31 December, 2006

Here's to 2007!

May 2007 bring Peace, Prosperity & Happiness!

29 December, 2006

The News Drones on and on and on and on and ...

CNN is droning on in the background. I have it on for white noise. But now Mr SH can see if the 7 virgins waiting for him are nuns with rulers and an evil dispostion. Bwahahahaha. I wonder if it will change things in Iraq?

I had a hot toddy earlier. Gentleman Jack, lemon juice,sugar and hot water. I hope it will do some good. My ears feel like there is cellophane in them. Crinkle, crackle, crinkle.

Tomorrow I am going to go on a mission to replace a small appliance. I have looked several places online but haven't found it. I will look at a couple more places and see if there is anything even close to it. And also hit the book store, hit Ross for a new purse and then come home and watch FOOTBALL.

I have the new Nora Roberts triology. This isn't going to read as fast as her other books. I just finished 2 advance reads though. One a mystery set in Southern CA and one set in a village without men in Colombia. Both were extremely good.

My kids got me the 1st season of Bones. It's a lot of fun. Reminds me of the Xfiles, but with a sense of humor, not that DD and GA didn't have a sense of humor, but CC didn't allow them to work with a group and express it. This one rocks.

Oh well. 2007 is around the corner. I have 2 calendars already. I need to get myself a small purse calendar too.


27 December, 2006

One holiday down

It was a nice holiday. Gifts and laughs and lots of good food.
Woke up with a miserable cold on Tuesday and it's not much better today. I am pushing fluids, not talking if I don't have to and just lagging behind everything.
I have DVD's to watch.
Kids had a good holiday.
Lots of good food. Crab, shrimp, sammies, honey baked ham. Waiting on the hambone to make pea soup. Sounds good on a cold and windy day like today.
Enjoy your week.


22 December, 2006

and they said it wouldn't last

We celebrated our 21st anniversary yesterday. Who'da thunk?


20 December, 2006

I saw the lump of coal today

But it was chocolate coated popcorn balls. I think tomorrow I am going to go to the market and buy them just for the hell of it. I am also going to tear apart the living room and make my son help me because I think there is some spirit creeping into my life.

I had an astrology chart made for me. Considering it's computer generated, it's rather accurate. Hmm. I don't put much stock in those things but what the hey, it was free. Just some printer paper.

My friend is getting snowed in but she'll have green grass on Christmas I bet. It's strange when the snow falls in places that are used to it, life goes on. Here, in the passes, it's such a strange occurence that people get all frazzled and freaked.

Back to the antibiotics. I hope they knock this shit out. I don't need my jaw giving me more problems, especially this weekend. I may call them and ask them to refill the scrip just for good luck.

I managed to get out of driving to BFE for Christmas. We are going to go to my Moms. My mom is sicker than hers and I don't know how many Christmases we are going to have with them. Mom's 82 and Paul's 86, and it will be peaceful, easy and just us on Christmas afternoon. If we drove out to
BFE it would be us, 3 SIL/ 4 BIL's, 5 kids under 13, MIL and various sundry other people. + 4 dogs. This way the husband and the kids can go out on the 30th and visit. I can plead sickness or something. I just don't want to deal. And at my Mom's I can have a glass or 3 of wine and not feel like I am going to be crucified on the cross. Their house is dryer than the Sahara midsummer, it's not "The Christian" way of doing things.

And then there is the deaf BIL who is sending me emails left and right to get serial numbers and things off the Imac that my daughter has adopted and which is going back to the original owner. We don't mind that but to have a conversation with him, is really hard because he has no sense of syntax in his speaking /patterns. They will get the whole shebang back when the troops make the trip out.

So life goes on. I have a few places to start tomorrow as far as shopping and I will do that.
I got an online coupon from World Market that I can use at their store. I loved Cost Plus and they have improved over the years. I know what I want to get there and I hope I can do it in one felt swoop.

So that's it in a nutshell.


18 December, 2006

holiday cheer....?

It's supposedly all around me but for the life of me I can't figure out where it went and why I can't locate mine. I absolutely have no spirit this year. Could it be for the following reasons:
● Lack of funds
● Lack of help from the kids to get the house ready
● Worry about parents illnesses
● Constant and continious pain
● Worry about same
● husband who spends nearly 90$ before Christmas on some putty to mend his
trucks manifold?
● Kid who expects a Nintendo Wii when I don't have money to buy groceries and he didn't get off his game playing ass to get a job in the fall when he needed to
● Other kid who's room looks like the wrath of whomever and shines me on.
● Can't find lumps of coal but I think it's going to be rampant around this house
● Just feeling blue

Oh well, this is Monday and it can be a day for me to just whine a little. Tomorrow will be better. I will manage. We may have paper dolls for presents but at least we will still have roof over our head God willing.


17 December, 2006

Where is my holiday spirit, can you find it????

Okay where are you hiding it? Did it get shoved into the back of the closet? I want to know and I want to know now!!!

Got some ideas for gifts today at Cost Plus. I need to go back there by myself with cash and put together some baskets of goodies for some people. Just a few. But since I have no money till next weekend, we'll just have to wait. Bah.

I am going to have to say sorry to the trip to the groomers. I can't afford the gas to drive around and my checkbook is so low that it's going to have red rubber soles soon .
But I am taping the dog show for my friend to take to the owner of the dog who was in the Eukanuba / Long Beach show the 1st weekend of this month. It's taping now.

Went to church today. Roof did not fall in. Had to come right home since child had a Christmas party to attend to. She made goodie bags for lots of people at the party. Cute.

Walmart wasn't too nuts yesterday. That was nice. But it sure was warm inside that store and cold when you stepped outside. Right now the fireplace is going and the heater will come on soon and make it warm upstairs. One more week of schlepping the child to school. Hope I can make it.

We have our 21st anniversary this week. Who would have thought it?

Happy days.

16 December, 2006

Santa Baby.... The thing, a ring...

I heard the original Eartha Kitt song this week and it keeps running through my head, "put a sable under the tree, for me, "... though today Peta would put me in red paint.

Tough Shit. I'd like to see Peta go to a place like Siberia where fur in the winter is the norm, or even Northern Alaska and pull that shit. Might get a harpoon up the ass.

Today was a good day even with rain and wind. We went to a friends house and he gave us a really nice loveseat which makes the family room a lot more comfy. With just a futon couch, it's kind of hard to have a bunch of people down there. Thanks big guy for the couch!

Was going to go to the Olive Garden for their soup/salad/breadstick lunch but they were not open yet at 1145 so we went to Fridays. it was okay. The soup was good. The meat was so/so. I can deal with it though.

Didn't go to Costco but we went to WalMart and except for meat, got basically everything we were going to get at the other store, including Water. Why doesn't Sam's Club sell Sam's Water? The 20 ozers that are really nice. They don't sell their own brand of water. Weird. We were going to go to a nicer Sam's Club but time got short.

Came home and watched Star Trek ( Sarek dies) and watched the kiddo #2 put together Candy goodie bags for her friends for the party tomorrow. I think she is really a great kid and she had a lot of fun doing it as well as eating a bunch of M&M's. Her friends are good. I am glad she has them. She is still not speaking to the boy person, 6 weeks now. Wonder where his brain went?

Rainy cold and damp. Bones ache pretty much all the time but I am doing a bit better mentally. I'd really lose my mind if I didn't have some kind of frame of reference.

Garlic bread, angel hair pasta and sauce and meatballs for dinner tonight. Wow I cooked. And someone else is doing the dishes. You go girl.

Kid is happy. Her blood tests show that her ovaries are producing eggs. She is overjoyed. She still has to have pills to have her cycle but down the road she should be able to conceive. I could be a grandma someday along the line. Other kid is joining a digital photgraphy class in Jan. Cool.

Well I think I am going to fill my glass with ice, get some water and do some exercises to loosen up my neck. I am pretty tight right now. It's a flexeril night tonight.

- 30 -

14 December, 2006

Christmas Concerts

Last night was the school's Winter Concert. It was awesome. They have a jazz band that rocks. I really enjoyed that. The beginning chorus now have matching gowns, something that really makes them think about being a part of something. The boys looked good and sang well. The Advanced group which contains my baby were wonderful. My baby girl even had a little solo where she got to vamp the old piano player who has known her since she was a little bitty girl. I don't think he was happy but she made people smile with her exuberance and her joy. She brought tears of joy to my heart.

Geez, the news is reporting some guy with a samuri sword terrorized a family in Laguna Niguel. For Fred's sake. Stealing computer stuff. Ya gotta wonder, huh? Sounds like a tweaker got loose and needed to feed it's habit.

Rain on the way this weekend. I have no plans. I don't do my Christmas shopping till right before Christmas. Mainly because my disability check doesn't get here till then. I just want to make sure I have some firelogs, some wood to burn and getting this house ready.

So it's a good news post. God knows there need to be more of those.



13 December, 2006

Random Thoughts About Airplanes

This is my favorite airplane of all time.
IT was awesome!

When I was little my folks would bundle us up, and drive to the Wausau Airport (AUW) to watch the airplane(s) take off. The airport is on a bluff overlooking the Wisconsin River and a few pilots have not made their way up and away and have lost their lives off that bluff. But I have a fascination for airplanes. This one, is the first plane I ever flew in. From AUW to Chicago's O'Hare (ORD) to connect with a TWA Boeing 707 to fly nonstop to Los Angeles in 1967. Hot stuff. And I got to fly in front of the curtain too.
Whoo Hoo. That was one perk of my mom marrying someone who worked in the airline business back in the late 60's. We had a pass that had a date of 361101, seniority, I even got to see some pilots wait for me to get on board. And in the 70's that was special.

When my kids were little, we'd bundle them in the car, drive through McD's and go park at the VSP Lot now renamed Lot B at 111th and Aviation and watch the jets go screaming past us as they headed towards 25 R and 25L to land. It was as exciting for me as it was for them.

I loved to fly. I loved looking down over land and sea and thinking about who was down there at this very second looking up and wondering who was up in that plane? But sadly the airline business has suffered.

Customer service on domestic American carriers has been allowed to falter. Being a flight attendant isn't glamourous anymore, it's always been hard work, and was rewarded with decent pay and benefits. The powers that be however feel that management deserves bonuses and golden parachutes, while the employees are lucky to have a cardboard backpack to hang on to. Of course we'll never go back to the golden days of domestic travel, where even in coach you got a good meal, free music to listen to, and a seat that didn't make you feel like your knees were in your chest.

I don't have any connection to the airlines anymore. I was in the periphery when I decided to be patriotic and go to work for the organization that makes you take your shoes off. Doing that gave me a ruined shoulder and probably pain for life. But I saw how people treated other people, and how people gave up common decency for petty power.

Maybe the next trip I'll take will be on rail. I could have a lovely experience for a 1st class price, taking a couple of days, and see places from a ground level. Could be done.

Thoughts over.

12 December, 2006

What I did this afternoon

I curled up on the couch and watched Pride and Prejudice (2005) with Keira Knightley. It is such a so romantic moviBlech.
And this sweet little puppy kept trying to be the center of attention. He knows how to take the afghan off the couch, or at least he gives it the old college try. He's a pain but we like him anyway.
Just wanted to share. I actually do mother/daughter things.


Why I love Books.

I love books.
I am a bookperson.
My ideal job would be to do research and look up books and information all day long. I should be a librarian. Information science is so cool.
I've got too many books for the bookcases. Wonder if Santa will get a clue and bring me another bookcase. I have been reading since I was old enough to turn a page. I have to thank my folks for instilling the love of reading in my heart. There are books that have taken me places that I don't think I will ever get to, but then there are places I read about in a book, that made me insist on going on a particular tour in Rome to see the Church of San Pietro de Vincoli to see the horned Michaelango Moses. It was superb.

Pain is nearly gone in mouth. Shoulder is awful. Don't know what will happen. Worry is 1/2 the battle. As is the waiting. I am faithfully taking my antibiotics. UCLA called but they need a copy of the referral. I faxed the office so I have proof that I did it, and now will call UCLA tomorrow to see if they got the fax of the referral. Joy. Hopefully all this can happen after the 1st of the year. I'd like to have a good holiday someway.

Making biscuits now. Time to go down and watch Pride and Prejudice with the kiddo.



11 December, 2006

Doctors, Insurance and wha'ever

So today I have to drive 35 miles to the city of Reseda to see an insurance doctor. I am sure at one time he had a thriving practice, but now he sees patients that the DOL sends him. I think everyone who was in the waiting room was a workers comp patient. I told him my sad story and the fact that it hurts all the time. They measured my grip, the circumfrence of my arms and my legs, took my BP and I didn't have to fog a mirror. Now we wait and see what the DOL wants me to do. All I know is that I could have seen someone closer to have the same stuff done. Sheesh.

This has been a long weekend. I started out with the toothache from hell, had a meltdown in the dentist's office and they would not touch me. The fact that my BP was 179/110 could have been a clue. I had/have an infection and had to get on antibiotics which along with Vicodin ES knocked or are in the process of knocking out the infection. I am paying for years of neglect. But honest to God, I have such panic attacks when I go into the office that I can't even see straight. I am faithfully taking the antibiotic and it seems to be helping. Lord knows I was ready to have the tooth yanked just to stop the pain. But it's better now. I am just wiped out physically from the drive, the shoulder, and the toof.

Quiet around here. At the end of the week I have a mammogram and a bone density scan scheduled. That should be fun. Same place an hour apart.

So I've bitched and moaned and all that. We had a nice rain Saturday and Sunday nights. Made the air all nice and clear. Fireplace needs to be cleaned. Will tell #1 child to do that. He's not been exactly on my favorite person list this month.

My mom is 82 today. Whoooo Hooooo. I loves my Momma!



06 December, 2006

Okay I give

I have been clenching my jaws at night and now have a really bad pain in my mouth. I took some 800 mg Ibuprofen and that helped a little. It could be the tooth with the faux filling. But we can't afford another dental bill right now. Hell we can hardly afford our rent, my washer died this week and the kids are whining about Christmas. I told my son that if he doesn't get a job soon, he's going to be on my shit list. He needs to help pay for the cable and for his soon to be coming car insurance.

I don't have much else to say. I am tired.



04 December, 2006

Maxine gets it right!

That is for sure. I'd much rather sit down and read a good book than do much else. Of course, these days it is a chore to do it because turning the pages makes my arm hurt. I know bitch, bitch, bitch. And there are many out there that are worse than me. But mine affects me and my family. I have to do what's right for us too.

Still so darn dry outside. It's up to 31% humidity now but this afternoon it was about 18% and yesterday it was a whopping 6%. When we were outside you could smell the smoke in the air and it was just hanging on the horizon off to the west from the fires in Ventura County.

Today was Mom's last injection in her back. She seemed to be pretty okay after but that's until the anesthetic wears off at the injection sight. I hope this does some good for her.

The daughter is having problems with a relationship. It's not as simple as a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but it's friends. I truly think the boy has problems dealing with her as a girl. She has lots of friends, but not the same as his friends. He's been her friend for years and now he has his panties in a wad over something. She was in tears today and that makes me mad. No body makes my baby cry. Life will go on.

I was so tired today. I told my son I was going to take a nap, around 1300. The cell phone rang at 1330 and I was so groggy I have no idea what I said. I finally woke up about 1430 and got going to pick up the other kid from school. I think it's a combination of stress and just being so darn sore.

I am going to go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow both kids have school and I have a breakfast meeting. At least I think I do. I don't know. I think that was what the phone call was this afternoon. I called back and left a message but it's always hit and miss when I call up there.

You just never know do ya?



03 December, 2006

Paying for all that cooking

Well making all those meatballs caused me great spasms of discomfort and tears last night. I woke up in the middle of the night in tears from all the pain ( and I was in the middle of a very nice dream with someone I've liked for years, damn). Today was a pain pill day and hopefully it will be lessened over the night.

Lasagne for dinner tonight and it's already in the oven. Thank God for Costco.

Dinner at church was nice. Not as many people but lots of food. The kids sang well. I was so happy with that. The girls also learned to wear shoes that don't hurt your feet. Ha.Ha. Ha.

The winds are blowing and the humidity is down to 6%. Everytime I get out of the car I get a shock. I'm praying for some clouds and fog to bring some moisture back into the air. We all have been drinking lots and lots of water to keep hydrated. And lots of lotion on the legs and arms to stop the alligator skin on the body.

Football tonight. Seattle. Should be okay.

Had kids over night and I don't think the kids got much sleep. Going to be a long day tomorrow for them. Unless they get to bed at a decent hour. Dog is going crazy too. Cat is being chased all over everywhere. Such fun.

Not much else. I am going to take it easy for a day or two. The arm is really bad.



02 December, 2006

OOOh baby baby... Santa!

Well tonight's the smoragsbord.
I have 4 pans of cabbage rolls ready to go, a dish of cooked carrot coins with catalina dressing and parsley, and of course the ever popular fumi salad.
I am pooped. Cooking is hard work.
There are 4 teenage girls in my living room.
I still need to get dressed.
I am drinking a glass of white wine to get ready.
HAve yourself a merry little advent y'all.
I may get the tree out tomorrow. Depends.
Lots to do and oh my.

30 November, 2006

One of those tell all MeMes....

I borrowed this from Dixie Peach who is cooler than the other side of a pillow!
thanks kiddo!

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

When did my hair start standing up on it's own?
2. How much cash do you have on you?
13$ US
3. What’s a word that rhymes with “DOOR?”
4. Favorite planet?
Venus... I see it in the morning .
5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
I only have 2 and they are both my kid
6. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
Bad to the Bone
7. What shirt are you wearing?
Man's tee shirt from a convention we went to
8. Do you “label” yourself?
Why? I know my faults, why advertise them?
9. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently wearing?
Dearfoam slippers
10. Bright or Dark Room?
Bright sunny ones
11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
I think she's a purty smart lady!
12. What does your watch look like?
Silver with gold bezel and numbers since I need to figure out time still.
13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Sound asleep with my pooch
14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
What time is dinner?
15. Where is your nearest 7-11?
Aviation and Prospect or Felton and Artesia
16. What's a word that you say a lot?
Shit. It's an all purpose word
17. Who told you he/she loved you last?
My daughter
18. Last furry thing you touched?
My cat Squeaks
19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
My BP meds, Vicodin ES, Sonata, Calcium, Zantac.
20. How many rolls of film do you need developed?
?? film, what is this film you speak of?
21. Favorite age you have been so far?
45 was nice, 50 was okay
22. Your worst enemy?
My depression
23. What is your current desktop picture?
A Charlie Brown Christmas tree
24. What was the last thing you said to someone?
Turn that damn computer down.
25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be?
Money, I'd like to be self sufficient.
26. Do you like someone?
Sorta maybe
27. The last song you listened to?
Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell
28. What time of day were you born?
11 AM
29. What’s your favorite number?
30. Where did you live in 1987?
San Pedro CA
31. Are you jealous of anyone?
32. Is anyone jealous of you?
You're serious?
33. Where were you when 9/11 happened?
Driving my kid to school
34. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
Think bad thoughts about its inner workings.
35. Do you consider yourself kind?
36. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
on my ankle
37. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
I used to speak French well enough to get around Paris, now I'd like to learn Italian.
38. Would you move for the person you loved?
Depends where I needed to move
39. Are you touchy feely?
No, I am Midwestern
40. What’s your life motto?
Where ever you are , you're there
41. Name three things that you have on you at all times?
CellPhone, Watch, Ring
42. What’s your favourite town/city?
Paris France
43. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?
Carl's Junior meal
44. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
2 weeks ago
45. Can you change the oil on a car?
Only if desperate
46. Your first love: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?
He's gained a lot of weight and looks lousy with a beard
47. How far back do you know about your ancestry?
18th Century Germany, 18th Century England
48. The last time you dressed fancy, what did you wear and why did you dress fancy?
I wore dress slacks and a lovely top to a AGO party
49. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
The never ending saga of the shoulder. How about that?
50. Have you been burned by love?
Once burned twice warned.

29 November, 2006

Update or what?

Things are back to normal, or as normal as things can be around here. The MIL went back to the SIL's on Saturday. We had a nice Thanksgiving and the food was good.
Finally got some information from the caseworker and I have to drive out to Reseda ( 30 miles) on the 11th for a 2nd opinion. Considering how painful driving is, this should be an interesting appointment.
Kids are back to school. Quiet days again.
The church's annual smorgasbord is this weekend. I have to spend tomorrow making cabbage rolls. The meat has to be defrosted and then I have to cook the cabbage to get the leaves ready. It's a labor of love.
I am making carrots that have to be steamed, and then doused with some Catalina Dressing and fresh parsley. Sounds good to me. The fumi salad will be a snap.
No decorations yet. Don't know what I want to do. Not very spirit filled.
Changes coming in the music department. Too bad one person can be so spiteful and hateful and cause such antagonism. I wonder how she manages to work with people with that kind of attitude. I guess we all can't be as perfect as she is and I wonder how her interpersonal relationships can be sustained with that attitude. Scary.
Cold at night and breezy and cool during the day.
Today is the doctor's appointment I keep putting off. but since I may not have insurance after december I guess I had better get it done.
Life goes on doesn't it?

22 November, 2006


Here is my menu for tomorrow:

Dill and Bread and Butter Pickles
Black Olives
Carrots, Celery, Mushrooms, Cukes and a Ranch Dipping Sauce
Baby Field Greens with Assorted Dressings
Boneless Rolled Turkey Roast rubbed with poultry seasoning and butter
Baby Yukon Gold potatoes cooked in organic free range chicken stock and mashed with half and half and butter
Golden Acorn Squash roasted with brown sugar and butter
Green Bean Cassarole with tiny Haricot Verts and Golden Mushroom Soup
Kings Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
French Vanilla and Extra Creamy Coolwhip
Don Franciscos Hawaiian Kona Roast Coffeee
Beringer White Zinfadel
Corbett Canyon Chardonnay

And I wish each and every one of you out there in Blogland a very peaceful and Thank Filled Thanksgiving.


IF you can read this; thank a teacher.

20 November, 2006

make my headache go away

So it was 85º about an hour ago and now it's 78º. But this is November 20th. Something is wrong here. It's been too hot for too long.

The "Nowhere" fire is burning close to where the husband does his gold panning. The news shots were live from the parking lot that we use. Guess he won't be going up there this weekend to do anything. He does have to work Friday, but he can work at home and read the blueprints on the table.

Will be a small gathering for Thanksgiving. Turkey is in the fridge defrosting. I need to get the stuff for the green beans and the organic broth to cook the baby Yukon gold taters that I need to buy. May get those tomorrow.

No news yet from my caseworker. Oh gee. It's the federal government. I should jump for joy,eh? Have you ever wanted just to crack a joint and have it slip back into the right spot? that's what it feels like now. AAAAARGGHHHH.

The low humidity is making my head feel like a stuffed box. Ugh.

The dog and I may take a long nap. I was going to make spaghetti tonight but I think I will do something simpler. Can't decide yet. Monday is usually pizza night but I am a bit short this Monday. Heroes is on so the kids have to watch their program.

Antonia Fraser's book "Marie Antionette" is a good read. I am going to start Phillipa Gregory's book "Earthly Joys". Looked good at the time. I don't know. I will see how it goes. Started watching "Sleepy Hollow" last night. Will watch it some more tonight. Also have the video of "The DaVinci Code" to watch.

Ciao babies!

19 November, 2006

So I am a Hippie huh?

I am 62% Hippie.
I am so Hippie, Man!
I am not a child of the 60’s but my heart is true to the cause, man. I realize that being a hippie is not just bell bottoms and tie-dye. It is also about the drugs and smelling bad, too!

18 November, 2006

Life as evisioned by my I-Pod

I borrowed this meme from Dixie Peach who's a Southern gal living in Germany with her wonderful hubby. D if you read this, thanks!

If Your Life Had a Soundtrack What Would the Music Be?

How this works:

1. Open your music library.
2. Set to shuffle and press play.
3. For every event, list what song is playing.
4. Next event, shuffle to the next song.
5. Don't lie - go with what comes up, just like life.

Opening Credits:
War March of the Priests, Mendelssohn

Waking Up:
Exsultate,Jubilate-Alleluia--- Barbara Hendricks, Soprano

First Day at School:
Livin' La Vida Loca-- Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas

Falling in Love:
Fisher's Hornpipe---- Yo Yo Ma, Mark O'Connor

Breaking Up:
Loved Walked In --- Chanticleer

Twice in Every Show--- Monty Python presents Spamalot

Life's Okay:
Ocho Mambo--- Gipsy Kings

Mental Breakdown:
Angel Band--- The Stanley Brothers

Jambalaya--- John Prine, Emmy Lou Harris

Oh What A Night--- Doobie Brothers

Getting Back Together:
You Can't Hurry Love--- Dixie Chicks

White Trash Wedding---Dixie Chicks

Birth of Child:
Listen to the Music--- Doobie Brothers

Final Battle:
Stray Cat Strut--- Brian Setzer Orchestra

Death Scene:
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall---- Leon Russell

Funeral Song:
One Way or Another---- Joss Stone & Blondie

End Credits:
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

16 November, 2006

Oh Yuck, Nasty Azz Candles....

This fragrance of Glad Scented oil candles, Delicate Petals has to be the nastiest smelling thing I have ever bought. What a freaking mistake!
I can't imagine anyone liking this awful scent.
I will be throwing out the 2 that I didn't use.
OMG it's awful.
Stinky poo poo awful. My kid walked into the room and said
Geez Mom, what died? Don't be fooled. This is really bad, the Orchid Oasis is nice, the Spiced Rose and Vanilla is nice, but Delicate Petals is anything but. Maybe to keep the cat box odor in the cat box room, I don't know.

Thank God I had other candles to remove the odor.

Rant over.
Back to your blogging.


5.5 hours at the dentist

Well, the #2 kid had a bad cold and then to compound things, she got a toothache, which really did her in. So I bit the bullet, called the dentists office and took her down there. It's not like the dentists office of old with personalized service, it's more like a stop and shop. Anyway 1 dentist looked at her and did some probing and said looks like a root canal. We knew she was going to have to have another one, just not so soon. Without dental insurance it's not cheap. So I wrote a check for 300$ and redid the balance on her other r/c and she laid in the chair forever it seemed. I sat in the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in from 0930-1350. But she is done with it and now can have some peace of mind. She's got 800mg Motrin and Amoxicillin to take. I am going to drop off her pain meds at the attendance office at lunch for her to take. She has a lot of work in govt and even feeling shitty she did her gov't homework last night.

Just found out that her choir will be the entertainment for our 48th annual Church Smorgasbord. That will be great. They are good kids and this will be a tune up for their Christmas concert.

Got all domestic today and stripped my bed, threw everything in the washer and soon will go down and empty the dishwasher and reload it and run another load. Then get the slug up and have him empty the trash out of all the rooms downstairs. Needs to do something to earn his keep.

Book alert:
Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn. Victorian Historical Romance/Mystery, coming out in 2007. Great read. Check it out or buy it. Won't disappoint at all.

Time to go play Suzy Homemaker!

- 30 -

13 November, 2006

The Doc says.....

What does this dog think when the cop holds up those briefs???? I had to share this picture, it's just too good not to.

My mutt is downstairs being tortured by the children watching Heroes which is their new favorite show. He does not want to be ignored and he tells them this.

The PT called me today and said she spoke with the doctor. No more PT for me. They want me to do the pain mgmt thing. Well that's all well and good but the doctor needs to have it approved by the powers that be. Has he even sent in the request? I wrote to my case worker and asked if there has been any request. If not, then I guess I get back on the doctor's case and holler at him. Nothing like living on Vicodin ES and Naproxen for pain relief. Crapola.

#2 kid is sick. She really feels like yuck. I emailed her teachers and she will miss tomorrow too. Between the sore throat, her wisdom teeth coming in, and her voice being gone, she is miserable.

#1 kid is okay. He and his friend went out to the drug store for me and did an errand. I bought them pizza. They were happy about that.

Life goes on, doesn't it? I like this :

The winds of God are always blowing, but you must set the sails.

Time to go to bed.

Ya gotta wonder sometimes....

I made a list for the husband to use when he went to Costco yesterday. Why wouldn't he think to look at the gas gauge too? He knows to get fuel in his truck but he drove my car around for the last 4 days and now I need gas. Oh gee. Guess I will do some transferring of funds and go get gas tomorrow.

Kid #2 is really sick. No voice, coughing and just miserable. In bed asleep. Best place to be in my opinion. I took a cold pill, which means I can take a pain pill later. I have a stuffed nose and a minor sore throat.

Last night I was in the bathroom and I had this awful shooting pain in my arm and shoulder. It was enough to make me yelp. Don't know what it is from. Will have to watch and see I guess.

The big kid is home and he can sweep out the fireplace and we can load it up with some wood and sit down there tonight and be warm. That will be nice.

The husband ordered a laptop for himself because he needs to be able to check his email and do his time cards online. He got a good deal on it and it will be able to be taken places when we go on vacation and if he gets a new job and has to travel. I'd like to be able to check my email and stay in contact when I go on vacation too.

Not too cold out and thankfully not too warm. The dog is outside lying in the sun. He went to see one of the outside cats, who could not be bothered. The inside cat just plays with him and gives him grief and he loves her all the more. They run up and down the stairs and through the rooms having fun.

Well that's about it for today. Blue sky above me.



12 November, 2006

No church for me

I feel like I am stuffed up to the gills. My nose is just all stuffy but nothing is coming out. I am going to take a hot hot shower soon. Sent the kid to church but I decided to stay home. And it's cooler today than it has been in a while.

Yesterday we had a fire going most of the afternoon and evening. And that made the downstairs nice. We've got a lot of broken up pallet wood to use for fire. Just have to keep the hearth clean.

Now we don't know what is going on for TDay. My stepbrother wants my mom and stepdad to drive to his house out in Acton. Mom does not want to go.(They are dry). I hope that something will work out one way or the other.

I am going to steam my lungs right now.

11 November, 2006

Saturday Night Shuffle

1. Uncle John's Band==========Grateful Dead
2. Long Ago and Far Away=====Joni Mitchell and James Taylor
3. Both Sides Now============Joni Mitchell
4. No. 50, Air, If God Be For Us==============The Messiah
5. No. 39, Chorus, Let Us Break Their Bonds Asunder===The Messiah
6. All Over Again=============B.B. King & Mark Knopfler
7. Jamboree=================Echoes of Nature
8. Love Walked In============Chanticleer
9. All She Wants to Do is Dance=====Don Henley
10. Sonata, Op. 2/1:Aria Amorosa===Red Priest

Cool and windy tonight. The fireplace is burning. The kids are watching movies down there. Baked an apple pie. Pot pies for dinner.
Things are as usual.
Saw some cute dogs today.
Aching too. But pain pills help.


10 November, 2006


Friday, finally got the rent paid and the BG is going to get a laptop. That will be handy when we travel, as if.
<--------This is the way I feel
Kid #2 slept in. She is out seeing Borat tonight. EEEK.
I didn't go to the funeral and didn't go out to lunch. Woke up with a cold.
Still need to go shopping for some more food for Thanksgiving.We did get some booze at BevMo. That's for dinner and apertifs and all that.
I am aching even though I took pain pills.
Am reading a Anne Rivers Siddons book called "Sweetwater Creek", neat book.
Will update more when i have more to say.


07 November, 2006

Vote Today- Then You Have the Right to Bitch

I am going over to the polling place around 11 and cast my vote. Today my son will vote in his first election, the first of many I hope. I have voted since I was registered in 1971. Gives you an idea of how many presidents I have voted for, governors and propositions. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost, but I did do my civic duty and felt good about it. I need to instill that in the kid. It's more his future now than it is mine and he needs to know that he has to take charge and make a difference in the country he lives in.

Hot again. Didn't sleep well. Pain still at a 6+++ or better. If I said 7 again, you'd just think I was bitching. Well I am. I HURT and it makes my life shit. There is no if and or but about it. It affects my daily life and my reactions and dealing. How'd you like it if you couldn't open a can without pain? Stir a pot without spasms going up and down your shoulder. And then have a doctor who says he doesn't know what is wrong. I am waiting on a 2nd opinion authorization and the damn doctor hasn't sent it in yet. This is so freaking frustrating. This is my life. Workers Comp stinks too. Rant Over.

The pumpkin candle smells good. That is nice.

I am driving my mom to the doctor. Need to get going.

Ciao !


06 November, 2006

Geez it's Hot Out!

Geez it's hot doesn't even cover it. It's 1PM and it's 92º here. I have the blinds drawn and the windows open because there is a breeze out there, but this is November. I want November weather by God.

Been reading all this stuff about the pastor in Denver who's been "fighting these impulses" all his life. Does that give a clue that being gay isn't a choice and does actually come with your birth? The guy gives me the creeps anyway. Most of the pastors of the mega churches make me nervous anyway. And then the Governor of Texas agrees whole heartedly with his pastor, John Hagee, that any one who isn't Christian is going to hell with a hot ticket. So much for religious tolerance in the nation, eh? We just have to choose between Ah-nuld and Phil. I might just vote green, I don't know.

Husband is back at work. Yahoo and Amen. He's got a lot of work to do and that will keep him busy. They did hire someone to replace him, so much for the contract being cut. They just didn't want to pay him what he is worth. Still haven't heard back from the other company. That makes me nervous. But if he's working, he's making some money and some is better than none.

My tummy is on the binge today. I was driving back from picking up #1 son at school and boy did I have cramps. Could be from nerves. Don't know why I'd be stressed would you?

Then the #2 kid text messages me and asks me to make cornbread. Girl, it's 92º outside and you want me to fire up the oven and bake? I baked Friday for her, 2 loaves of pumpkin bread- for her tailgate party. For Sunday I baked 2 batches of brownies, one for the kids and one for the husband to take to work plus I made meatloaf, baked beans, smashed po's and gravy and heated my kitchen up to an unGodly temp all for them? No fricking way am I making cornbread that I don't even get to enjoy because she wants to take it to her friends. I don't feel like feeding the neighborhood this week.

I am going to lie down and hope my stomach simmers down. No pain pill till after I get the kid, even though the pain is a 7+. Don't want to take chances.

Have a great day out there in the world.

05 November, 2006

Sunday Lazy Sunday

It's 12:55 pm and it's 85º outside. We're having that oh so thrilling last gasp of warm before the jet stream dips and brings us back to normality. At least we hope so. I am sitting here in my tee shirt and shorts listening to the Dolphins smack the Bears back into reality. Who would have thought it? Painwise, for those who are keeping track, it's about a 7+. Not exactly what one wants is it?

Husband is off at his friends, putting another coat of rooftop weathercoat on the roof of the motorhome. Just to make it weathertight in case there is weather a coming. He leaves tomorrow for 4 days of 10 hours each and because Friday is a national holiday (which screws up banking and mail) he is off for 3. Then he goes back for 5 and home again. Hopefully he will hear from the other company he interviewed at. He would be very happy to have that job, not to mention having the benefits. That's the biggest bitch of all, benefits. We still have medical, but no dental and no vision and both of us need new glasses.

I have to email my mom the menu for thanksgiving. I need her recipe for the stuffing. I am making this as easy I can for her. All she has to do is show up and drink coffee, sip wine, eat a good dinner and relax. I am going to look for disposable cookware. I already have the plates so that is done. They look like china but are heavy plastic and can be tossed. Better than paper, no soak through.

Adventures in living. That's all I can say.



04 November, 2006

Saturday Night Ipod Musings

Galactic Vision is shuffling like this tonight:

1. Diva's Lament Monty Python presents Spamalot
2. Crazy Old Soldier Johnny Cash and Ray Charles
3. No. 47, Recicitive Handel's Messiah
4. Itchycoo Park Small Faces
5. Milk Cow Blues Tyler Hilton
6. You Are My Sunshine Norman Blake
7. Some Kind of Wonderful Joss Stone
8. Amanda Jewell Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder
9. Listen to the Music The Doobie Brothers
10. Cocaine Blues Joaquin Phoenix

So that's what's shuffling tonight.
Husband back to work Monday... can the choir say A-MEN?
USC is smoking Stanford, Wisconsin beat Penn State and a Penn State player took out Joe P in the 3rd quarter. Bet his ass is grass.
Big kid home safe from SFO. Drank a bit but had a great time. Bought himself a new laptop with his scholarship money, better than what the school offered and less money too.
I am planning my Turkey Day dinner. Just need to get the $ so I can buy the food and get things ready before the big day. My MIL is coming to stay with us that week. Fun. She's a cool lady.
Bad pain day. Was cranky and yelling at husband who had some idiot thought in his mind to drive around and look for dead bikes at the curb. When I was hungry and in pain. And then subjected me to listening to Pete Townsend being interviewed. I DIDN"T ÇARE and I still don't.
Might sleep in tomorrow, I don't think the kid is working. She is going to the homecoming dance tonight as a superhero. Whee. Looks cute. Other kid might go rock and roll bowling. Argh they are getting older and I am getting older than dirt too.

Later kiddos.


02 November, 2006

I am a monster or so this says....bwahahahaaha

Your Monster Profile

Wild Beheader

You Feast On: Grass

You Lurk Around In: The Ocean

You Especially Like to Torment: Groupies

28 October, 2006

my kid is making me a myspace

So yeah, I am going to have a myspace that actually has friends. It's a hoot but I will keep my blogs going rather than hassle all the time with that.

Kid #1 has alohaed himself away to SFO for the weekend. I told him I wasn't going to bail him out so he had better be good. I can't imagine HAlloween with a bunch of art school students in SFO, he's gonna have a blast.

Kid #2 is doing the myspace thing. I am sooooo cornfused.

Temp seems to be moderating. I think tomorrow it will be damp. My knee is telling me that though my neck and arm are aching too.

Church tomorrow? Depends on how I feel. Kid #2 has to work. She can make my excuses if need be. Especially since one person will be all pissy if I don't show up.

Husband is cleaning the garage. Whoo doggies. What a plan. Actually he's looking for stuff and we should have done this months and months ago. First time in 2 years we are seeing some of this stuff. Not good. Lots of trash going out this week.
Dog thinks we are going nuts. We found the desert booties for the big brown dog. Sniff. Sniff.

Not much else that I can think of. Having some small other physical symptoms. I will live. Just harder than hell to sit and be comfy.

USC lost !!!! ::: runs and hides from neighbor who hangs the flag and buys the beer for the big games :::

Ciao babies!


26 October, 2006

How Come???

It's supposed to be fall here. It's 82º outside and the sun is warm. Doesn't feel much like fall. I am glad that this weekend we turn the clocks back. It will be nice to gain that extra hour. And it's Reformation Sunday so I have to find something RED to wear. That shouldn't be too hard.

They make wraps for every part of the body except for the shoulder. Why can't icyhot or thermal wrap or those guys make one that you can slide on your shoulder and wear to get some relief? Even my ice machine wrap is kinda strange. I sure could use some relief and quick. Last night I rolled over and fell on my shoulder and geez louise, I hurt. Can't remember the last time I slept on my right side. Okay enough bitching.

It's nice and cool downstairs. I think I may cut some slices from last nights ham and make a sandwich, or just have some with some beans. I should cut some slices and take it over to moms too. Share the wealth. After that, dissect it and save the bone and make some pea soup when it gets cool again. I love my pea soup. My dad who's been gone 42 years now made the best yellow pea soup and I inherited the family recipe which is in my head. Not written down anywhere except a bare bones outline in a folder on my harddrive. But no GREEN peas, they give ya the wind something fierce. 8-)

So life is going on and on and on......


25 October, 2006

Life goes on

I surely do hope that the husband goes back to work soon. He is making my routine go all out of whack. Prayers are going up that something clicks soon.

Last night I sat down stairs in my clean family room and switched between the World Series and Discovery Health. I watched a documentary on a man transitioning from being a man to a woman and having the surgery at a very expensive clinic in Montreal. Then I watched another show about a woman who was 350 lbs and had the bariatric surgery and 3 years later she had lost over 200 lbs. It was not the most riveting TV but there wasn't much else out there. I do have some stuff on DVR that I should probably watch and erase.

In between watching that and St Louis decimate the poor Tigers, I also enjoyed the quiet. The dog was chasing his stuffed toys, came in and out of the door and was just nice. I had made dinner and everyone but me went upstairs to their computers and their caves. I need to have a meeting with the family though to get some things out there in the ether. Doubt if it will make a difference but it might make me happier.

Nearly time to go read and watch the news.


24 October, 2006

Itunes ate my music and Meteors a Go Go

I went to check on something I thought I had on Itunes. Yes I admit it, I had been bad, but it was a long time ago and I didn't inahle. But strangely enough, nothing was there. Not even the tv show that I had bought and paid for, the free preview TV show, and my audio books and paid stuff was gone too. Poof no more. I hooked up my Ipod and it had all my stuff on it as well as the purchased stuff. I imported the purchased stuff back but I can't add anything else. I am really pissed off about losing my episode 200 of stargate. I may have to spend the 1.99 and get that again. Blech. I got over it though and uploaded about 6 cds that I wanted to put on my Ipod. From Yo Yo Ma to the complete Messiah to Red Priest. I am okay.

Still no job for the husband person. Had 2 good interviews or so I thought. Has a contract one pending and we are waiting for that. Even if it's only a couple of weeks, he'll make the car payment and we can buy groceries. Wonder if me being on disability and him on unemployment we can get food stamps? I've never ever applied for them, can you do it online? At this point, any thing would help.

Trying to get my mom to decide about Thanksgiving. I told her I would do all the cooking if we could do it at her house. I can do the ham the day before and all the sides, and do the turkey that morning, since we do a turkey roll not a real bird. Less mess, more meat and easy clean up. The only thing I'd do at her house would be the rolls and the mashed po's.

The boys cleaned up my family room. Now if we could get the kitchen done and the dining room to lose it's cat smell, life would be a little rosier.

I saw meteors Friday night (actually EARLY) Saturday morning. Parked in a lot at the end of the road along the East Fork San Gabriel River near the trail head to the Heaton Flats campground. It was awesome. I only saw a few because those darn eye lids kept closing. After sunrise my husband packed up his gold mining gear, hiked down the trail and went to his spot. 6 hours later he was still there. Today he is still aching. But he loves what he does and even if he whines, he did have a great time.

So life goes on. Kids come in and go out of this house in frightening numbers sometimes. But they are pretty good. I just want to know who drank my lemon vodka and put water in the bottle to hide the consumption? I keep it in the freezer and liquor doesn't freeze kids. Oh well.

Later alligators.

An Enchantress , eh?

Are you a Princess, Enchantress, Faerie, Mermaid or Toad?

You are an Enchantress, somewhat an enigma, you would love to change the world. You hold strong views and, would love nothing more, to use your magic to change the world around you. When in conversation, you listen, take on their comments, and fantasise how you could improve things. Quite the idealist, you think you have all the answers, whether for right or wrong. You hold your intellect high, and believe you can change the world! In a relationship, you need a partner of high intellect.
The world and you, often seems at odds, with you frequently seeing things from a different point of view.

You have a connection with nature, often stating, that things will take their natural course. Nevertheless, secretly, you would like to use nature to your own ends.
Your good points are that you are intelligent, instigative and thoughtful and your bad points are, you can be single-minded, misled and remorseless.
You feel that your superior knowledge should astound everyone around you; and you wish for respect from your peers.

13 October, 2006

What's going on?

Helllllllo out there in cyberspace. Here's what's been happening in the hills of Redundant Beach:
  • Let's see. Husband lost his job on the 29th of September as his contract wasn't renewed. He's sent out a lot of applications and has a phone interview coming up soon.
  • Went to a trade show and talked to some contacts, evidently the person who's supposed to be doing both sides of the job is overwhelmed, and things are falling behind at a massive rate. Not good.
  • Went to Disneyland and CA Adventure. It was interesting, it was Gay Days at Disneyland. And there were lots of couples just out for a day at the park. All ages too. Middle ages and up for the most part. It was a lot of fun. But boy did I pay for it the next day. Way too much walking and I thought the shoes I had on were comfy. I was wrong.
  • Had a wonderful time at the EG in late September. Met some awesome women who really made me feel like I have friends ( hello DS... how's the black trash bag packing going?) Laughed a lot. Needed that to be sure.
  • Tried on and then ordered some awesome shoes. LL Bean Coastal CLogs. I love em! They are so comfy. Seeeeee:::::::: You can't believe how nice they feel on my feet. And I can wear them with sox too . .
  • The dog is still being nutso. He hasn't figured out that the trash can is not his personal smorgasbord. The thing is only 10 lbs but he can jump 4-5 feet straight up and get on the counter. HE loves FRESH BREAD in the bag. This does not make me a happy camper and he has had more than one come to Jesus meeting. Not that it helps. He's not the sharpest lightbulb in the fixture.... knowwhatImean?
  • Got some books yesterday from Amazon. Looking forward to reading them.
  • It's after noon and I am still in my jammers. I really should take a shower and get dressed but I am not going anywhere or doing anything. Tonight is frozen pizza and beer night for dinner. I have some DiGiornio garlic bread 4 cheese pizza and I will throw some sliced olives on it and maybe open that nice bottle of white that I have in the fridge and forsake the beer. Make a green salad and that's dinner. Sounds good to me.

So my friends and compatriots out there in cyberspace....
If you can read this, thank a teacher.

27 September, 2006

Driving with Mom

I love my Mom but she sometimes doesn't think when she is driving. Overall she's a good driver, but she has some moments. I prefer to drive but today I am having a bad arm day. We went to the Mall to look for a pair of pants for the stepdad. This Sunday is the Parish 50th anniversary celebration. Need to look good. I already have a dress to wear but I am going to check out Ross and maybe Marshall's to see if there is anything age appropriate for me and perhaps the kiddo. She can wear a nice skirt and top.

Almost time to get some more ice and sit for a while. Didn't have to pick up the #1 kid, he got a ride home.

Waiting on my LL Bean coastal clogs in ocean blue. They are just as nice and comfy as crocs and a little bit less. Of course shoes and purses are my downfall. They are purty too! I wore some this past weekend and boy they were nice. I love the colors too!

Off to see the wizard.

25 September, 2006

Wow Wow Wow

There is not a lot I can say about this weekend except wow. 9 women, over 50, enjoying each others company. Laughter, tears, meeting and bonding. It was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had.

I need to keep up with this journal more, but lately I have been a bit lazy. Not anyones fault but my own. There are a lot of things that go into writing on a regular basis, but sometimes, the pain of typing overcomes the need to publish.

Anyway, old Pasadena in the bungalow district is charming. Block after block of houses that exist 60 years after being built. No demo to build McMansions. Fruit trees, back yards, parks, and people. A nice place to visit, but 35 miles from my house here in the beaches of redundant. LA has so many different areas, different ethnicities that I think I could live here another 40 years and not see it all. I want to save some money and take my daughter down to Santee Alley and go purse and shoe shopping. She will enjoy it. And perhaps find a shop that has cool clothes for the not anorexic young woman.

This weekend the parish that I attend has it's 50th anniversary. A big dinner and service. On Sunday, my oldest child, the tall one, turns 19. I think about the last few years and everything that has happened and I praise the GOD above for giving me the blessings that I have.

More later when the arm doesn't feel like the bone is coming through the skin.


13 September, 2006

Random thoughts

Have you wished that fall would hurry up and get here? Fall in CA is nebulous, it's just a bit cooler, but still sunny with occasional hot days where the fires break out and ash floats in the sky.

I miss the midwest type of fall with the crisp smell of leaves and that touch of cold temp in the morning that promises winter to come. I miss the few days where the colors explode on the trees and you know that God has a plan for all of us. We get leaves falling off trees but it's not the same.

My little dog is attached to me. I can't go downstairs for a glass of water without him trotting at my heels. If I open the garage door, he is standing at the door waiting expectantly. I grab his leash, hook him up and let him in. He loves to go bye. Tonight if I am feeling 1/2 way decent I will take him for a walk. We walk 2 blocks and it takes 1/2 an hour since the blocks are log. And since he has such little legs, he gets worn out and sleeps all night.

I liked House last night. I thought the season opener was a little odd but last night was pretty good. As an old Xfiles fan, I thought it paid some odd homage to that.

Football is back. The PACKERS SUCK! Good Lord where was their offense? The Chargers on the other hand are terrific. But then I hate the Raiders so anyone who spanks them has my praise. And it's on 4 days a week now. Go NFL.

PT tomorrow and I hope I am feeling better. I am running a low grade fever, taking pain pills, anti inflams, antibiotics and drinking a gallon of water. Could very well be stress. Will let you know.


01 September, 2006

Let me be me

Ah well this is me today. I had PT again this morning and it was brutal. I don't know why I hurt so bad. Must be getting better.

The younger kid and her bestest friend and DAD are heading up to the mountains to go camping. They will wilderness camp which means they are on battery and no power. Someday we will get a generator for the motorhome.

Had an interesting week. Saw Johnny Depp. Kid took the picture. Ain't he a cutie? He was signing autographs down by the King Harbor Marina. A really nice guy. The young kid screamed "Johnny I Love You, and he winked at her and said thank you. This guy knows who goes to see his movies and who pays the bills. Unlike other actors.
Time to take a pain pill, a shower and head somewhere quiet. I hurt really badly tonight.

21 August, 2006

Monday Night Shuffle

Monday Night Shuffle
from the mind of me:

1. Jambalaya----- John Price and Emmy Lou Harris
2. Once You've Loved Someone----- Dixie Chicks
3. Cocaine----- Grateful Dead
4. One Way or Another----- Joss Stone and Blondie
5. Better Days----- Robbie Seays Band
6. End of the Line----- Traveling Wilbury's
7. Rescue Me----- Melissa Etheridge & B.B. King
8. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans----- Frankie Laine and Jo Stafford
9, Caribbean Amphibean-----Kermit and Jimmy Buffet
10. I Feel the Earth Move----- Carole King

Have a good night. Catch y'all on the flip flop.

Ciao babies!

15 August, 2006

What a pain ....

PT has started and like the PT of old, it's not very pleasant. I had to take a pain pill when I got home and use the ice machine as it is my friend. I go on Thursday. In between I do my exercises and try like mad to be a good person and not use my right hand. No No No.
But I have to. I need to. I must. I must.

Other than that, I've been reading a lot. Driving is awful, but I have to go and get the kid today. Need to pick up some laundry detergent at Target and some other things. He will drive home.

Pizza tonight. Sounds good. Actually anything sounds good. I figured out that if you don't drink Coke on a regular basis and then have some you'll have a good chance of the caffeine reacting to your intestinal system. Yep, thank God i wasn't worse than it could have been.

Oh well. Life goes on.