28 July, 2010

I'm not that special

Some folks like to think they are God's special snowflake and the Holy Spirit advises them personally on what they should do with their hair (cover it, let it grow so long you get migraines, or whatever) and then when someone else calls them on it, they close up like a clam and say, you have mistaken me for someone else. No honey, you've mistaken us for people who care. 

Had a black cat come in last night and nose around. Thank God the vicious pooch was around. Our cat sat on the couch and had a laugh. I didn't laugh when I saw my kitchen curtains. The damn cat climbed the curtains to get away from the cat. This was at 4AM. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Got a perm last week and it's settled down now. I love it. All topsy turvy curvy. Just scrunch with some gel and go. And new nails and hot pink toes. Even if I wasn't going to Las Vegas, I still get my nails and toes done. It makes me feel sort of frilly. I'm not a frilly girl. At all.

Sun is out today. Feels good. Kids got a new game last night for Wiii.... Just Dance. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


24 July, 2010

Bravo my ass. Security Theater and Poor Customer Service

Got to experience the new improved TSA today. As in the old lady (my mom) in the wheel chair, make her walk through the mag even though you were told she can't walk without a cane or walker. As she teeters through she hits the side and alarms. We told you she had to use the chair. Who is listening ? Then they call the infamous BRAVO and tell me not to touch my purse? After it's already screened? Under what color of authority do you have to stop me from taking my belongings? And why can't we move? My mom is teetering and I can't give her her walker? Piss me off. Try to look officious in your new uniform with no stripes? Give me a break.

Don't even get me started on Delta. They want to you to stand in line 2 hours before you get to drop your one lonely little bag which you are paying them to carry for you? That in addition to standing in line for the security check? If you know your flights are full, put enough people on that shift to be able to check them in. I've never seen this kind of crap at WN, US, AA, or NW. But now DL ate NW and things are screwed. So she misses her flight because she was there 45 minutes before departure, but she was in the fucking line waiting to drop her checked bag. Over to special services. She got routed from LAX-SFO-MSP-CWA. She got upgraded on the first leg so she had a bigger seat. Don't know about the rest since she's got her phone turned off.


So peace and good night.

23 July, 2010

Oh Go Figure it Out

Why do we keep going back to blogs that make us mad? I don't know. It's like watching a train wreck. It's the trainwreck that brings us back again. The thought that this blogger will get her panties in a wad again and pack it up and take it away. And now she's in 2 places and coming up with even more outlandish proclamations. But what a tangled web she weaves when in order to deceive? Awww go on.

My daughter took me to lunch today. It was nice and we had a nice chat. We got our Avon orders today. I haven't ordered Avon in years.

Got my hair cut and permed. I have short hair and it looks good curly. I could never grow my hair long. It's too thin and just doesn't look good. Thank God my husband has brains and doesn't care what length my hair is.

Tonight I have to go to my moms to print out her boarding passes and help her get ready. Tomorrow I have to take her to the airport at 545AM. Argh.

I also found out this week that my best friend from high school was dx with breast cancer. Her mom died of it when we were 25. Prayers daily.

Peace and out.

20 July, 2010

I am , I don't know

My best friend from high school just told me she was dx'ed with breast cancer. Her mom died of it when we were 25. She's 57 just like me. She's had the needle biopsy and now has to meet the doctors and schedule the surgery.

I am gobsmacked.

Praying for my friend, her daughters, her grandson and her husband.


19 July, 2010

10 more days till Vegas.

I am doing okay.  I don't feel well but that is primarily nerves and I'll take my prilosec and hope for the best. Ate something I shouldn't have and boy am I paying for it. Crap. Literally.

We pick up our rental the 29th and head east on the 30th. The low in death valley last night was 100. Glad we're just passing it by. The highs in Vegas have been in the 105-110 range. I am so thankful the hotel has a/c. The kids can go out and traipse around. I am going to stay cool. I will go to the pool though. I am also going to find out about a later checkout so we can head back after 2pm.

Not much going on around here. My mom leaves for Wisconsin and MN the 24th. She'll be back August 7th.

Kid #1 is still unemployed and not doing much about it. Kid #2 is working her butt off. Husband is working his butt off. I have to go to a 4 hour functional ability exam on the 12th of August, more about that later.

Later gators.

11 July, 2010

I think I'm going to strike

No more putting toilet paper in the bathroom when it's getting towards the end of the roll (I'll carry mine along).

No special request dinners unless they cook them themselves.

I will eat what i want when I want. I am tired of asking people to help out and be shined on.

How hard is it to wash and cut up the fucking potatos. I should only have to ask once.

Can you tell I am pissed off?

I am.

10 July, 2010

Nearly fed up....

It's been an okay week. Got some good deals on clothes at sales. Have the freezer filled with good stuff.

Did my Costco run today. So many things, so little money.

Doing laundry now. I wish everyone else in this house would take charge of their own. They are all adults. It's like peeing into the wind sometimes.

We shall see how this week unfolds.

No great literary dissertations from me. Glitter farts and all that can fall off their high horses.

Peace. Out.

04 July, 2010

Dinner for a fourth

Grilled marinated tri tip

Potatos and onions chopped with olive oil and a touch of unsalted butter

Baked beans

sweet corn with grill seasoning and unsalted butter

grilled tomatos in foil

White Zinfadel
Sam Adams
Various sodas and water

Tomorrow we eat leftovers if there are any.

6 people.

03 July, 2010

Saturday night and the choppers are still circling

We've had the sheriff's chopper up for hours. And we aren't in the sheriff's area. I don't know what is up. This morning at 0158 the chopper flew over at what seemed like tree level and sirens screaming seconds later, and continued to circle for at least 45 minutes. Not conducive to sleep.

Went shopping today. Got some deals at a 70% clearance and I bought a new swimsuit. Since I am going to Vegas at the end of the month that seemed prudent. Even got a nice summer dress which I will wear to church tomorrow, with my new Skechers sandals and bright blue toe nails.

So good night all. Have a nice 4th of July. Catch ya on the flip side.

da bunny

01 July, 2010

Wow it's the 1st of July

And it's 61˚ outside, cloudy and breezy. June Gloom, but hey it's July.

Things are settling down. Have to make the reservations for the Vegas trip tomorrow. It'll work.

Have a great 4th of July y'all!

da bunny