29 May, 2010

Holiday weekend no-- just another Saturday

We slept in today because we had thought he had the whole 4 days off since he took off yesterday.... hint to work, Friday=Monday = plans? Went out to get his phone and he's on call since the guy who was supposed to be on call said he had plans so sorry. Not good.

Tomorrow the butterfly and I are going to Fiesta Hermosa. Go and have lunch and a nice morning browsing the vendors. Sounds like fun. We can pick up the bus and just have a nice time.

Kid #1 needs to get his ass in gear. He's exhibiting some depression and he needs to pick up the pieces and get going. He's also cycling through emotions and I think he needs to be back on some ADD meds. But he has no insurance until I can add him next month back on my policy. If the feds did their thing and allowed it.

Other than BBqing dinner there are no other set plans.

Peace and out.

da bunny.

26 May, 2010

Oh well--he's safer there than out on the streets.

My uncle who is about 78 or 79 is now languishing in a mental hospital in Fondulac Wi. He violated a restraining order and while he told my Mom he doesn't know what he did, the arresting officer said he knows very well what he did. He's got some brain damage and is an odd duck. He was amusing when I was a kid, but then turned out to be very aggravating as I became an adult. My mom is worried but the officer told her he's best off where he is. I guess I'll have to call and get the police report and request a copy to see what is going on. He's got a hearing on the 2nd of June.

Wind seems to have died down a little. That is nice. I had to take the #2 child and buy her some new jeans. She is really hard on pants.

I have a headache, it's stress related. I am going to bed early and just not let things build up on me.

over and out.

23 May, 2010

I do declare I might just swoon....

I have a cousin who we all thought was going to be the typical Norwegian bachelor farmer. He lived to hunt and his house reflected all his trophies. He met this woman and he married her. Before he found out she was batshit crazy. She got PG and their baby was premature. She told people they could only visit in the basement because she didn't want to wake the baby....actually she didn't want people to come and see them because she didn't trust anyone, not even his 6 brothers and sisters. Then my cousin had a terrible car accident and it was touch and go. He had a steering wheel post go into his groin and he had scrotal injuries. She couldn't bring her self to say the words and alluded to strange things. He's much better but that boy is so whipped he can't do much without bringing her wrath down on him. So he may see his brothers once in a while and they do their best to help him out.

She rants and rails at people who say the word "Damn". His sister's son  is a nice kid who I disagree with politically but otherwise think he's okay. He said he cut down this big old damn tree and there was enough wood to fill his uncles fire box for next winter. He posted this on FB. And what does she do? She goes off on him for assaulting her with the word DAMN. Like she thinks he posted this exclusively on her FB page so her friends can see her nephew cussing. AND SHE NEVER THANKED HIM FOR ALL THE WOOD AND THE TIME HE TOOK TO CUT IT!

 His other aunt took her to task, I took her to task and she backed up like a cat in a corner. I finally told her to stop acting like a martyr and if she didn't like what she saw, defriend us. Which she did. I also told her that my 85 year old mother says Damn and I dared her to reprimand my mom.

She bitched about my cousins family and I told her that his dad treated his kids the way his dad treated him. There were 9 kids and 1 is still crazy. In fact he's in a mental hospital right now. At age 80. God only knows why, my mom wasn't so clear. I guess I'll call the police department in Waupaca tomorrow and find out what happened.

They go to a hellfire and brimstone church now that teaches them to fear God, and anything they do is liable to bring them to the fiery lake. I told her I believed in a God that allows us to love him and respect him. After all he made us warts and all. I don't fear God because I don't think he wants us to, he wants us to LOVE HIM!

So from 2500 hundred miles away I've helped stir up a controversy. I fell kind of sorry for my cousin, but he's made his bed and he's going to lie in it.

So where's my mint julep and my sunshade, I declare I need a rest from all this controversy.

da bunny.

21 May, 2010

Short and sweet

Took Mom out to lunch at the Olive Garden. Fun. Relaxing. Then to Target and then home. Found out something I bought wasn't in the package. have to go to Target tomorrow and exchange it.
EH came home and we went out for Mexican and a beer.
Tomorrow the kitchen gets tackled. Sunday EH is going gold panning.
I am exhausted and Star TrekNG doesn't interest me. My eye is itching, and I'm having nagging little twitches on my left lower jaw. Stress induced I am sure.
Have to go to bank and get rent check.
Night all.

da bunny

19 May, 2010

Wednesday Watchfulness

Both of my adult children as asleep. One has a migraine and the other went to a Dodger game last night. I just had a nice salad of baby greens and sliced pepperoni. My application to grad school is in the mail and I am okay.

The sun is shining, my tomatos are growing, I have peppers getting bigger and life is not too shabby. My house looks like the wrath of God. I need to get a huge trash can and just start over with this kitchen. Perhaps if the EH is home this weekend we can do just that.

Peace to all.

18 May, 2010

Tuesday Touring....

My mom had to take my niece to the CPSS office today and prove that she was a citizen. Now my niece has been covered by Med-I-Cal since she was born, to a woman who is a citizen, and in a CA hospital. My mom doesn't like to drive places she hasn't been. She gets really nervous. So I said yes I will drive. I got the address and googled it and it's about 10 minutes from my house. Mom gets here and honks the horn, twice. I have to get my stuff and lock the doors and get outside. Give me a minute Mom.

I get in the car and make 1 right turn, 1 left turn, and 1 more left turn and get there. Have to go through a metal detector and then upstairs to the 2nd floor. Prove that she's a citizen and home we go. That took less than an hour. At least it wasn't raining. It had rained on and all all morning and now the sun is shining. My plants got watered well.

Loved the House season finale last night. It was about time. I cried when Hannah died. I really love this show. It's well written, witty and continues to keep my limited attention.

Chicken soup is bubbling away. It smells good. I hope it tastes good. I pulled together what I had and threw it in the pot. Always a good throw to dinner.

I'm still reading the other blogs about SAHM and Fundie Christians. Glad I have a sense of humor.

17 May, 2010

Just shut the ^&*% Up

There are days when I just want to yell at the whole world. Throw something breakable at the wall and just storm away. Today is one of those days. I am tired of the incessant babbling that goes on around me, the strange sounds that emanate from the street---- why is there a fucking street sweeper making U'ies in front of my house?

I just want to curl up and go in a corner. But I can't. My living room is overtaken by young adults. The dog has taken up residence in an afghan.

And I found out one of my transcripts is held up. I emailed the school. I will have to write an additional letter to the program I am applying for asking for mercy.

This is just one of those downer days. tomorrow will be better. I. Hope.

16 May, 2010

Sunday Something or Another.

I am still slogging through my essay for the grad program. At 57 the neurons are a bit fuzzy and need to be perked up I guess. I will finish it tonight and have it ready to mail tomorrow. Then it's just sit and wait to see what happens. If I complete this course I can teach college courses which has always been my dream.

Making brats and baked beans tonight. Have to start par boiling them about 1630 for a 1830 BBQ. I don't have any onions so I may have to run to the market and pick some up and maybe some potato salad or macaroni salad. I love macaroni salad with brats. Odd I know. If I was ambitious I'd make some German Potato Salad. Not ambitious. Just hungry.

The errant husband woke up with a horrible back ache. I gave him a pain pill and a muscle relaxer and he's better now. He went to bed last night at 1800 and slept pretty much through the night. He's better now. I think he has some time to decompress. It was pretty much go go go while he was on TDY.

Not so much else going on. Just glad that we are all home and happy.

da buuny

15 May, 2010

Let's not work him till he's completely useless

Errant husband got home at 3AM. At 1000 the squacker squacks. Where are you? You had/have a job in Long Beach at 930. No matter he had a 19 hour day yesterday. So off he goes. He's still not home. I have a feeling he will sleep in all day tomorrow. I won't say the money is not nice, but he's got to have some down time.

Went to hazmat and dropped off some really nasty stuff with my mom. I think the garage is finally to a point where she can park her car in it. I drove the station wagon today, it's a 1988 Chevy and once you give it a chance, it'll get you where you need to go. Not exactly in style since the windows are winders and the a/c gave up the ghost. But it's a Chevy.

I've almost got my essay done. I think tomorrow I'll finish it, edit it and polish it and mail it Monday. Then we shall see what happens. A friend of mine who got her MLS said it's more that they want to know if you can clearly express yourself than anything else.

Well peace and out.

14 May, 2010

Not sweating, just glowing profusely

I am having a glass of wine and it makes me sweat like a racehorse. But it tastes so good, I'll just keep wiping off the back of my neck.  I had pasta with meat sauce, garlic bread and a salad. Tasted so good.

No word from the errant husband. I hope he's on his way home. It's a long drive no matter what.

So I have ordered the transcripts and they will be mailed to the school. I am nearly done with the essay to say why I want to get into the Master of Humanity program. It's odd how I can express myself verbally, but to sit down and write 1000 words is like pulling teeth. Now that I've started it's not so bad, but it has made me stir up some neurons up there in the grey matter.

So life goes on. I think it's a put on my jammies night and relax.

Peace, Out.

13 May, 2010

Does my dog bother me?

No he doesn't, but the little white dog across the street who runs free and craps on my front yard does. I keep my dog inside, but he has a door to exit and enter and he is happy. That little white dog is happy too, because he runs all the way down the block peeing and pooping.

This is my baby. That is a face that you can love. In the winter he's a snuggle bug. Not so much in the summer though. But he's a mamas boy to be sure.

He's been a great pal to have around.

Tonight is a new moon. Dark dark sky. Good for sky gazing out in the desert. Not this month.

I need to put up a no soliciting sign. I am tired of people knocking on the door and trying to sell us home improvements, Jehovah, and magazines.

I guess I don't have much else to bitch about. Just the normal daily things.


12 May, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings

Ah, I'm being wise I guess.

Nah, I just ate some good veggies and some meat thrown on the grill after marinating. I need to renew the Costco card, because their meat is the best. This was okay, but not awesome. The vegetables were however wonderful.


I was down today. Still am. Been on the edge of the precipice of a panic attack. Didn't sleep well last night and I hope tonight will be better. Noises don't usually bother me, but last night I was up at 230, 430, 630 and then the phone rang at 0755. Strange dreams too. Just don't know what is going on. Hopefully tonight will be a better night.

Did my shopping today and I am not going anywhere tomorrow. I'm staying home and trying to get some things done. My great commission is to do something good for the house. I am also going to tell my son that no guests tomorrow.

Not much else in the bunny files today.
Here's a word for the wise:
Give us grateful hearts, O Father,
for all thy mercies, and
make us mindful of the needs of others;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Peace. Out.

11 May, 2010

Tuesday Triage

The big guy made it to Las Vegas and is hopefully happily working at the AFB. He's been really excited about this so I happy for him.  The kids and I are going to buy a BBQ grill after the girl gets out of school. I am happy about that.  Then we'll hit the market and get something to BBQ, of course after we get the propane to fuel it. 

Kid had a meeting and the company fought the grievance, but the union is taking it to a higher point as well as one of the airlines that the company services. He's getting unemployment so it will help to a point. He's looking, and I've got to get him back on my health insurance. In the meantime he's going to have to help out around here and not just vege in his room.

Peace to all!

09 May, 2010

Eureka Marathon

A nice Sunday afternoon and an Eureka marathon to boot. I love this show. Can't wait till new episodes start in June.

Crabby daughter. She's hungry. It's all the booze from her birthday celebrations wearing off. I told her if she's hungry to call her dad and have him bring something home. He's off to get his hair cut. She wants something from one place and I told her it's too expensive. She needs some rest and to stop being bitchy. 

Road trip is off. I'm going to get a new BBQ instead. Sounds much easier and it'll be useful in the long run.
I am looking forward to having some grilled vegetables with teriyaki sauce. Just sounds so good, portobella mushrooms with some zucchini and yellow squash. I could eat it all up.

Pain isn't gone. Even with a pain pill. It's been nearly a year since the operation. I am sad. But I am going to do something with my life. I have to. I can't stagnate. So I will go on and on and see what happens.

So that's it for now. If I get any sudden special thoughts, I'll be back.
Later alligators!

08 May, 2010

Mothers Day Lunch

Went to the annual Mother's Day Lunch at church today. It was a lot of fun and they had a pretty good crowd.

Met a lady who's 93 and received the Congressional Gold Medal as recognition of her service as a WASP during WW2. Quite a woman.

Am having power surges right now. Don't know why. Just this overwhelming feeling of heat and discomfort. It's not that warm out. I don't know what is going on.

El husband is over at my moms opening a file cabinet for her and doing some other stuff. I think I'll nap for a bit.

Today the post office is collecting food for food banks so I put out a bag under our mailbox. It was a simple thing to do. And make someone's life a touch easier.

We had a nice dinner last night. The potatos needed more salt and milk, but they were okay. It all tasted good.

Peace and out.

07 May, 2010

Today was my Mothers Day Makeover

Last night was the big birthday party. What a lot of fun it was. One of the girls had way too much to drink and she paid for it this morning. Poured some water into her and took her to lunch. My kiddo did fine. But she had no voice this morning, and it was so bright she had to wear shades.

So after I dropped off the last partygoer and brought my daughter back to the house, I decided, hey it's my turn since it's Mother's Day weekend. I went over to my favorite nail spa and had the works....new nails to replace what I had peeled off, a manicure to fix my poor cuticles, a wonderful pedicure with race car red on my toes and a shoulder and neck massage. I felt boneless after it was gone. Then since I was in the neighborhood, I drove over to the shop where I had my last perm and cut. The operator was free and she cut my hair. I had last had a perm in Jan and it was well past time. I feel good today. So I had my Mother's Day gift a couple of days early.

There's chicken with BBQ sauce in the oven, potatos are boiling and the gravy is simmering. The corn is ready to cook and dinner will be done. It sounds good and smells even better. Tomorrow we are going to look for a gas BBQ to replace the one we wore out.

So later alligators, I'm waiting on the big guy to get home so we can eat.


06 May, 2010

Dang, leave my daughter alone

My daughter who is now officially an adult posted on her facebook that she was going to go out tonight (with the family and friends ) and have a drink. Her uncle who is barely older than she is...posted this long drawn out comment that Jesus won't love you if you drink and you're on the road to ruin. Puh-leeeeze. He's the baby of 11 kids so who knows what's in his genes? Since he and my SIL moved to TX, I've heard not one kind word from them about anything. I don't think my brother has talked to his sister in ages. It's like she's captive. Not that they talked that much beforehand, but geez.

So we are off to a nice dinner and drinks and love and laughter. And the kids are going to see Iron Man2 tonight. Also the errant son has a meeting with the big boss of the company that fired him on Tuesday. We'll see what happens.

Peace. Out.

Borrowed this from another blogger

Outside my window: It's sunny, the street sweeper has swept and the birds are chirping

I am thinking: That I could afford to go on the road trip if I can get the hotel key.

I am thankful for: My family, my friends, my online buddies and having what we need now.

From the kitchen: Tonight is birthday night, tomorrow is bbq chicken and mashed po's.

I am wearing: A tee shirt from Walmart and a pair of jeans. Barefoot because I can't find my nike sandals.

I am creating:  the beginning of a panic attack. Why? I don't know.

I am going: out to dinner to celebrate my  21 year old daughter's birthday.

I am reading:  The Pyramid Collection catalog, a nice silk dress has caught my eye, and the new Nora Roberts wedding quartet book.

I am hoping: That things settle down around here and peace reigns.

I am hearing:  CNN droning on about LT and various noises from the street  behind us.

Around the house: There is a small black dog lying on the clean laundry on the futon, the cat was evicted from my desk chair, my laundry needs to be done.

One of my favorite things: That my EH would actually encourage me to visit him on his TDY.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow will be clean the house, get a manicure and pedicure and somehow fit the hair cut in too. Saturday is the Mother's Day tea at church. Sunday I expect to be waited on hand and foot.

Here is the picture I am sharing: My little one modeling clothes when she was 4:

05 May, 2010


I get to stay home. And after looking at the weather, I think it's a good thing. 90+ temps don't always agree with me. But I am mulling over looking for a cheap last minute air fare and car rental and meeting the old man there. Otherwise, I'll be here keeping the peace.

Took a lovely tulip plant over to my moms today. It was nice to see her smile when we got there. While we were there the ES came over to pick up her daughter and dropped off her dog. (Used to be my moms dog). No asking if Mom had any plans, was it okay to leave the dog with Mom, was it okay that Duffy was there too (my dog)? Nope, just drop off the dog and the leash and take off. What a selfish bitch. My daughter said she hopes that the dog is pooping all over the house and barking at all hours. The ES doesn't live by herself. She sleeps with her boss, she's the "nanny" and there is another woman who lives there as well. What will happen if she gets kicked to the curb? What's going to happen to the dog? My Mom can't take care of him,she's 85 years old. She wants a CAT.

Well it's time for me to head to the land of sleepytime again. Peace and out alligators!