29 October, 2013

OrthoVisc shots, second opinion appointments, and still waiting for unemployment money.

I've had a series of 2 shots, Thursday I get the last one. I've still had moderate pain and one thing I've noticed for sure is that my shoulder is snapping a lot.

The second opinion appointment, #3 in 10 years, will basically tell the agency the same thing the other 2 did. I have not overcome my disability. Sure if I could find a job where I sat for a while and typed I'd be ok for 2 hours. Then I'd have to get up and ice the shoulder. Yes even after all this time I still maintain a relationship with my ice pack and heating pad.

Unemployment. I'm kind of ticked because he hasn't really done a lot of searching. I admit with one car, 2 kids living at home and working, it gets to be a challenge. But sitting on the couch watching hours of ancient aliens isn't going to kick it with me. And the amount is much less than before. We are hurting. Big time hurting.

I have an appointment at DPSS on Friday to see if we can get some foodstamps. They of course will be cut on the 1st by the party that represents the rich. But if we could get $100 a month, that would help immensely. Sadness if not.

Not much happy stuff today. Wishing I was somewhere peaceful with a Kindle loaded up with books and a chaise with a view of color turning trees surrounding a northern lake.

da bunny

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  1. I couldn't find your avatar on the Followers link on my blog anymore to click in here, but then i remembered i had you in my follow list. I am sorry to hear you are going through all of this and don't really have any words to say that won't feel like stupid ass platitudes. Keep writing here, that can help - so vent away. Of course what i vent about on my blog is nothing like what you have.