26 July, 2016

Daycare, Preschool, and Bloggers who don't research

There's a blogger that I follow, and she wrote a long post on how it's imperative that women stay home and raise their children or else they will develop detachment disorder. I cherished the 4 hours a week my oldest went to preschool. It gave me time to spend alone with my youngest, and often we'd go and see Grandma. 

Mother's need a time out. I only had 2 children and both of them were in preschool/daycare at times in their lives. They're healthy and don't have any psychological problems from being away from me. I had to put my daughter into daycare because I had to go back to work so we had some extra money in the household. It wasn't cheap and private Christian school was expensive too. No way we could afford it on one income. 

And I had a lot of fun going back to work. Interacting with adults was amazing. Soon after we could afford to move to the town my husband was working in, the kids were able to go to school with their dad and I could go to work. We stayed there for 8 years, in 2 houses. 

So, I take most of what she says with a huge grain of salt. As a graduate of evil public schools and a university, I am the antithesis of what she proposes. I don't wear sleeved blouses unless I have to. I don't wear tea length dresses every day. I wear shorts and tee shirts during warm weather. I'm just a liberal Democrat who's going to help Hilary get elected. 

Oh well, I'm done with this fiddle-faddle. I'm tired tonight, the particulate matter in the air has irritated my throat, and I am ready to go to bed. 


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