17 August, 2017

More hate from here and abroad.

RIP to the 13 dead in Barcelona.  Prayers for healing for the injured.

Today POTUS tweeted something about General Black Jack Pershing that was debunked. I seriously think he's never read a history book, but he gets a hint and looks things up on Wiki, to bolster his lies. 

I fear the Republicans are way too scared of their shadows to stand up and fight against the spewing crap that comes out of the mouth of POTUS. His aides can't even get his phone or tablet of whatever he is using to Tweet out of his possession. 

Hate is a pervasive and insidious tactic of enemies. When I started to work for the government, I pledged to "Protect and Defend the Constitution against all enemies Foreign and Domestic". Somehow I feel that POTUS didn't take his oath seriously. 

Well, my blood pressure is going up. I'm going to end and go look at pictures of puppies on the internet. Or maybe doctors popping cysts, or airplanes trying to land in crosswind situations. Gotta be better than this. Or I can read the chapters I'm going to teach tomorrow night so I can add notes to my lecture.  Or drink a cold beer and say to hell with everything and watch Outlander reruns. 

Bye, the sad and pissed off bunny. 

12 August, 2017


I watched the news today. 
I am ashamed that we have a President who can't call a white supremacist a domestic terrorist. One person has died because of the fanaticism that he has instigated by his speeches and his rhetoric. 
Before he drops bombs on North Korea he'd better clean up his own house and denounce the violence in Virginia. 

I am so upset. We need a leader who will condemn the violence, speak strongly against hate and enrich the country not his own pockets. 

The very angry Bunny. 

09 August, 2017

Up-date. . . . . .

Finally saw Beauty and the Beast all the way through. It was a nice movie. Also saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which I thought was awful dark. Good music though. We're watching KONG:Skull Island tonight. I've seen it before. And of course I've got seasons of Doctor Who on the DVR.

Teaching is going ok. Have a class that do interact and talk. That is nice.

Daughter is here visiting and schmoozing and doing her thing. Gonna miss her big time when she goes back to Chicago. Talking on the phone and Facetime just don't do it.

Tomorrow I'm making Applesauce Pork Chops. Never made them before.

Still no health insurance. Am using Good Rx Gold for my meds. Cutting the prices way down.
It's a good deal. Don't know how they do it, but it's a good option for people. Cheaper than a co-pay in some instances.

Not much else to say. Still depressed. Still tired of fighting the DOL for approvals and medication.

Peace out.

The bunny.

20 July, 2017

10 weeks of Friday Nights!

Back to teaching the psychology module for the tech college. I wish he'd let me teach communications again. I loved that class. So I'm busy redoing the syllabus and getting my self into teaching mode. 

I have to order a couple of things from Amazon, will do that tomorrow. The sad thing is that about 3 weeks ago I got into a cleaning mode and I cleaned out all my old paperwork. But this is ok, I'm going to approach it with a different outlook. 

So I'm excited about this, as well as September 10th, Outlander starts and preseason football starts in August. Life goes on. 

da bunny. 

17 July, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 99

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 99

By Amulbunny   
July 17, 2017

Outside my window77 and muggy

I am thinking Even after a steroid shot my shoulder hurts so bad

I am thankful for a chance to teach again

From the learning rooms …  need to get up to speed

I can't believe . . . that the executive branch is so treasonous

From the kitchen . . . Needs to have dishwasher filled

I am wearing  shorts and sleeveless top---cool

I am creating . . . how to do my meditation daily

I am going. . .  get my Outlander calendars for 2018 Friday

I am reading. . . and listening thanks to Audible

I am hoping that #2 child gets here safely

I am hearing silence, blessed silence.

Around the house2 dogs and boy and girl friend

One of my favorite thingsGame of Thrones!

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  E-mail both lawyers
2.  Go grocery shopping Tuesday
3.  Relax if I can.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

The pier at Hermosa Beach CA

28 June, 2017


Will you still need me?
Will you still feed me,
When I'm 

16 June, 2017

Identical letter

I just received an identical letter to the one I got yesterday from Covered CA regarding health insurance. To say I am bewildered is an understatement. They say within 10 business days someone will contact me. Okey dokey artichokey. 

As it gets closer to the 4th of July the idiots in the 'hood are starting to fire off big ole fireworks. We aren't talking about people who stomp the ends of Piccolo Petes, we're talking mortars. Though they light up the sky with sparkles, they also make my dogs psychotic. When you're holding a 55 lb German Shorthair pointer next to you as she shivers....I don't know. 

12 days from now I will be 64. Doing ok for an old broad. 

Am counting down the months till Outlander comes back. I have read all 8 books and am waiting anxiously for #9.  This is one of my favorite stills from it. I love the teasing look. 

In the meantime have a good start to summer. 


15 June, 2017

More confused than ever

I got a letter from Covered CA and it's made me more confused than ever. We'll see how this comes out. If something happens to me and I need a doctor, I'll go to the hospital and wait for care. 

CNN is showing the Congressional Baseball Game. I tried Cspan but they have no audio. After the events of yesterday, it's nice to see them playing well together. Now Trump is talking. 

I've got my prescriptions to fill and will do the first one this weekend. Then one every week after that till they are all done. 

Bye for now. 

08 June, 2017


The County called me a couple of days ago and wanted to know if my worker's comp was temporary or permanent. I'd say after 14 years, it's permanent. Maybe I'll get health insurance. Need to get my RX refilled. Will check on Good Rx to see where the best prices are. 

I see the ortho on Monday. I was not pleased with the Pain Mgmt guy. 

June gloom abides like the Dude. 

Saw my mom, lots of changes going on at church. Some good, some????

Took me 4 days to get over whatever I had, food poisoning is the main culprit. It will be a cold day in hell before I go back to that place. My dear husband loved his dinner, I shat mine out like an explosive charge. We did have different dinners though. I had 1/2 chicken, salad with oil and vinegar, and 4 small dolmas. He had gyros and a chicken kabob.

This has been a long depressing week. 

da bunny

30 May, 2017

So I got something from the county......

I got this manila envelope with some pamphlets inside and a cover letter that had different areas to check. The things that were marked were the pamphlets. So I called the number of my case worker and left a message. I am so confused.

I will be 64 in less than a month. I need medical coverage till I turn 65 and can get medicare and social security. In addition, I will get my pittance from the DOL. I have an attorney working on getting me a schedule award for my injury. Hope that it doesn't take forever.

I am sending a letter to my physician asking for hard copy Rx of all the stuff I take so I can get them refilled. I am hoping to use Good RX which seems to have the way to cut my costs even if I have to go to 3 or 4 pharmacies.

May grey is here and in a day or two it will be June gloom. Ok by me.



26 May, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 98

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 98

By Amulbunny   
May 26, 2017

Outside my window68 and overcast

I am thinking My shoulder and arm are really hurting.

I am thankful for loving pooches.

From the learning rooms …  got to get this insurance thing going. 

I can't believe ...  that this government has gone to hell in a hand basket.

From the kitchen . . . It’s clean!

I am wearing  my night dress. I’m not real go for it today.

I am creating . . an idea of how to paint the one wall in the living room.

I am going. . .  to get my nails done tomorrow afternoon.

I am reading. . . all sorts of things.

I am hoping that #1 child gets a job soon, and #2 finds the perfect apartment.

I am hearing silence, blessed silence.

Around the house2 dogs and sleepy boy.

One of my favorite thingsmy Funko characters.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Enjoy the holiday
2.  Have boy weed whack the patio
          3.Church on Sunday

A photo to enjoy:

23 May, 2017

More hearts breaking

Again with broken hearts, we pray with the people of England for the loss of children and adults who were massacred after they enjoyed a concert.
Prayers for Ariana Grande and her staff and co-workers who made memories for those attending the concert, only to have the good ones, ripped away like a storm by a person who thought it was ok to kill children. 
Prayers for the people of England who will show their strength by not hating all but just the one. 

Hear Us O Lord,
Your mercy is great. 


08 May, 2017

Still no health insurance....

I'm in the process of applying for health insurance through covered ca and/or Medi-Cal. Seems like it may be a slog. I hope not. I'll get it out in the mail tomorrow and hope against hope.

I have to get some written prescriptions so I can use the Good Rx program. If I use their 90-day option, it's pretty cheap.

This is not a fun thing and it only makes me dislike the Department of Labor, OWCP even more.

We are struggling. I won't lie. My son got laid off. One income and a paltry drop from the DOL just doesn't do it. It affects my mental state and other things.

I'll be back later in the week after I see the pain management doctor.


The escalator to nowhere.

17 April, 2017

Not much new

Sun still goes up and down.
DOL still stinks.
Waiting on referral approval for pain mgmt.
Waiting on approval for more PT.
Easter went well, service was nice. Dinner was wonderful.
Have a wedding to go to on the 29th.
Have to get health insurance through someone and that's tomorrow's call.
Nothing real exciting to share or vent.
Resistance isn't futile, it just takes some time.

24 March, 2017

Wow the RESISTANCE works!

The Republicans walked away from the table and Obamacare aka the Affordable Health Act is still intact.
Male committees who again wanted to be the guardians of my body. I don't' need a guardian of my body, I can make my own decisions.
The news about the collusion between the heads of the Republican Parties and Russia frightens me.
North Korea and its saber rattling frightens me. I don't know if they will get lucky and launch one that can make it transpacific. But we have deterrents in place.

All done. Now I have to contact Covered CA and see what I can get that will cover me till I turn 65.

Peace and oout.