25 April, 2011

A Hippie Woman's Daybook Page 3

Hippie Woman's Daybook Page 3
By Amulbunny     
April 25, 2011
Outside my window… Sun is setting, very windy

I am thinking… I am getting off this computer and reading my new Jean Auel book. 

I am thankful for…learning renters rights  

From the learning rooms… the best darn ham glaze I've ever made.

From the kitchen… Angel hair pasta with mushroom/meatball sauce and garlic bread.

I am wearing… old denim shorts, a green tee shirt and flip flops.

I am creating… a list of things to do in the 5 1/2 weeks before we move.

I am going… to get a good nights sleep

I am reading… books, books, books

I am hoping… that these people will help me pack a lot of this crap.

I am hearing… Weather channel and Jet Blue flying out of Long Beach overhead.

Around the house… Boxes, bins, and bags.

One of my favorite things… Easter Service

A few plans for the rest of the week… packing, cooking, reading, praying.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

24 April, 2011

22 April, 2011

Funny how I don't feel different

Even though I signed my "release" papers today. From what I've gathered, most of the walking wounded who couldn't be accommodated were given their walking papers. I owe them 1 jacket. I think it's at the bottom of my closet. I'll find it when I'm packing I am sure and I will take it back to them.

19 April, 2011

Dear Asshat

I am not going to pay the rest of your back property taxes since I don't own this property and I can't write it off my income tax. I am not going to pay you back rent because you told us in late October we didn't have to pay you any more rent since you were giving the house back to the bank. We don't have to account for the use of our money since it's not your business.

6 months later you come and whine and I paid the 1st half of your property tax. But we were looking for another place and I had to have money for that rent. I had to put a substantial deposit down and we had that. We would have had more but we had to pay your property tax. I don't see that is an equitable situation with no notice.

So I give you 54 days notice. You are supposed to be holding a security deposit plus interest for us. Use that hypothetically since I know you don't have it. I sent you a certified letter. I copied your realtor and evidently they don't check their email. I sent them the letter via first class mail and evidently they don't check that either. So now they have the letter since I emailed it again.

I don't ever want to talk to you again. I don't want to see your face at my door unannounced. I still live here and we gave you legal notice that we are going to vacate the premises on a specific date and a specific time. If you don't know that you have to give 24 hours notice to visit, learn the rules. I remember when you first leased to us you told us we'd have to move before the date we would have chosen so you could get in and repaint so you wouldn't lose rent. Guess what, until the last minute of the last day, you can't take possession.

I told my husband he gets to deal with this now. He deals with people better these days, which is funny since I used to work Customer Service and do it every day. These days, I don't have the temperament nor the patience. My blood pressure doesn't need to rise.

The person you pissed off.

16 April, 2011




Saturday and whew now I can relax

Last night we watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1. Hard to believe those cute little kids from the Socerer's stone are now grown ups. Interesting movie. All 2 hours and 46 minutes. Thank God for Pause! My bladder couldn't have dealt with it.

Got my nails and toes done. Feels good.
Went to lunch with the girl child and then to Bev Mo.
Picked up some Sweet Tea Vodka for the old man, The new Honeyed Jack Daniels for me and some skinny Girl Margarita for the girl. And since it's nearly Passover, the markets have Kosher Coke in stock. OMG, sucrose is heaven.

And for some odd reason I have a zit on my lip. 57 years old and a zit. I don't like that. Hurts like a mo-fo.

Read the same old same old anti Catholic/anti Protestant (did you know Baptist's aren't protestants??) drivel on a blog. If this woman doesn't get something new soon, she's gonna lose readers. And I love the we don't celebrate drivel, yet she talks about getting a Kindle for Christmas. Wrong! Wrong ! Wrong! And who cares when we celebrate Christian holidays as long as we celebrate? Duhhhhhhh. Oh I know, I'm doomed.

Got myself a cute Easter dress. I hope it is warm next weekend or I will freeze. But I have a nice scarf I can wear as a wrap if need be. Shoes have to be dug out. Found a sale at Avenue. I love sales. I love finding what I like on sale. God is good!

Got a letter from the agency, I have to call and make an appt to turn in my uniforms. All the way back to 2003. That's a lot of uniforms. Won't be sad to see them go. I'll call on Monday morning. Time to say goodbye!

So that's it for today, for some reason my stomach is gurgling. I only had a salad for lunch. I think I'll take a nap and just relax. Church tomorrow. 

Peace and truth and all that!

11 April, 2011

Simple Woman’s Daybook Page 2

By Amulbunny     
April 11, 2011
Outside my window… Partly Cloudy, 63 and breezy

I am thinking… I really need to get my new books in the mail. I want to read!

I am thankful for…Having a brain that works and being honest even if it hurts. 

From the learning rooms… How to pack books using one arm.

From the kitchen… Lobster and Gruyere Ravioli tonight for the husband with a tomato basil sauce, and green beans.

I am wearing… dearfoam slippers, jeans, and a orange flowered top.

I am creating… a better life for my family.

I am going… go to the grocery store and get some fresh poppy seed kaiser rolls.
I am reading… too many to count.

I am hoping… that we get the house we looked at yesterday.

I am hearing… road noise and birds chirping.

Around the house… the gardener is going to tackle the back yard tomorrow. Whack all the weeds and make it flat. Worth the $$.

One of my favorite things… listening to good music.

A few plans for the rest of the week… packing, cooking, reading, praying.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…
My Little Jack Sparrow Pony. 

10 April, 2011

House Hunting is a PITA.

and that's not for a greek sandwich.

We're house hunting. It's so much fun....
We looked at one house that might be ok, except someone built a carport so the motor home couldn't get down the driveway.
We saw a house today that's the back house of a duplex, has no yard, but it's nice. It has 2 full bathrooms. That in itself makes it good. It also has a working jacuzzi and a nice storage area. We can put in a dog door and the dog will have it's own run. I sent the credit report, a copy of our wage statements and now we wait and see.
If we get it, we'll have to do some rearranging & it will be okay. I'm thinking it will be a good fit. Only 1 car garage and that's at the front. MAinly for storage.

Not much else to say tonight.


03 April, 2011

Jig's up... old man comes home today

Well my evenings of silence and peace ended yesterday. Chatty Kathy comes home tonight. He's winging his way westward as I type this. I'll be at the bottom of the escalator at T1 when he comes down to get his luggage, take him out to dinner (I have a coupon) and take him to get his truck. Back to work tomorrow.

There is no rest for the weary. But he's learned a lot and is so excited to share what he's learned with the rest of the troops. I am very thankful that he got to learn what he learned.

Wow I just heard that Peeps and I are the same age. Wow! I try to stay away from them because I will eat an entire package without blinking an eye. I love Peeps. More than jelly beans, marshmallow eggs or those infamous odd tasting peanuts.

Gotta do a shoutout for this wine. OMG it's so good. I'm going to buy a couple more bottles. It's so good. I have begun to like Australian, Chilean, and Argentinian whites lately. The CA wines are good but the imported ones have a more vibrant taste.

I'd love it if someone brought me a big bunch of tulips to brighten my house. If I don't get it I may take my sorry self over to Michael's and buy me a bunch of fake ones. Just to make me happy. I like being happy even if it is helped along by a massive dose of effexor xr every day.
So I bid you farewell. Duffy and I have to surrender the other half of the bed tonight. So cheers!