10 August, 2012

There are times when I am a big meanie!

A blogger who've I referred to in the past posted this on her not a blog the other day:

"There have been laws proposed to make planting vegetable gardens in our back yards illegal. There are laws proposed to make Christianity illegal, as well as Christian Homesteading."

Now I'm pretty adamant about sources and the like and I emailed her to ask her to cite her sources where it's said that there are laws that are proposed to make Christianity illegal. I won't get a reply, perhaps a minion will say I'm a meanie again. I'll put it out there to the minions then:

  1. When has Christianity, in this country been illegal? 
  2. What jurisdiction says that backyard gardens are illegal (I'm not counting pot growers BTW) and I do know of the front yard gardens which have been cited in MI which to me is ridiculous. 
  3. Christian Homesteading is a made up thing that this blogger has been flogging. Lets gather bushels of acorns, make acorn flour and bake something. Let's go pull up random plants without researching in a reference book if they are good or bad. Let's go pull up mushrooms willy nilly and risk liver failure and or death from using the wrong kind.
  4. Let's see if the blogger says she's being misquoted or her words are being turned around. 

I just have a built in bullshit meter for crap like this. 

The long awaited flounce may yet come. Not from me, I'm here for the long run. Too many things on my mind to get out into the ether. 

I'll be more prolific for the next couple of weeks because I'm having hand surgery in September which will limit my typing ability unless I use voice to text. My trigger finger has been shot up twice with steroid and nothing has helped. There fore i'm having the tendon sheath released. 

da bunny

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  1. I saw her post too. Hysterical. Sadly, she has a large following. I pray that God opens up these womens' eyes to her craziness!