25 December, 2007

Happy Holidays

Lots going on. Will update when the hands stop hurting and the pain pills kick in.

Some day this will all be a bad dream won't it?

16 December, 2007

The Real Thing

I always joke and say that if I hadn't had coke and twinkies I would not have made it through college. Sad but true.

I'm signed up for the mycokerewards.com website and instead of spending the points on inane things that are material and don't mean much, I have been gathering my points and donating them to Toys for Tots. Seems like they will do a better job for a child this Christmas than for me using them on a useless quest to win a contest.

Do what's right . Give to a charity that supports children.

15 December, 2007

Another week down

Wow, it's been long week. Have been busy off and on, and next week will prove to be crazy as people head home for the holidays. I have the 21st off as a annual day, it's my anniversary, and the the 24-25 are holidays for non essential employee so I have 5 days off!

Evil boss is gone till Jan 6th.. It will be so quiet we won't know what to do. He got an award for how he runs the department. Fear and threats. We had an operations potluck lunch and the dept closed for 2.5 hours.. First time they ever let anyone go. It was nice. I guess our present is Christmas Eve being off.

#1 may have a job. Whee!
Hubby working 12 hr days...that means I take bus. Boo.

Have a safe and sane weekend.

09 December, 2007

Dogs, Cats, kids, husbands, whatever

Went to the congregational meeting today. Went as expected. The person who eats sour grapes for breakfast was there. She has to be. I wonder if she ever is truly happy unless she has total control of something. Amazes me.

Still don't feel much like myself. I hope I get some energy and some ambition or we won't have a tree or decorations up for the holiday. Probably won't have any presents under the tree either. This is has been a lousy year. I hope 2008 will be better.

No football on. Can't concentrate to read.Need to think about something that will make me relax. Maybe meditate a little.

Can't relive the past, can't predict the future. Guess we just use the now and hope for the best.

Have a good day. Peace. Out.

08 December, 2007


I like this guy. He looks confused. Just like me. Maybe I'll blink and December will be over. Too much confusion.

I'd like to see the Nutcracker again. Who knows.

This is my annual before Christmas meltdown. It will last till the end of football season.

Ignore the rants. I'm just on steroids. Makes me crazy. Just like this:

07 December, 2007


Been sick for 3 days. Today the steroid induced migraine hit. Don't want don't like.
Cold and windy outside . Dogs in /out.

Not much to say except it's nice to sit downstairs and feel warm by the fire.

Have a good weekend.

02 December, 2007

English = Language of the skies

One of my hobbies is listening to the LAX tower move airplanes around on the ground. I am astounded at the lack of English some of the foreign carriers have. They are supposed to be proficient in conversant English as part of the rules of international flights but whoa, some of these guys butcher the hell out of the language. Poor controllers.

Saw the A 380 last week. Big airplane. (Okay that is a 747 not an a 380)

Turned the heater on today. Too cold in this house.

Not much else to report on.

01 December, 2007

stuffed and then some

Tonight kicked off the holiday party season. Probably the only one we will go to. It was a church smorgasbord. People bring things. I brought a lot because I had tickets for 5 adults. I made enough cabbage rolls for 30 people, yams stuffed with marshmellows and rolled in ginger snaps, fumi salad, rolls, and green bean cassarole. I cooked most of the day. Now I am tired.

Tomorrow is Advent 1.

That means that we start the countdown and the new church year.

I am going to drink my bottle of water and go to bed.

Good night,