21 May, 2016

Bah humbug

I am still here. 

I am in the 3rd module of the class. By doing the hour of typing every day of class, I have managed to aggravate the shoulder and the muscles of my back. I missed 3 days with pain so bad I could not manage around the house. I did make it up to the college on Friday to do my internship i.e. free English teacher. 

I am so out of it that I wonder how I am going to get through this. Tomorrow I will spend all afternoon doing homework. I have a test on Monday. 

The wind is blowing, the choppers are flying and the dogs have taken over my bed. The choppers are making announcements in Spanish. I'm staying inside and I'll watch some Outlander. Maybe, maybe not. 

When I can sit and think about it, I'll write again. Probably sooner than later. 

The bunny who's back is really bothering her and making her walk like a Weeblo.