29 October, 2013

OrthoVisc shots, second opinion appointments, and still waiting for unemployment money.

I've had a series of 2 shots, Thursday I get the last one. I've still had moderate pain and one thing I've noticed for sure is that my shoulder is snapping a lot.

The second opinion appointment, #3 in 10 years, will basically tell the agency the same thing the other 2 did. I have not overcome my disability. Sure if I could find a job where I sat for a while and typed I'd be ok for 2 hours. Then I'd have to get up and ice the shoulder. Yes even after all this time I still maintain a relationship with my ice pack and heating pad.

Unemployment. I'm kind of ticked because he hasn't really done a lot of searching. I admit with one car, 2 kids living at home and working, it gets to be a challenge. But sitting on the couch watching hours of ancient aliens isn't going to kick it with me. And the amount is much less than before. We are hurting. Big time hurting.

I have an appointment at DPSS on Friday to see if we can get some foodstamps. They of course will be cut on the 1st by the party that represents the rich. But if we could get $100 a month, that would help immensely. Sadness if not.

Not much happy stuff today. Wishing I was somewhere peaceful with a Kindle loaded up with books and a chaise with a view of color turning trees surrounding a northern lake.

da bunny

16 October, 2013

Am I Spiderman? I hate arachnoids. I hate heights. Spandex isn't good on me.

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14 October, 2013

Shut down, shut out, shit on.

Friday my husband came home and told me he was laid off. He hadn't been at this company a year but since the government shut down their work has dried up. Boss couldn't keep 8 guys working. 4 had to go. Last on, first off. He's looking into careers elsewhere.

This puts us in a bind. He's re-upped his unemployment application. I'm applying for food stamps, and I've begged a forbearance on my student loans. I get a non taxable amount every month. I'm going to have to stretch it and get my children to help with the bills. Can we say depressed.

We're only one family out of how many thousands that are affected by this standoff between the ignominious leaders of the Republican party who are doing their damnedest to ruin the middle class. I am so upset that it's affecting me physically.

I need a stress free environment. Ain't gonna happen.


da bunny

05 October, 2013

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 70

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 70

By Amulbunny   
October 5,2013

Outside my window. . Hot, windy and 85° at 1442.

I am thinking…  It’s October for Pete’s sake we need fall!

I am thankful for…  a fridge that dispenses ice and cold water.

From the learning rooms … I sure enjoy going to Bible Study.

I can't believe . . .that the errant spouse is sleeping

From the kitchen . . . leftovers.

I am wearing…  tank top, shorts and flipflops.

I am creating . . . a reason to change the channel in the living room from Alien Adventures.
I am going…   to miss Squeaks more and more. I still feel her around me.

I am reading . . . just finished: “Flight for Control” by Karen Pettit. Don’t read this while flying!

I am hoping…  the spouse will pick up the son.

I am hearing…  my weather alert going off.

Around the house. . . . husband and 2 dogs.

One of my favorite thingsseeing fall colors for real and not on TV.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Physical on Monday.
2.   Bible Study on Matthew on Tuesday/
3.   Work the new meds into my program.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing: