28 April, 2016

Weather makes me shabby

The wind makes me nuts. It must be the atoms being stirred around and it affects me. 
I've been pretty down all week and tomorrow I have a lot of education related things to do. 
This is the last day of school this week. Thank God.


25 April, 2016

Life is still going on.

When I'm a little less stressed I'll write about what's been going on and how I STILL HATE THE DOL WITH A WHITE BURNING PASSION. 

01 April, 2016

Whoo Hoo One Module Done

Well, it looks like I can use MS Word now without too much hassle. 

There was a problem in class and I addressed it to the DOL, and to the site manager. It was really distracting to me and disrespectful to  the teacher. I enjoyed the class but this other woman (USPS) made it so stressful for me with her rudeness and disrespect. Quite the kerfuffle but I was kept out of it. 

I met with the president of the college and we shall see.

She has only 2 more modules, I have 5. 2 more months of the mouth may do me in. 

da bunny