08 November, 2013

SNAP goes my brain…..

So in the last installment of my random thoughts, I left you, the wonderful readers who put up with me, (and jojo, I didn't drop my following BTW) with my news of an appointment with DPSS to see if we could get some food stamps, or SNAP as they call the little plastic card now.

I got there on time, but had to wait for 45 minutes in a room where I kid you not, my moms and I were the only white faces. I had my interview, provided my documentation and was told you'll hear from us next week.

And so I heard. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!! THANKS TO THE OVERWHELMING GOODNESS OF THE CONGRESS OF THESE UNITED STATES, MY HUSBAND AND I QUALIFIED FOR $15 A MONTH IN FOOD STAMPS. And I am over 60 and disabled. I didn't know whether or not to cry, scream, or laugh out loud. $15 buckeroos. Whoo Hoo, 99¢ Store here I come. Guess I'll stretch out that rice a roni and use the frozen thighs we got from Costco courtesy of someone who gave me some grocery money.

So like the subversive democratic anarchist that I was before I willingly led myself  into the federal system, I wrote letters. I wrote to the president of these here United States, my 2 senators, Ms Feinstein and Ms Boxer as well as my do nothing congressperson who's district I am in by 2 streets, Maxine Waters. 
So my lovelies, I will leave you with this thought. 
Vote those Republican sons of bitches out of Congress and the Senate in 2016. 
Yep, that's it.

good night and good luck.
da bunny

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