20 January, 2006

Friday I Pod Shuffle:::::

1. He's Not Yet Dead ========Spamalot Soundtrack
2. Hot Rod Lincoln, =========Asleep at the Wheel
3. Crazy Old Soldier ========Johnny Cash and Ray Charles
4. Kryptonite =============Three Doors Down
5. Roadhouse Blues ========The Doors and JL Hooker
6. Tears in Heaven ========Eric Clapton
7. Requiem/Pie Jesu======= Maurice Durufle
8. I'm Fat ===============Weird Al
9. Funky Town ===========Lipps Inc
10. Cocaine Blues ========Johnny Cash

17 January, 2006

So. We had a holiday. That meant togetherness. All of us. One place. Same time. And me off the antidepressants. Not a good thing. Managed to get through it though there were tears and some angry words.

Saw the doctor on Friday. Am waiting for approval of an artho-MRI where they can get a better idea of what is going on with this bicep tendon. After that, we will schedule surgery on the shoulder to repair the bicep tendon and resect it to the bone. This way, it has a lessened chance of rupture and having a pile of tendon above my elbow. I am hoping that the pain will lessen significantly. There is no way of telling people what it's like to have constant chronic pain in a joint. Too bad I don't do the evil weed anymore. At least I might have a better opinion of things. Ha.Anyway, he refilled my meds, the T3, Zantac ( I take 150mg 2x a day) and my friend the Naproxen. Sure has cut my drinking down. 8-(

The husband saw his gastro on Friday. He has Hep C. He will not consent to another biopsy but he will have an ultrasound and regular blood tests. He doesn't want to take the Interferon treatment as he thinks it would case a personality change. I don't know. I just don't want to wake up one morning and see him bright yellow.

So this coming weekend we are taking a road trip. Not in the motorhome. In the car. I hope that it goes well. I have to take the car over and get the oil changed on Friday or Saturday. We leave Sunday and come home on Wednesday. At least that is the plan.

So there. I've updated. What a life. But I am above ground so that is a good thing.


09 January, 2006

I have a kid who will do this. Honest to God, she used to be Little Mary Sunshine, but now she's the ogre from the 7th level of hell in the morning. Unless she wants to do something. Then she is wide awake. They are both like that. They are 16 and 18. Christmas Morning, instead of sleeping in and letting Mom and Dad get some peace, they are at the door hollering and shouting. We have a 7 AM rule. I get up at 6AM and turn on the oven, put in the strada and go back to bed. Then we get up and open gifts and I go back to bed to sleep until I have to get up to go to church. Of course the breakfast is done, they have their eggs, sausage,cheese and maple syrup. I get my rest. This is odd, posting about Christmas 2 weeks late. Oh well.

I see the boy wonder this Friday. IT's coming up on 3 years now that I have had this injury, 3 years of dealing with doctors, mri's, surgery, no surgery, PT, no PT, and of course dealing with the DOL. Believe me, it's not been any fun at all. Pain, chronic pain that is, can be one of the leading causes of depression and more serious problems. I take a heavy dose of anti depressants because I have major issues. I didn't ask to get hurt, I didn't ask that my shoulder be in such a mess. I do think that the lack of proper training, the total disregard for the proper instruction of employees in the rush to meet the government deadlines and the laugh that is the organization is a reason for a lot of this. Hell I wish I could go back to work and do something. I am right handed. My right shoulder is the one that is damaged. I can type for 30 minutes max. I can't file, lift anything greater than 5 lbs, and then the pain comes with such a vengeance that I am in tears. What a saga. And then add being broke and not having enough money to do much of anything.

The only reason we are going to laughlin is that I got 2 free nights. It will be gas and food and I will eke out of the budget maybe 75$ for gambling. That's not a lot. So I take a book, sit in the sun by the spa and relax.

This is a rant. Needed to do it.

08 January, 2006

Wanna see a picture of the inside of my right hand look up.

Another Sunday and you have to wonder where the time went? I went to church, and it was nice to be there. Greg was there too, played his violin. What a talent. Some people are blessed.

The errant husband took the truck over to his friends to work on it and now it won't start. "Do you want me to come and get you and you can drive the car tomorrow? Come back over tomorrow and work on it then?" His reply: I will call you at 1900. Curt and hung up on me. Damn, don't blame me if the thing isn't working. I didn't screw with it.

The shoulder is really bothering me. I have a doctor's appointment on the 13th. Just what we need, huh? I hope that they can fix it once and for all. Otherwise the rest of my life I will have a bum right shoulder. The pain is enough to keep me from doing normal things. Things that you take for granted.

Well I am going to end this.

06 January, 2006

I guess the headcold that has gone around the world has finally decided that it can leave my body and let me get back to just the old aches and pains. Thanks for that. It was a real bitch and I still have nasty cold things around my nose.

Texas-USC. Probably the best college football game I have seen in years, it was awesome. Too bad the USC players couldn't be gracious in their loss. I guess when you think you're above the rest, falling down to earth is so much harder. Neener Neener Neener.

Now on to the playoffs and Superbowl. Hoping against hope that Seattle will get to the big show this year.

Life goes on. It's nearly 80ยบ outside and windy. Welcome to winter in southern CA. Ha.

later alligators!

02 January, 2006

This is what it looks like in Southern CA after the storm blew through. It was still blowing a gale this afternoon but I have been cooped up in the house since before the new year and I wanted to see the waves. If you look closely you can see the waves smashing over the breakwater at Redondo Beach.
Nasty weather. I was glad I had a fireplace and some wood to keep the downstairs warm.

Football all day. Need I say more?
Happy New Year!