14 October, 2013

Shut down, shut out, shit on.

Friday my husband came home and told me he was laid off. He hadn't been at this company a year but since the government shut down their work has dried up. Boss couldn't keep 8 guys working. 4 had to go. Last on, first off. He's looking into careers elsewhere.

This puts us in a bind. He's re-upped his unemployment application. I'm applying for food stamps, and I've begged a forbearance on my student loans. I get a non taxable amount every month. I'm going to have to stretch it and get my children to help with the bills. Can we say depressed.

We're only one family out of how many thousands that are affected by this standoff between the ignominious leaders of the Republican party who are doing their damnedest to ruin the middle class. I am so upset that it's affecting me physically.

I need a stress free environment. Ain't gonna happen.


da bunny

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this amulbunny! I cannot imagine trying to start over in a new career and what that does to your confidence.