31 August, 2012

labor day

Have a good 3 day weekend. Unless something new, exciting, or shiny flies by I am planning on reading 6 books. Yep. Then I am putting my brain on charge.

Saw some of these over the san gabriels this afternoon
they are called lenticular clouds.

27 August, 2012

If you dig deep enough.....

In this blog you will come upon a blog entry (http://amulbunny.blogspot.com/2011/05/thats-what-it-is-gang-for-real-for-sure.html) that talks about a trainwreck.

I have followed this person on Carepages and now on FB and her life is better than any soap opera that I've read.

After writing that she relocated back to MI, broke up with the guy, hooked up with another guy who had multiple DV arrests, ended up getting a TRO against him and her kids are along for the ride. Whatever she was waiting for in MI didn't happen so she packed up the trash bags and the kids and went back to Lexington KY. Within a couple of weeks of being in Lexington, something egregious happened and her boys were taken away and put into foster care.

She has been to court twice. She is supposed to follow instructions and do some things and then the court will consider returning the children to her. She got an apartment, but has no furniture, nothing to cook with, no fridge. Her mental health is being evaluated and she hasn't even bothered to try to make an appt to see someone and get some help. She's "too busy". If someone took my kids I would have jumped through every hoop I could to get them back.

This is so sad. I will follow it as long as I can.


22 August, 2012

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 55

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 55

By Amulbunny   
August 22, 2012

Outside my window. . . 78, windy and muggy

I am thinking…  the kid won’t be thrilled this afternoon

I am thankful for…  unemployment insurance

From the learning rooms… deciding what to do

I can't believe . . .SBDINC screwed all those people

From the kitchen . . . meat something?

I am wearing…  Packers TShirt, shorts, bare feet

I am creating . . . I have no freaking idea
I am going…   to pray that a new job comes soon

I am reading . . . nothing right now

I am hoping…  I can calm down.

I am hearing…  Dirty Jobs making bologna.

Around the house. . . . 1 dog, 1 cat.

One of my favorite things… frozen fruit bars

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Grocery shopping
2.  Cleaning kitchen all the way
3.  Mop floors

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

20 August, 2012

Quick Edit.....

It looks like the Las Vegas job is kaput. He talked to the manager there today and he's leaving the end of September. Of the 16 lock shops SBD bought in 2008, only one is still open, and they have writing on the wall as well. So no reason to pack and up move only to have the job go poof in a year.

We'll manage. We always do.

This is how I feel right now

17 August, 2012

A speedbump in the race of life

  • Husband came home and told me they are laying off the staff and the shop will close in 42 days. 
  • Damn bird next door got into a kerfluffle with someone or something and squawked for a whole hour. If I had a wrist rocket, it would be gone. 
  • Dog is driving me batty today.
  • New back door will be up hopefully by the end of the weekend.
  • Might be having a long distance marriage. Look at it like a deployment.

later alligtors.


13 August, 2012

What would you think about a family.......

  1. That eschews contact with anyone except their immediate family.
  2. Where the father's word is equated with pronouncements from God.
  3. Fun is doled out in the father's opinion when it's approved by God.
  4. No reading of local or international news, "We get it from standing in line at the grocery store".
  5. All vacations are taken together, Only the male members of the family are allowed to travel alone. 
  6. Women members of the family are to be obedient to any male over the age of 13, even if they are in their 30's. 
  7. Courtship models are touted as supreme to 2 people meeting each other and getting to know them. Honoring God by not touching that person during the courtship, no holding hands, no hugging, no hanging out alone on the front porch and just getting to know each other without  chaperone present. Any phone calls and emails must be approved and listened to by the adult male parent. 
  8. Women once they have agreed to this model and wedding, are relegated to be basically slaves of patriarchy. 
  9. This family has a daughter over 30, a SAHD, who patiently waits for her prince charming while 2 of her brothers have married. The family says they are a model of courtship, yet this talented, charming woman is not allowed to go to a regular church service, go to the library to get books to read, all book have to be approved by the father, the BIBLE reigns supreme. She remains a child locked in a woman's body.
  10. No friends of their own age. The father has decreed that the children (even adults) will lose their focus with God and dishonor their family if they mingle. 
  11. No outings with friends to movies. God doesn't like that something takes your focus away from him. 
  12. No organized sports, it takes their focus away from God. Funny, I heard a lot of prayers from kids playing sports, please God let me kick this goal, please God let me hit this ball......
  13. The last wedding began with a sermon about death. Nothing about love and happiness, but death and the wages of sin. If I had been that bride, I'd have turned around and raced out the church door, because that was basically a birds eye view of what life was going to be like. Scheduled to the enth degree, no free time to develop interests, because they would take your focus away from God. 
  14. And last but not least, a honeymoon on the converted bus as the family goes to several conventions. No privacy. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

So this family had a failed courtship, a wedding called off 6 days before the date. For a system that is supposed to protect people from giving away a piece of their heart to someone, there are hearts shattered and in pieces. 

This courtship model essentially gives 2 people who've been taught all their lives that sex is dirty and to be ashamed of their bodies, a license to go from 0 to 95 on their wedding nights. Most people who date and have relationships, usually take their time to get to know someone and they when they are reading enter into a physical relationship. How awkward it must be for 2 young people who've probably never seen another person of the opposite sex naked to jump into bed on their wedding night and make wild monkey love? 

Makes you wonder where Jesus comes into all this? To make a child feel like she is going to hell with the sinners? To equate breaking the engagement to the death of suffering of our Lord, and his resurrection the only saving grace? I say bravo to the child. Your light would have been hid under a bushel wielded by the cult leader. Your marriage wouldn't be just the 2 of you, it would have been you, your husband and his father. I feel bad for the young man, he's never had to experience heartbreak before and has no one other than his cult leader father and brothers to fall back on. 

Be careful of wolves in sheeps clothing that promise you the path to righteousness. You may fall into a cult that you can't escape from. 

A random thought for this Monday. 

10 August, 2012

There are times when I am a big meanie!

A blogger who've I referred to in the past posted this on her not a blog the other day:

"There have been laws proposed to make planting vegetable gardens in our back yards illegal. There are laws proposed to make Christianity illegal, as well as Christian Homesteading."

Now I'm pretty adamant about sources and the like and I emailed her to ask her to cite her sources where it's said that there are laws that are proposed to make Christianity illegal. I won't get a reply, perhaps a minion will say I'm a meanie again. I'll put it out there to the minions then:

  1. When has Christianity, in this country been illegal? 
  2. What jurisdiction says that backyard gardens are illegal (I'm not counting pot growers BTW) and I do know of the front yard gardens which have been cited in MI which to me is ridiculous. 
  3. Christian Homesteading is a made up thing that this blogger has been flogging. Lets gather bushels of acorns, make acorn flour and bake something. Let's go pull up random plants without researching in a reference book if they are good or bad. Let's go pull up mushrooms willy nilly and risk liver failure and or death from using the wrong kind.
  4. Let's see if the blogger says she's being misquoted or her words are being turned around. 

I just have a built in bullshit meter for crap like this. 

The long awaited flounce may yet come. Not from me, I'm here for the long run. Too many things on my mind to get out into the ether. 

I'll be more prolific for the next couple of weeks because I'm having hand surgery in September which will limit my typing ability unless I use voice to text. My trigger finger has been shot up twice with steroid and nothing has helped. There fore i'm having the tendon sheath released. 

da bunny

08 August, 2012

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 54

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 54

By Amulbunny   
August 8, 2012

Outside my window. . . 79, hot and muggy

I am thinking…  today we get new flooring in the kids hall

I am thankful for…  fans, fans, and more fans

From the learning rooms… paying attention to important things

I can't believe . . .I missed feeling 2 earthquakes this AM

From the kitchen . . . no cooking night, Kids are out.

I am wearing…  sleeveless blouse, denim shorts, bare feet
I am creating . . . not much in this heat
I am going…   to wait for the flooring guys

I am reading . . . Folly’s Beach

I am hoping…  we are done with flooring problems.

I am hearing…  Air Disasters on Smitsonian

Around the house. . . . 1 dog, 1 cat.

One of my favorite things… summer nights

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Grocery shopping
2.  Call the university I’m interested in
3.  Mop floors

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

02 August, 2012

Should I or shouldn't I?

I've been thinking about going back to school. You have to remember that this is a recurring theme in my life. The lack of money is one of the deciding factors. My age another, will my kids be paying off my student loans if I up and die? I think it would be a good use of my time. Better than sitting on the computer all day and doing nothing worthwhile.

We'll have to see.