28 August, 2009

Let's cheer for restrictions

Doc is writing restrictions. Doubt if the agency can accommodate. I won't say a word. See the other doc and have lots to say to him.

Can we say morons in public? Asinine, idiotic, and non coherent rules that aren't the same in every building at the same location. Crowing cocks who think that a piece of tin makes them omnipotent. And when discrepancies are pointed out, people are treated like pariahs. This is not a thinking persons job. More like lobotomized sheep (apologies to the sheep). Rant over.

I need to get out of town and fly somewhere. MSP is calling me. CWA is calling me. It's at this time of year, nearing the anniversary of my dad's death that I want to go home. Even if it's just to sit on the grass by the grave and have a talk with him. It's been 45 years. There's alot to discuss.
And to see the farms, the cows and the rolling land that makes up the place I was born.

The fire last night in Rancho Palos Verdes has a suspicious start. Last night there were clouds from the fire. The fires in the foothills are just as bad if not worse. Hard to breathe in the morning. Don't like that. Prayers for the fire fighters.

That's it for tonight.
da bunny

14 August, 2009

when did i break that mirror?

There are days that aren't worth getting up. Nasty smartass spoiled kids. Idiot spouses. I find out that we may have to choose bankruptcy again because the credit card companys don't want to negotiate and accept our lower payments. So now if we file again, my job is at risk, his possible new job is at risk, and they get nothing. I absolutely hate this. But then again, he's making 1/2 of what he made before we got into trouble.

But everyday the sun comes up and we do what we can.

I am in miserable pain. Time to take a shower and put some ice on my foot. Yep the foot really hurts again.

i am in a crap mood.
da bunny

09 August, 2009

Sunday Night Football!

I don't even have to have sound on, just the sight of the teams on the field makes me happy. The Titans are ahead in the 4th quarter so unless the Bills pull something out of their hats, the Titans will cruise through this one.

Wish we'd get some rain. I watered the patio today and tomorrow night will do the front one. I do the lawn every 4 days or so. We just need a gully washer and then the air would clean up too.
It would be nice to sit in the living room and watch the sky light up!

Spent part of this afternoon watching some of the ball room dances from So You Think You Can Dance. I love ball room dancing, especially the Latin Dances. I can't dance worth anything, thank God when I was out dancing all we did was jump around and look silly. I can dance a slow waltz and a polka though. When I was a kid in grade school, during the winter, we'd learn to do the Reels, Schottische, American and European Folk Dancing. It was all part of the curriculum. And it was so fun. I have a lot of fun memories of grade school.

Wow the Bills have scored. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Packers start regular season against the Bears. Go Packers!

Even went down to the Esplanade the other night to see the ocean. It was lovely, the cloud bank hanging over the hill was something else.

Night all,

da bunny

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06 August, 2009

Finally got some news

So the case manager nurse calls me and says the agency I work for cannot accommodate my restrictions at this time. So I have to wait until I see both the doctors at the end of the month. At least I know what is going on.

Tried to call HR at the agency and got voice mail. Tried to email the contact and her inbox is full and is bouncing mail back. That is real professional. So I sent a fax. I hope I get some answer.

BBQed and didn't wait for the buns to get here and the #1 child was really rude. I may not tell him when his dad gets home. He knows better than to smart off to me.

Well that felt better.

05 August, 2009

verrah interesting......

I talked to my PT yesterday and she was flabbergasted that the dr released me. She said " You are no where close to where you need to be". If so, then why wasn't there a consultation. Why didn't the Dr read the PT appraisal, why wasn't there communication?

In the meantime, the trash has been paid, but the wonderful company that provides it, even though they had a weeks lead time can't guarantee that my rollaways will be here by tomorrow. Sheesh. So I had to get them to allow the truck to pick up all the bags that we put out. They stopped billing us and it just got out of sight and out of mind. I asked them why they didn't send us our bills, and they said they figured we were gone???? Allied/ Consolidated Waste is the only game in town, unlike when we lived on the other side of the street in the LA County area. Oh well, it's done and taken care of.

We bbqed the other night. Made Santa Maria style tritip. It was so good. That and sauteed fresh tomatos, sliced mushrooms with Yoshida sauce and potatoes and onions. It was so good. Tomorrow night is bratwurst, fried taters and baked beans. I'll set up the charcoal when I find out what time the husband is coming home, the brats will be parboiled and they will cook so fast. I can put the potatoes on an hour early and they can cook so the brats will go fast. Nothing like beer poached bratwurst. Good whole home cooked food.

Am seriously considering taking an online paralegal course through the alma mater. Did I say that the other day? I don't know. Would have to get some more student loans. I think it would be a good thing. It's something I always wanted to pursue but when I was young, I was thoroughly discouraged to do that. It would be a way out of what i am doing. I am praying about it.

So I am done for tonight. Shark Week awaits.

Later kiddos.