24 January, 2017

Quick Update

Was sick from November till a couple of weeks ago. Still, have that cough. 

Survived the great deluge though we had water coming in the back door. 

Have an update planned but will have to wait another few days.

Proud mama of a marcher in the Women's March in Madison Wisconsin last weekend. 

Filed a request for a congressional inquiry into the delay from DOL/OWCP/SFO in obtaining a new w/c  doctor with Senator Feinstein's office.

Started to respond to POTUS on Twitter. Gonna stop being a silent constituent. Probably won't make a damn bit of difference, but this water needs to be muddied. 


da bunny

02 January, 2017


Hope yours was happy and safe.
I was in bed at 0000 and would have continued my sleep except for the fireworks being shot off by the neightbors. Sounded like a war. Dogs were scared. I was pissed.
Slept in yesterday.
Slept in today and missed the parade. Saw the hockey game. Watching the Rose Bowl.
Go Packers!!!!

da bunny