15 June, 2016

Ah where do we start?

Orlando made me cry. The needless slaughter of people just having fun.

We are becoming immune. We have a presidential candidate who shouts like a 3rd grader and has the vocabulary of one too.It's big, It's bigger than anything you can imagine. No, it's your imagination, Donald. You are not qualified.

A family vacation ruined because someone didn't watch a toddler and there was a hungry gator at a Disney World lake.

Torrential rains. (We could use some of that moisture there).

Now onto the good news.

The Chevy has gone to its rest. We are driving a 2017 Kia Sportage and I am burning to take it on a road trip. That will have to wait till I get a weekend off from my teaching gig.

I am still in the MOS class. Having problems with my cervical vertebrae and that's causing problems with my shoulder. Got a foot rest to put under my table.

The social butterfly is coming home for 10 days. She'll be running a 5k on the 4th. YEAH!

da bunny

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