacher

So I teach a class on Friday nights. It's a general education class called Communication. Technically it's a sociology class because the book is geared to that and not a follow up to the English class I just taught. I was very disappointed in that, the book was geared to a much higher level student than what I was presented with. 

So with this class, it's 2 weeks shorter and a bigger book, with a lot more to go over. 2 students called out Friday night and that messed up with the plans I had for the class.  I asked the 2 that were there if they had read the chapters and they said no. Wednesday night they are getting emails reminding them that they need to read the chapters assigned for this week, and do the tests that were put out. Also, a mid-term will be given the 4th week of class, a take home test, so they can be ready for that. The 7th week of class they will have a take home final due the last night of class. I grade on what I have, and then, according to the guy who owns the college, no matter what, no one gets lower than a C. To those who earn better grades, that's great but to those who don't it's a disservice. It's also a disservice to the ones who are getting an AA that means nothing in the real world. They can't transfer credits to a 4-year college. 

I have good news. But I will save that for later in the week. Right now, I have to fire up my laptop and record scores. 

oh yeah, I made 2 web pages that bounced back to each other. so jazzed....not. 

da bunny

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