31 August, 2011

Bum didi bum didi bum diddi bum......days gone past

Today I was driving home from my mother's and I drove by the high school that is right down her street. There were 3 young guys out in the parking lot practicing drums. I love drums. I loved band. I had a family in the band. We weren't the jocks, we had a different kind of talent. We slogged through wet football fields at 7 in the morning practicing our half time shows. Learning patterns and marching 6 steps to a yard or 8 steps depending on the complexity. We learned a lot of music. We marched in parades and hoped not to be behind the horses so we didn't have to step in horse shit. Nothing like cleaning your shoes of horse shit at the end of a parade so you didn't stink up the bus. 4 years of semi disciplined music learning. God how I miss it sometimes. It was some of the best times of my life.

It's been a good week around the Bunny House. I've kind of neglected the dishes, I'll get them all done tomorrow. The hives are slowly getting better. They are still visible and sometimes they itch, but they are better than they were. Which is a good thing considering how awful they were.

In a few years the old man and I will look like this. Drinking tea in front of a warm stove or fireplace, remembering those good old days of the 70's, when music was music. 

Peace. The hippie woman will be back tomorrow sometime, I think.

da bunny

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