31 December, 2013

HAppy New YEAR

Fingers aren't working well tonight.

Here's to saying good bye and get the hell out to 2013.

Let's all hope that 2014 brings prosperity, peace, a steady job for the husband, a vacation we can plan, and lots of happiness for all.

da bunny 

22 December, 2013

No mo' flu shots for me

Every year I get a flu shot and within days I am desperately sick. No change this year. I got the shot on Tuesday and Wed my throat was scratchy and Thursday I was getting miserable and I had to take my mom to the surgicenter to have an epidural. Friday I was bedridden as I was Saturday which was my 28 anniversary.

We ordered Italian in. I'm having it for leftovers today.

I have done absolutely no shopping. Tomorrow, I am praying to God, FSM, Thor and anyone else who wields powers in the heavens that I feel good enough to go out and get it done.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and I'll be back healthy and happy before the New Year.

da snifflin bunny

10 December, 2013

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 71

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 71

By Amulbunny   
December 10,2013

Outside my window. . Cool, slight wind and nice at 1419.

I am thinking I love this cold night weather.

I am thankful for my pooches who keep me company.

From the learning rooms … I’m reading the last Harry Potter book again.

I can't believe . . that he got laid off and got another job so soon.

From the kitchen . . . Have no idea. Oven is still DOA>

I am wearing  long sleeved shirt, jeans and slippers.

I am creating . . . ideas for decorating this weekend.
I am going   think about getting another cat.

I am reading . . . HP 7, and a couple of other free ones from Amazon on my Kindle.

I am hoping to go get another mouse, mine is acting up.

I am hearing the boy child coming home from work.

Around the house. . . . boy child and 2 dogs.

One of my favorite thingscold nights where you’re all bundled up with lots of covers.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Get the bookkeepping done.
2.   Go to Office Depot and get some folders.
3.   Find all the stuff I’ll need for SE filing.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

06 December, 2013

Here I sit

. . . wearing my Hollywood Bowl sweatshirt and jeans and comfy fluffy slippers. It's 58ยบ outside. Winter has shown it's scabby face to southern CA. It won't last, but it's a nice taste.

Where else do you stand in line at the CVS behind a woman in a heavy wool coat, long leggings, and Ugg boots; a guy in a tee shirt, dock shoes and cargo shorts, a kid in a big pink puffy jacket with a woolen cap on? Southern CA. Gotta love it.

I promise when the muscles stop hurting I'll get back to my regular blogging. But the trapezius isn't cooperating. Even with the compounding cream.

Peace. I'll be back next week. I promise. In full regalia.

da bunny.