31 August, 2011

La di da di da......

I don't cover my head.
I don't think it's a necessary accessory to pray to God.
Your mileage may vary.

And anyway we can just let God sort it out when we stand in front of the gates.

Bum didi bum didi bum diddi bum......days gone past

Today I was driving home from my mother's and I drove by the high school that is right down her street. There were 3 young guys out in the parking lot practicing drums. I love drums. I loved band. I had a family in the band. We weren't the jocks, we had a different kind of talent. We slogged through wet football fields at 7 in the morning practicing our half time shows. Learning patterns and marching 6 steps to a yard or 8 steps depending on the complexity. We learned a lot of music. We marched in parades and hoped not to be behind the horses so we didn't have to step in horse shit. Nothing like cleaning your shoes of horse shit at the end of a parade so you didn't stink up the bus. 4 years of semi disciplined music learning. God how I miss it sometimes. It was some of the best times of my life.

It's been a good week around the Bunny House. I've kind of neglected the dishes, I'll get them all done tomorrow. The hives are slowly getting better. They are still visible and sometimes they itch, but they are better than they were. Which is a good thing considering how awful they were.

In a few years the old man and I will look like this. Drinking tea in front of a warm stove or fireplace, remembering those good old days of the 70's, when music was music. 

Peace. The hippie woman will be back tomorrow sometime, I think.

da bunny

28 August, 2011

How come I'm not watching Starship Troopers?

The errant spouse loves this movie. He has it on Blue Ray, why then does he sit on the couch, playing poker on his laptop and watch this movie again and again and again? I'll have to give him props because he did fold his clothes from the dryer and hang up his work clothes. But the movie???? I think he can recite all of the dialogue.

I think it's a pretty cheesy movie. Yuck.

I found out something rather interesting about my Dad. He was a deputy county sheriff in a county in Wisconsin from 1933 till his death in 1964. In 1942 he was accompanying the sheriff who had taken control of a runaway from a boy's home. The sheriff allowed the young man to go into a house to get some clothes and he jumped out a window and ran. My Dad shot 3 times in the air to get the young man to stop, which he did not. My father then shot his gun again and shot the young man in the back, which was a fatal injury. I didn't know anything about it till 2011. 69 years later. My Dad never spoke of it to us, I called my Mother to ask her and she said yes, it happened and it was true. Interesting part of family history.

There's not a great deal of change in the hives situation, though today they seem a bit lessened. I'd love to wake up in the morning and not see any little red marks on my arms and my legs. 

It's time for me to head off to bed. I've got a book I am reading and it's calling my name.......

Peace. Out. 
da bunny

26 August, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 19 and Edmunds Shuffle Friday

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 19

By Amulbunny   August 26, 2011

Outside my window… Windy, muggy and warm

I am thinking…   it’s time to go watch Packer football!

I am thankful for… a new pillow

From the learning rooms… if you’re white, middle-aged, and looking for grants, you’re s.o.l.

I can't believe … hive, hives, and more hives, ditto

From the kitchen… grilled burger with ripe tomato and pickles

I am wearing…  shorts, tank top and bare feet

I am creating…   who knows?

I am going…  to try and be nice this weekend

I am reading… Nora Roberts

I am hoping… that in 3 weeks this mess is done.

I am hearing… 430pm news

Around the house… dog sleeping and cat vegeing

One of my favorite things…. Marshmallow creme

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Clean off the patio
2.   Get these nails off
3.   Find the rest of my sheets

Edmunds Friday Shuffle:
Con Brio                                          The Boston Pops
My Head Sounds Like That              Peter Gabriel
Jesus is Just Alright With Me              Doobie Brothers      
March in C, K408/1                     Mozart/Wombsong
Pesante                                          The Boston Pops
In My Life                                   Johnny Cash
Dream a Little Dream of Me              Michael Buble
William Tell Overture                     The Boston Pops
Africa                                          House of Gypsies
Skipper Dan                                   Weird Al Yankovic

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:
This is what I wish we'd have tonight. 
I need some donder und blitzen.

21 August, 2011

Je suis fatigué de démangeaisons. Des ruches ont besoin d'aller!

Oh I wish this was the way it was. So far there is nothing, outside of Hydroxyzine that stops the itching. And I'm running out of that. I need to contact the doctor's office tomorrow to get that refilled. I see the dermatologist this Thursday. I do hope she has some answers other than we have no idea and you'll just have to wait till it ends. 

Football season is nearly here. I am happy. Next Friday I am parking in front of my big screen tv with a cold beer, cold cuts, cheese and white bread and watching the Packers play the Colts. Yep, it's PACKER TIME!!

I wish fall was here. Though this summer has not been overly warm, I am waiting for days in the 50's so I can wear my fall clothes. It's funny that you can drive 20 miles inland and the temp is at least 25 degrees warmer than it is here. And here you can go 2 miles west and be encased in fog. 

Alors mes amis, avoir une bonne semaine, rester hors des ennuis et n'oubliez pas de sourire.

da bunny

19 August, 2011

Edmund says Amulbunny's listening to this today

It's Friday shuffle time:

1.  I Can't Tell You Why                           Eagles
2.  Knife-Edge                                           Emerson, Lake and Palmer
3.  Ringtone                                              Weird Al
4.  Orchestral Suite #1 in C-Forlane           Bach for Book Lovers
5.  Tears in Heaven                                    Eric Clapton
6.  Hard Times Come Again No More       James Taylor
                                                         Appalachian Journey- YoYo Ma,Mark O'Connor & Edgar Meyer                                                                                                                 
7.  I Feel Closer to Heaven Everyday         Rhonda Vincent
8.  Minute by Minute                                 The Doobie Brothers
9.  Ramblin' on My Mind                           John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
10. Cotton-Eyed Joe                                  Asleep At The Wheel

It's varied and I enjoy every song on Edmund. Some bring memories of nights at bars dancing away to 70's music. Some reminds me of sitting at Disney Hall with a wonderful orchestra playing, some reminds me of going to the fair. Some are just songs that I like.

Have a good one little bunnies. Mama bunny is covered with hives still. Seeing the dermatologist this week.

16 August, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 18 and Edmunds Shuffle Friday

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 18

By Amulbunny   August 16, 2011

Outside my window… Palm trees swaying and 73

I am thinking…        that burgers might be dinner tonight

I am thankful for… pharmaceuticals

From the learning rooms… looking for grants

I can't believe … hive, hives, and more hives

From the kitchen… roast beef and swiss with miracle whip and horseradish.

I am wearing…  shorts, tee shirt and bare feet

I am creating…peace and then some

I am going… to go through my coupons and make a list

I am reading… Fast Company and Nat Geo

I am hoping… that the dermatologist has an answer

I am hearing… Law and Order SVU

Around the house… the slug and his girlfriend.

One of my favorite things…. Dill pickles

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Smog the car
2.   Register the car
3.   Make menus

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

15 August, 2011

I'ma still an itchy kinda girl doncha know?

Talked to the doctor tonight. They are faxing me the questionnaire from dermatology and then doing a referral. Knowing how long it takes to get an appointment makes me hope that this hives thing will end before I have to go in. They actually look a little better tonight. My legs are worse though.

Life is going on normally. I have kind of let my housekeeping slide a bit. Tomorrow I am getting the slug up and he's going to do all the tile floors and vacuum the carpets. Of course he's going to whine. But until he gets a job he's going to work for me.

Football season is almost here. Go Packers.

I just took my meds and I'm getting sleepy so night all.

12 August, 2011

Friday Shuffle from the itchy lady

1.  Life in the Fast Lane                        The Eagles.

2.  Another One Bites the Dust             Rockabye Baby! Queen

3.  The Best of My Love                       Rockabye Baby! The Eagles

4.  Hurdy Gurdy Man                           Sting

5.  Evil                                                  Derek and the Dominos

6.  Do Right Woman, Do Right Man    Aretha Franklin

7.  The Purple People Eater                   Sheb Wooley

8.  Get Rhythm                                      Joaquin Phoenix

9.  Gabriel From Heaven Came            Anonymous 4

10. Great Balls of  Fire                          Jerry Lee Lewis


Not much I can say. 

Peace. Out.

Oh yeah, Michelle Bachmann is batshit crazy.

11 August, 2011

Quiet ! I'm about to speak!

I've had hives for over a month.
I am tired of itching. 
I am tired of looking like I rolled in poison ivy.
I am tired of these red wheals all over my body.

Move along now, these aren't the words of wisdom you've been looking for, move along.

06 August, 2011

Tomato Jam

So today I'm making tomato jam. The house smells wonderful with all the spices in the mix bubbling away. It's going to simmer for at least an hour so it cooks down and all that tomatoey goodness comes through. Whether the troops will eat it I don't know.

3 Cup Tomatoes, Sliced if Large, Whole if Small
4 T Brown Sugar
4 T White Sugar
1 T Ginger (Ground or Fresh)
1/2 Lemon, sliced thin into half moons
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Cloves
1/2 tsp Cumin
1 1/2 T Unfiltered Cider Vinegar
Pinch of Salt and Pinch of Cayenne

Put the tomatos and the spices in a heavy bottomed pan on the stove.
Add the vinegar and the pinch of salt and cayenne
Stir to coat
Bring to a boil
Simmer 45-60 minutes.
Take off stove, cool. 
Store in airtight container in Fridge.
Good on bagels, meat, on sliced baguettes with chevre.
It's good for the soul.

Have a good weekend little bunny people!

05 August, 2011

Edmunds Friday Shuffle... He wants to you to listen

It's Friday and between tracking my moms flight from MSP to LAX, Edmund is telling me it's time to the Friday Shuffle, not to be confused with the Savoy Shuffle (which I don't own).

How about this:

1. JS Bach                                      Brandenburg Concerto: #1 in F-Adagio

2. Faith Hill                                    The Way You Love Me

3. Asleep At The Wheel                 Goodbye Liza Jane

4. Lady Antebellum                        American Honey

5. Faces featuring Rod Stewart       Maybe I'm Amazed

6. Derek and the Dominos              Layla

7. Bibi Tanga & The Selenites       Be Africa

8. Elmer Bernstein                          Malibu Chase

9. Frankie Laine                             Rawhide

10. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson      Ghost Riders in the Sky

It's another Frantic Friday around here. Hives all over my body. Doc isn't in till Wednesday so I'm going in then and seeing what we can do. They are on my face, back, arms, hands and legs. Not below my knees.

PS: In Plain Sight is really a good show.

04 August, 2011

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 17

A Hippy Woman's Life Book Page 17

By Amulbunny   August 4, 2011

Outside my window… Sunny, muggy and 73˚(same old)

I am thinking       the dishes need to get done

I am thankful for… coupons at Costco

From the learning rooms… How to look cool with hives

I can't believe … my husband is sick and still at home, his whining is driving me to distraction

From the kitchen  Dishes need to be done, I am not cooking, I am on strike tonight

I am wearing  shorts, flipflops and a tank top, because it's too damn hot for me

I am creating       nothing much today, not inspired

I am going… to sit down and meditate these hives away

I am readingThe Confession by John Grisham

I am hoping… the mugginess goes away

I am hearing… the idiot dog down the street barking.

Around the house… New vacuum. Can we say Happy?

One of my favorite things…. flowers

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Clean the living room and patio
2.   Pick up my mom at LAX tomorrow night
3.   Pay some bills

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:
Along the Oregon Coast