28 June, 2016

They say it's your birthday......it's my birthday too, yeah!

Another year to conquer ahead. 

Seeing my daughter after 6 months away.

Food would be nice. 

Still dealing with the DOL now because the classes have aggravated my bulging discs which were fairly benign until I started school. 

Can I say I am sad? 

Can I say I hurt all the time?


the bunny

15 June, 2016

Ah where do we start?

Orlando made me cry. The needless slaughter of people just having fun.

We are becoming immune. We have a presidential candidate who shouts like a 3rd grader and has the vocabulary of one too.It's big, It's bigger than anything you can imagine. No, it's your imagination, Donald. You are not qualified.

A family vacation ruined because someone didn't watch a toddler and there was a hungry gator at a Disney World lake.

Torrential rains. (We could use some of that moisture there).

Now onto the good news.

The Chevy has gone to its rest. We are driving a 2017 Kia Sportage and I am burning to take it on a road trip. That will have to wait till I get a weekend off from my teaching gig.

I am still in the MOS class. Having problems with my cervical vertebrae and that's causing problems with my shoulder. Got a foot rest to put under my table.

The social butterfly is coming home for 10 days. She'll be running a 5k on the 4th. YEAH!

da bunny